Six weeks of crazy.

I can't believe how time is flying by. Six weeks from today, we'll be on our 11 hour flight to Honolulu. That fact has been such an exciting thought until I look around and/or step on the scale. Ugh. There is so much going on in the next six weeks! Add on top of that, I've been doing my traditional pre-vacation diet and I am on day 8 of a plateau. No change in eight days of strict dieting. So frustrating. I'd like to loose another 7 lbs in six weeks. That's going to be tough, since my schedule is getting pretty nutty and I will not be able to be as strict as I need to be. Also frustrating is this weather! We got snow the other day. Like a lot of snow! I love winter, but even I'm sick of it & ready for some sunny, blue skies. It's so cold out too. I just want my flip flops. The good news... we're six weeks form our Hawaii vacation!!!!!!!!

Can we say... shopping?

Hello blogworld. I'm back after a little bit of a hiatus and my oh my has time flown by. (I guess I'm honoring Dr. Seuss a lil late for his Birthday, cause I don't know where that came from.) We are 60 days from our Hawaiian Vacation! I am so excited. I've made some big changes since my last post. Funny thing is, since I haven't gotten to posting those details yet, to you guys it's all new. Trust me, big changes. I'll note them when we get to it. One change is that I happened to check all my rental cars for the trip & in doing that I saved $125.75. I changed two car rentals. One saved me $125 & the other saved me 75 cents by doing so. When I told Matt this he immediately laughed. Yeah, so I sounded like the biggest cheapskate. Changing a reservation to save 75 cents. Who does that? Actually, the real reason I did it was because now 2 of the 4 of our rental cars are now with the same company, enterprise, rather than dealing with 4 different rental car companies. Plus, 75 cents can buy you...a candy bar?? Anyway...