Freezing Hawaiian Style

Good morning blog world. It's a cold one this morning! Woke up to a cozy 53 degree bedroom. If that doesn't get you dreaming of your upcoming Hawaii vacation, I don't know what does. As I write this, there's a kid younger than me, that acts like he belongs on a surf board in the North Shore rather than fixing my boiler, working on our heat. I have zero expectations & frozen fingers. It's a great day at Wain Manor. Good thing my hubby knows a thing or two about HVAC. Unfortunately for me, Matt's working today. I have the day off from the rambunctious Austinator, so I figured lets do some Hawaii bloggin' to warm myself up a bit. Well, warm my brain up at least. 

Finding Nemo...part deux.

Good afternoon blog world. We found Nemo & survived! I say "survived" even though I am one of the few that actually LOVES the snow. To me there's nothing like being snowed in with nowhere to go. I of course run to the supermarket like everyone else in the tri-state area and buy enough junk food to last us a month. I usually eat all of said junk food within 20 minutes of the first snowflake sighting. I gain like 5 pounds, but it's oh so worth it. Matt on the other hand hates the snow...especially when he has to shovel all 14 inches of it. Matt does enjoy the junk food aspect of it and because of all the shoveling he usually looses weight even after all that junk food.  Everybody wins...kind of.  

It's time...Aloha time.

It's that time again. Time to start the countdown for Matt & I's next vacation and this one's a biggie. In just 86 days we will be headed out on a 15 day adventure to Hawaii!