Day 7- our last full day!

Day 7: Yesterday was our last full day and boy was an interesting one! We started the day headed to the kingdom that is magical. They were actually closing at 5pm because a big travel agent convention actually rented the place out beginning at 5pm. Can you imagine?! I’d love to see that bill! So my thinking was that since the hours were so short, only 9am - 5pm, anyone without a park hopper wouldn’t bother wasting one day’s ticket to go there, so the park should be pretty empty. My calculations were correct! At 2pm we were seeing wait times of 15-20 minutes on all of the big rides! It was great! We got there before opening so we got to see the park opening show. We headed straight for Peter Pan since we still hadn’t gone on it yet. Our plan was to get a fastpass since we took our time to get there taking photopass pictures along the way. We finally got to peter pan & we just walked right on. Next we headed over to splash mountain to get the insane one a fastpass. The line was only 15 minutes at that point, it was probably even shorter, but Kristin & I had more important things to do, so we just got her a fastpass. Next we got some more pictures on our photopass card as we walked back to main street. We were headed for the bakery to have the best cinnamon bun on the planet! Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures on my picture site! I will explain the pics. Kristin had taken both forks & we eating away, so needless to say I was a little confused when I went to take a bite with my two knives. After our incredibly breakfast we headed to Astro Orbiter, think dumbo but really high up & rockets not elephants. I had never gone on this ride so it was new for the both of us. I was a lot of fun, but AWKWARD. The rockets are tiny but they try & get two of you in- in one seat belt around both of you, one in front of the other. I’m telling you, between the water rides, this one & the pool photo shoot... never mind. We’ll just leave it at that Kristin & I got very close this week, literally AND figuratively. After that cozy experience we went to get some pictures with Chip & Dale. There was only about 4 families in front of us. I was wearing my Rescue Ranges, chip & dale t-shirt. It has Chip on the front & Dale on the back. Well I’m standing on line and one family finishes their pics and the next bunch of little kids start walking up to them. Just at that moment Chip notices my shirt & makes a bee line right for me. He comes over to us on line leaving the kiddies high & dry. He comes over & hugs me, then points to my shirt, then points to himself & makes a heart & then point back at me. And then I got another hug. It was adorable. He then headed back to the kids and took some pics. It was now our turn to get our pictures. Dale took Kristin & Chip posed with me. It was cute. After that we got a fastpass for Space Mountain and then headed to Splash Mountain for Kristin to use her fastpass. On the way we saw Donald all by himself so we took some pics for our photopass on the way. While Kristin rode, I enjoyed some quality time with my favorte wall & more importantly some shade! I’m sitting there minding my own business and all of a sudden this man comes up and sits next to me. There is now where else to sit and boy was I sorry about that. The man was in dress shoes and socks and I guess he was hot. Next thing I know he’s pulling off his shoes. Ew! Then he pulls his socks off & puts them inside out while waving them in the air to I guess air them out... withing 2 feet of me!!!!! It was so gross! Ew! He finally left and I regained my composure. After that we headed back for Space Mt but not before getting crazy another splash fastpass. After space mt we headed back to splash and then next was lunch. First we got fastpasses for Jungle Cruise even though the line was only 15 minutes. We wanted to ride after eating so we knew that by the time we were done eating it’d be time. We had a nice Mexican lunch- our favorite of the whole week! Then we rode Jungle Cruise followed by Pirates again- gotta get out Captain Jack fix one last time. Next we headed back to space mt but not before making a detour for a dole whip. There was no way I was leaving DIsney without having one. We were so full but I didn’t care- I was having one! So we enjoyed our Dole Whips on our nice stroll over to tomorrow land. By the time we got over there I was contemplating a short ride on the bulimia train, but decided that as good as it all was going down, it never quite tastes the same coming back up. We got there and decided to get fastpasses for Space and then rode the people mover followed by carousel of progress until it was time for our final fastpass and ride of our trip, Space Mountain. This last time riding it Kristin really had a good laugh. I was put in the last seat & it’s like a different ride back there! I was out of my seat more than I was in it & I even hit my head on the back of the chair at one point. It was crazy! After my concussion we decided to head back to the resort for a little rest time. I packed a little while Kristin too a power nap. If only we knew what was ahead of us. Ugh!So let me just explain our transportation situation. We are walking distance to Epcot (6 minutes) and Holywood Studios (15-20 minutes). We can also take the boats over to those two parks, but there are no buses to those parks as that is a waste. Anywhere else we want to go we take the buses. The buses always pic us up, then go in a circle picking up at all the resorts on the boardwalk area- there’s 4 others. So it usually takes us about 10-15 minutes to get out of the resort area and actually start heading wherever we’re going. So Kristin & I leave for Hollywood Studios. We get outside and see that it looks like we are about to witness our first afternoon storm of the trip. So we sit on a bench waiting for the boat, but ready to make a run for at. It had started to rain just a tiny bit while we were waiting but the boat finally came. We ran and got on it just before it really started to come down. Our next stop was across the lake at the  Yacht & Beach Club. Next we were headed to the Swan & Dolphin. As we got there we sat waiting a while for the boat in front of us to leave. It finally moved and it was our turn to dock. They dock the boat and now the sky is black. They tell us that they are temporarily shut down because of the weather. They gave us the option to sit on the boat & wait or take the 20 minute walk. Oookay. We are docked because of the dangerous storm but you want us to walk 20 minutes in it with no shelter??? No thanks. So we sit there & wait... and wait... and wait... and wait. After 25 minutes of sitting there watching it rain they finally make an announcement & I quote, “They just started to run buses to drop of guests at their hotels. I would guess if they are dropping guests off than they’re probably picking them up as well, but I can’t be sure. So if you want to try to walk to the resort and take a bus you can do that, but I don’t know that they’re picking up.” Are you serious man?! So at this point I have sung the Gilligan’s Island song for about the 40th time through- I’m ready to chance it. I figured if I saw a bus dropping people off I was be sure it was take us there- period. So we get off and walk to the Dolphin. We get all the way down the world’s longest ramp to get to their bus stop. Now we wait. A bus comes, Downtown Disney. We look up to notice we’re starting to see some blue skies. Greeeat! Next bus, Animal Kingdom. Wonderful. So Kristin I realize that now the weather is probably good enough for the boats to be running... meaning the buses would be stopping. So we make the decision to make the walk of shame all the way back to the boat dock. We head back to the resort and just when we get to the top of the ramp, I see a bus coming. I decided to wait & try and see which it is before we go inside... Hollywood Studios! Great! So now Kristin & I start to run. We’re running on wet (from the rain) painted concrete. Anyone know just how slippery that is?! So I’m in sneakers & Kristin is in flip flops. She made it about 10 seconds and then stopped for fear of falling, but still yelled, “It’s all you Lisa!”. Yeah, thanks Kristin. Sacrifice me & my health to get you the bus. Oh, I’ll stop the bus for you but I won’t be loaded on that bus once I’ve fallen & broken a hip. So I make a run for it- the things I do for friends. I stop the bus and hop on. The bus driver mocks me for running and make a joke that it’s only just across the street. Whaaat...eeeev...errrr! So we get on the bus headed to Hollywood Studios, but not before stopping at the swan, yacht club, beach club. Next stop... the BOARDWALK!!! So it has now taken us almost an hour and ten minutes to go in a complete circle via walking, boat & bus. On a regular situation the walk from the Dolphin to the Boardwalk is 5 minutes. So we pick us our last guests at Boardwalk and finally head towards Hollywood Studios. The driver puts on the 15 second “we’re headed to Hollywood studios...” track on and then as soon as it ends we hear, “Welcome to Hollywood Studios...” WHAT?? “I told you it was only across the street. So it took Kristin & I 70 minutes to cross the street! After the great trek of 2010 we finally get there. We go and have dinner, see a little show, watch some of the american idol final show and then head to see Fantasmic. After three tries at waiting on line for the second show we finally got to the show. It was a very long process that I’m still not comfortable to talk about- can’t promise this blog would stay Disney friendly. After that we were ready to call it a night, but not before waiting FOREVER for a stinking boat! So needless to say yesterday was the day we made up for all of our great transportation & weather that we had all week. Kristin & I didn’t really mind all too much with the transportation situation. We had a ton of time so it was an experience we’ll never forget.
Today we have to leave our resort at 4:50pm to head to the airport. Our flight is at 7:30ish and we check-in here at the resort, so we’ll get to the airport two hours before out flight with nothing to do but go through security. We headed to Downtown Disney for some breakfast and we’ll spend our day at Disney Quest (4 story arcade). We’re supposed to get hit with bad storms at around 6pm so I’m praying they blow over or slow down so we’re not delayed or have a rough flight. I’m not gonna tell Kristin, as she’s not the biggest fan of flying. I just hope she doesn’t watch the news this morning. No use worrying the whole day about something you can’t change.
Next post... either home or at the airport! See some of you soon! 

Day 6 & it was a hot one!

Day 6: We started yesterday headed to Hollywood studios. We had planned to only be there until lunch time & then head to Typhoon Lagoon, but as soon as we got there our fastpasses for toy story mania was 1-2pm. So we got our fastpasses and then headed to get some breakfast. After a pretty good breakfast we headed to Lights Motors Action Stunt Show. After the stunt show we headed to Beauty & the Beast. After Beauty and the Beast we hung around the streets of america & took some great pictures! The best ones are on the photopass cd, so you’ll have to wait to see those. After our mini photo shoot we went to Toy Story Mania where I totally kicked Kristin’s butt. This has been so funny, because I’m not really competitive where Kristin is. So the person who could careless if she wins or not keeps winning. So after Kristin’s second loss I could have swore I saw a little twitch developing. Next we headed to lunch. After lunch we were headed to the Muppets. As the usual Kristin & I walked in only to have it break down while we were waiting. I swear almost every ride we go on totally falls apart once Kristin an I arrive on the scene. So they didn’t know how long it would take to fix it so we headed to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. After our swim with Ariel we decided to give the Muppets one more chance & it was working. I love that “show”. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys a story from the other day & now it’s expanded to yesterday. So the other night when we were at the Seas with Nemo & Friends Kristin & I had to go to the bathroom. So we get in this really small bathroom & I end up in a stall in between Kristin & this little 10 year old girl. Well we get into the stalls & then Kristin sneezes. So in a really mocking voice I say “God bless you” but when I get the thank you I’m pretty shocked. It wasn’t Kristin who sneezed, it was the little girl. So she thanks me in this real bubbly voice. This little girl was one of those kids who are like always happy. You know, the ones where it’s nice to see until you have to spend some extended time with them. So now Kristin is in her stall laughing at me. We get out & now all three of us are washing our hands. I’m in the middle sink with Kristin & the girl on each side of me. The mom is also standing like 2 feet from me waiting. Now she has already heard my mocking “God bless you” so she probably thinks I’m a cold, heartless person- pretty accurate at times, but I wasn’t trying to be this time. So now this little girl is singing in this high pitched voice over & over, “Hot water. I love hot water. I love to play in hot water.” etc. She’s obviously making up a song about how much she’s enjoying washing her hands in hot water. Now almost all bathrooms in disney do not have the mirrors over the sink, the purposefully put then away from the sinks so there’s not women hogging sinks to use the mirrors. Boy did I wish that was this type of bathroom. So this little girl is singing away & it’s getting really annoying- think Hannah Pense. So I’m standing there washing my hands & all of the sudden Kristin starts imitating the little girl’s song in the same high pitched voice & everything. It was total diarrhea of the mouth. So now I’m trying not to burst out laughing. I have the mom staring me down & the little girl like right next of me. So brilliant Kristin tries to cover up the situation by singing her own little song about hot water, but really it was too late. I was dying. So now we both have successfully, but accidentally mocked this little girl right to her face with her mom watching. Greeeeat! So while I tried not to laugh or show my shocked face that Kristin did it, we now have to leave the bathroom, walking right by the mom. So right as we’re going to leave the little girl darts in front of us & holds the door open for us still singing away. Well, we felt like 2 cents. So we get out of the bathroom & we’re just about dying trying to hold in the laughter. We walked in silence until we were in the clear. I couldn’t even look at Kristin ‘cause I knew I’d loose it. So Kristin finally breaks the silence by laughing & saying how she totally didn’t mean for it to come out & that she has a problem imitating people & that before she even realized it she was singing it out loud. We were hysterical. So anyway yesterday while we were waiting for the stunt show Kristin & I were having a conversation. I was looking down at the times guide & then there was a pause in our conversions & then Kristin said something else that I don’t even remember now what it was, but I totally agreed with her. So I enthusiastically said, “THAAAAT’S for sure!”. Kristin then proceeds to bust out hysterical laughing. I look up from my times guide to see her mouth, “That wasn’t me!”. So now we’re stuck in this wall of people for the next 10 minutes with Kristin hysterical laughing at me for answer some kid... person... I still don’t even know who it was that I was being so friendly with. By the time we got to our seats we were just about dying from laughter. So anyway. After the muppets we headed over to Epcot. We rode the universe of energy which was a nice 40 minutes ride in air conditioning hosted by Ellen. After that we headed to Test Track. The fastpasses were all already gone & the wait was 105 minutes! It was Saturday remember? So we decided just to head to Downtown for dinner & a little shopping. After a great dinner at we headed to world of disney to pick up some things. Then we headed to the movies. We decided to see Iron Man 2 which was really good. It doesn’t have a ton of action & most of the action it has is at the end, but it was really good & really sarcastic! Love Robert Downy Jr! After the movie we headed for the bus. As we were walking we saw ours drive by. Then from way far away we saw another one of our buses sitting there. So Kristin & I start to run for it. Now let me tell you. Kristin has been mocking me for my little screams on some of the rides. She can’t say a word now! While I scream on rides, she screamed the exact same way the whole run to the bus. Try running while laughing- quite interesting. So we run the whole way to the bus full of people. They all watched us as we ran. So we get there & the bus driver makes fun of us & everyone is staring at us. So after standing on the bus for another 5 minutes before leaving, yeah we didn’t have to run, he finally got going. We got back to out room around 11pm but after having to watch some funny youtube videos (search: closet door falls on girl) we headed to bed. 
Today we are headed to Magic Kingdom & then we’ll be spending our last night at Hollywood Studios watching Fantasmic (fireworks, kinda).  
I uploaded all the pictures that took forever yesterday morning as well as yesterdays so make sure to check them out.

Day 5 & someone has to pee!

Day 5 is in the books! We started yesterday with going to Blizzard Beach, the other water park here. Now I had grown up going to Typhoon Lagoon, so I had never been to blizzard beach. Didn’t miss much! Kristin & I just didn’t care for the park. They say the BB has more thrill rides than typhoon lagoon, but that is sort of true. Their biggest two rides are thrill rides, but they are too extreme for Kristin & I. Then after those, there were only 4 other rides to go on, two of which are those flat mat racing type ones. Yawn. Well, actually Kristin got a kick out of those two, ‘cause for whatever reason I got stuck both times & could not get myself going! Kristin & the rest of the “racers” were practically crossing the finish by the time I got going. And let me tell you, a man obviously came up with that ride design. Nothing like laying on your belly in a swim suit for like 5 minutes waiting to go with everyone & their mother looking at your junk in the trunk. It was like cellulite city. After those rides we did one intense one that only lasted about 10 seconds. It was called the Downhill Double Dip. It’s basically a ride down a hill where you go practically straight down on a tube going 20-25 mph. Kristin & I felt that the walk up the 3 million stairs was not worth the 10 seconds of fun. That’s really how we felt about all the rides. None of them lived up to Typhoon Lagoon. Plus all we’d hear about is how BB is so much better ‘cause you don’t have to carry your tubes up. Yeah, that was nice until you get to the top & you stand with like 30 other people at the one unmanned conveyer belt trying to get a raft. It took forever. Then the stairs! Oh, my goodness. Everywhere was an insane walk up hundred of steps, to only go down a ride that lasted way too short. So needless to say, we prefer Typhoon Lagoon. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun, but nothin can top TL. After the rides we headed to the lazy river. We rode that around twice & I happened to get a direct shot as we passed every one of those water sprayers. Kristin only partially got hit once, me, I had a target right on my forehead apparently. It wouldn’t of been so bad, except the water they shot you with was supposed to be melted snow! Fun. After our journey around the lazy river, complete with someone’s lost weave floating along, we called it a day for blizzard beach. Next we headed back to the room, got ready and headed back to Animal Kingdom. We got there and headed straight for the Lion King show. We were a little early so we enjoyed some ice cream & then come pictures with Mickey & Minnie. Those are on my photopass card (pics wdw takes for you), so you won’t get to see them ‘till I get the cd. While waiting for Mickey we witnessed the world’s worst parent. There were only 4 families waiting to see Mickey & no one else around. The family two in front of us turn came & we look to see a little girl 5 or 6 standing up against the tree literally convulsing. She looked like she was getting electrocuted. I had no idea what was going on with her & assumed she was scared of Mickey ‘cause she was white as a ghost. So the two cast members invited them to head up and meet Mickey & she just stands there panicked, shacking. Now the mom starts. “You can’t make it just to take a picture?! We were just in the bathroom!!! Why didn’t you go?!” I have never witness someone having to pee so bad in my life. I mean this little girl wasn’t even dancing, she was convulsing. So the mom is like screaming at this little girl, all while Mickey is standing there waiting & both cast members are trying to calm the mom down & get her to just take the little girl to the bathroom. They kept telling her they’d save her spot & that this was more important than a picture with Mickey. The worst part was the bathrooms were literally not even 30 feet from us. You could see them from the line! The moron of a mom wouldn't stop. Now by now it’s been like 3 minutes of chastising this poor little girl who looks like she could quite literally die from needing to go to the bathroom. I thought she lost it about 4 times by now & now the mom has enough nerve to think she has the right to be angry at this little girl and now turns to the two cast members & starts unloading on them about how they were just at the bathroom & she can’t believe this. Then the girl totally stops all movement & I was like, there it is. I thought for sure she wet herself. So the mom looks at her and goes, “Did you get it together? can you take the picture before we go?!” Oh my God, lady! So the little girl takes a step & then white face & hand on her crotch while shaking her head no. So now this has gone on for about 6 minutes & no one knows what to do. The lady is completely ignoring the cast members. So I say very loudly, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have a little girl pee free than a picture with Mickey.” I got a death stare & then it took about another 20 seconds and she finally ran off in a huff screaming at the little girl the whole way. I turn to the the cast member and was like, “Wow.” and the cast member was like, “That was the most extreme pee pee dance i’ve ever seen. I mean there are priorities and that was a priority.” So I joked with them that Mickey was about to be covered in pee and how I would offend Mickey when I didn’t want to hug him or stand within 5 feet for the pictures. The cast members were really funny with it. The mom never came back, so I’m guessing she had an accident on the way. I’m sure that mom really freaked out on the kid too. I was so annoyed. First of all, you’re the parent. If you were just in the bathroom, you should have made her go. Even if they say that they don’t have to, you make them try! I mean come on people. You didn’t even need to be a mom to see just how bad that little girl had to go. It was horrible to watch. After the great pee pee dance of ’10 we went and met minnie. Then we headed to Lion King, where Kristin conveniently dropped her God-awful Yankee bag behind the bleachers so I HAD to go get the cast member with an awesome Australian accent to come & save us damsels in distress. I still think she did it on purpose. The show was awesome as usual & after I texted my mom that I was not coming home on account of a hot Hawaiian Fire Dancer that was a part of the show. Next we went to the Nemo show. It was great, but no Australians or Hawaiian fire dancers so I’ll move on. After that we headed to Epcot, went on spaceship earth and then sat on the ground for 90 minutes to have our prime Illuminations (fireworks) spot, only to later have a family at 2 minutes ‘till squeeze in next to us & then proceed to talk, no yell, to each other through the whole show. We were surrounded by them! I was so mad. After that, it was Extra Magic Hours (the park is open 3 hours later for resort guests only) so we headed to get Kristin a churro. Then we walked around a bit and then re-rode Finding Nemo. This time no break down! Then we looked around the aquarium and took a bunch of pictures. It was so busy, more busy then the day time, so we just decided to go to bed. On the way back we picked up THE PICTURE and then laughed for about 10 minutes straight at it. I found it quite comical that on the entire everest ride Kristin was laughing at me for being afraid, but that’s not what the picture looks like. I’m screaming, but at least I look somewhat happy. Kristin looks like she’s falling to her death. The picture you guys will see is not the best quality as it is a picture of a picture, but you’ll get the idea. 
Today we’re off to Hollywood Studios, then Typhoon Lagoon & then probably Magic Kingdom tonight. Remember to check out my picture website (link on left) to see all our pics from the last two days, but I gotta go... I gotta pee!
Update: the pictures are taking forever to upload so check back later for them, but until then...

Click the picture to enlarge it.

Day 4

Day 4. Yesterday we had a lazy morning back at the room. When I say “we”, I mean Kristin. Kristin slept until 10am while the old lady was awake at 6am, like I have been every morning. I actually don’t mind it though. It gives me time to write this blog and not feel rushed. We left the hotel at 11am headed for downtown disney. We were meeting up with some of my family at downtown for a nice lunch. We had a great lunch at Earl of Sandwich. I loved getting to see my family. It had been since October that I saw most of them, so it was good. After we said our good-byes Kristin & I took the bus from Downtown to the Contemporary Resort and then once there we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom, after first stopping at the Grand Floridian to show Kristin where Uncle Jessie serenaded Becky on the episode of Full House when they went to Disney. So after our blast from the past we got to the extremely busy Magic Kingdom. We knew it was going to be crazy because it was a fireworks & parade night again. We planned this, because some of the best times to go on rides is during the parade & fireworks, as there are practically no lines. So our first stop was to get a Dole Whip... then we saw the insane line in the direct sunlight. No thanks. Today felt hot. I don’t know if it was the crowds but we were HOT. The weather forecast was the same, but it didn’t feel it. After that we went over to Mickey’s Philharmagic. Kristin & I both love that "ride". We got in there pretty quick and Kristin was sat next to a little girl who was passed out on her dad’s shoulder. She was actually snoring and at times it was louder than the show. She woke up about halfway through & it was the most interesting this I’ve ever seen. She went from a deep sleep, to wide awake hysterical laughing at the show in like 3 seconds. Wish I could wake up like that! After that we headed towards space mountain to see how bad the wait was. On our way we got some frozen lemonade, ‘cause it was so stinking HOT! We ended up getting fast passes and then went to ride the tomorrow land transit authority. It’s the most relaxing ride ever. Well, we had just gotten our good, but very tart slushies & I wasn’t sure if they’d let us on with them, even though they had a lid & straw. We walk up to the ramp & the guy didn’t say anything. Nice. So we get up to the ride platform and the cm tells us that we have to stand to the side & finish our drinks or throw them away. Uh. Talk about ultimate brain freeze! So I went to ask the guy if we could just go back down since there was no way Kristin & I could (or wanted to) finish them in like 3 minutes & he cuts me off & begins to repeat the same thing with an attitude. Oh, no he didn’t! So in my firm, don’t mess with me attitude I repeated my request of letting us just go back down. I think he got the point, ‘cause after a few seconds of stammering & stuttering he mumbled yes & pointed to another cast member, who was super sweet. She apologized to us & told us she didn’t even know why they didn’t stop us from coming up with our slushies. So Kristin & I went back down, drank as much as we could & just to spite the guy, we went on buzz. Take that! We had to wait about 15 minutes for buzz but it wasn’t bad. Kristin & I took that time to go over our strategy for taking on Emperor Zurg. We decided that we were a team & that we’d work together to defeat that rotten Zurg. We decided I’d handle the steering, since I had more war time experience. Well, it worked! We did really good. And I didn’t even realize that I had actually beaten Kristin by over 20,000 points. I was having so much fun with our teamwork that I didn’t even think to see if I beat her or not. I mean we were a team. Ok, I totally kicked her butt. I was behind through the majority of the war on terror but I had the ace in my pocket... I knew in the last room I would totally rock it & I did! After my victory dance (in my head, we’re a team remember!) we got off the ride & saw the ride photo. I just about fell over. All the times I have ever been on that ride everyone is always just smiling or looking serious. I don’t know what was going on, but while we were on that ride we were taking on Emperor Zurg in space, but in that picture Kristin was totally kung fuing her way through a jackie chan movie. I’ll post the picture when I pick it up tomorrow- I didn’t want to carry it. Next it was time for Space Mountain. I was a little nervous to get on ‘cause it had been a while since I was on & I had heard that they changed it, so I didn’t know what to expect. Kristin laughed hysterical at me the entire time. When the ride ended her first words to me, “You’re just like your mom!”. Seriously, normally you can have an idea of what is about to happen because you can at least see the front car dropping or turning, etc. I had the Green Giant sitting in front of me, so I literally couldn’t see anything so on every dip I would let out a little, not scream, but “ah”. I guess looking back it did sound just like my mom. I guess that’s a good thing, ‘cause if she said I sounded like my dad I’d just about die. I swear, the man doesn’t laugh, he literally squeaks. It’s like he accidently swallowed Rocky’s chew toy or something. Weird. Next we went & had dinner where the soda they gave us tasted like chemical. It didn’t taste like the syrup was not right or whatever, it was like a chemical taste that gave an immediate headache. So I went back & told them about it & got a pretty interesting answer. “Yeah, that happens every once in a while.” Ooookay. "Can we get another one from a different machine??" “Well, it happens to all our machines.” Oookay. "I’ll just take two waters then.” Then she proceeded to get me water from the machine! So I quickly insisted on bottled. After the “h20 oh, no” we headed to Splash Mountain. We headed to get fast passes & in that walk I totally chickened out. I am not ashamed. I chickened out. The thing is, is I know what that ride is like. I’ve been on a log flume & I know just how much I hate it. Originally I told Kristin I would do it, but that was because I am such a good friend. I knew that was her favorite ride & at that time I didn’t think she’d be comfortable with riding a ride alone. So like a good friend I told her that I would do it. Well, first mistake Kristin made, our second day here she happily went on Tower of Terror & Rockin Roller Coaster alone. Next mistake was after we rode Everest. I told her how I had read on the internet that the drop in Splash is way more of a stomach-in-throat feeling, where Everest is more of a g-force feel. She totally agreed & said how you feel that stomach-in-your throat feeling way more on Splash. That’s the feeling I hate! My stomach should stay where it is, thank you. And Kristin’s last mistake was a culmination of her own worries & admittance of her nerves about the drop. Oooookay. Wait, this is your favorite ride, but the drop still makes you nervous??? I’m out! I couldn’t do it. So we get over to get KRISTIN a fast pass. On the way Kristin took that time to point out every child that went on the ride & what a baby I was. Two more things went against Kristin’s cause. 1. as she was pointing out children happily going ON the ride, I was pointing out all the children chickening out &/or crying coming OFF the ride. 2. unfortunately for Kristin, I don’t fall to peer pressure- never have. I’ll be the first person to tell you what a baby I am & I make no apologies. To make a long story short, Kristin rode alone, while I held up a wall. Next we went back over to Space Mountain, but it was closed down, so we went on Stich and then headed BACK to splash mountain to get crazy another fast pass. This time we took the train back & then rode Snow White and finally cooled off enough to go back to tomorrow land transit authority and actually ride it- beverage free of course. Luckily, probably more for him, our favorite cast member wasn’t there. After that we went & rode Big Thunder Mountain, where we rode with a bunch of annoying teens. At the end one of them kept asking them, “Dude, there’s no picture? Dude, there’s no picture? What about a picture? No picture?...” This went on for about a minute & no one was answer the kid & he was driving us insane, so Kristin finally yells back tow cars, “NO, there’s no picture!” The whole group went silent. Next Kristin made friends on Splash Mountain. Two guys got in her row that is meant to hold 2! They were supposed to wait until the next boat  but didn’t realize & got right in. They had a nice cozy ride & posed for a funny picture, I’ll post that tomorrow. Kristin came off the ride & got me so that we could go back & buy the picture. I had the unfortunate task of holding the yankee bag while she rode. I think riding splash would have been a better experience for me. While we bought the picture the cast member joked with Kristin on how she didn’t even get their number. It was cute. After that we headed to Space Mountain & we ended up in the same car as Kristin’s new friends. It was hysterical! We got off Space Mountain right at the end of the fireworks & had to walk with the thousands to the buses. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen the bus stops. It was crazy. Unfortunately, we got back to the room too late, so I couldn’t go pick up the everest pic. I’ll get it tonight & post all the pics from yesterday & that one tonight. I gotta get going. Today we’re headed to the other water park, blizzard beach. I’ve never been so it should be really fun! 
Miss you all... well, almost all.

Day 3... I'm alive!

Day 3 is complete and boy was it a day! I heard from a very high maintenance reader, MOM! Who was confused on the days & dates. I had been posting the reports the next morning, so it was confusing my wonderful mother. So I am actually writing this Thursday morning, but it’s about wednesday. Now that the rest of you are confused... Really? Does it really matter what day it was?? I figured that the giant title, “DAY 2” would be clear enough, but I guess not. 
YESTERDAY we started the morning leaving the room by 8:30am. We were headed to Epcot. We had a nice little walk over to Epcot and they let us in the back exit 10 minutes before the park actually opened. We took a couple pictures on our walk over to the future world side of the topiaries from the flower & garden festival. I got picked on for being a Met fan by a cast member who was a Yankee fan. Why Yankee fans don’t like Mets fans, I have no idea. It’s not like they have any reason to be jealous of our Mets. Ugh. We made it over to future world and got a fast pass for test track, then headed to mission space. On our walk I was telling Kristin about the time when my brother & mom went on mission space and they were sick for about an hour afterwords. Enter really weird random family. All of the sudden I hear “Excuse me! Excuse me! Ms! Are you talking about getting sick on Test Track?” She actually had to say it a couple of times before I realized she was talking to me. I’m not used to talking to strangers. So this family starts running down the whole list of rides asking what ones made me sick. It sounds pretty normal and just a nice family trying not to get sick on rides, but they were... different. So we end up going on the with them. There was no line, but we still had to go through the whole pre-show with them & it was interesting. So we get into our little space ships, luckily they only seat 4, so Kristin & I had our own and that family went into another one. Once the doors shut me & Kristin looked at each other & busted out laughing. It had been bottled up for a while. Right before the ride starts I commented to Kristin how knowing my luck they get sick on the ride & how bad I would feel. You guessed it! We get off and there’s the dad, SICK. My bad. Really, I get sick sometimes even driving my own car. I can’t handle stimulators, etc but the tame version of mission space is fine for me. Kristin is the same way & she was fine. So Kristin and I scurried out of there staring at the floor afraid they’d want to restart our little chat & become life long friends. Next we wanted to get something to eat. It was 9ish and we were hungry. We wandered aimlessly throughout epcot just trying to find something to eat. The only options were either a full breakfast or ICE CREAM. Um. You can’t have popcorn or a soft pretzel at 9am ‘cause that would be just wrong, but ice cream, sure!. So we gave up on that hunt momentarily to ride test track. What a great ride. I just wish is was longer. After test track we headed to soarin’. As we’re walking into the building Kristin starts hitting me pointing at the man in front of me. The man had a baseball hat with the visor tucked into the back of his shorts. I thought that was a little weird, but I was confused because of how intense Kristin was. Then she whispered to the airhead that it was out friends from Mission Space. They were right in front of us for our entire walk through the building for soarin and right up to the fast pass machine. Kristin & I became silent and dodged them seeing us the whole way. You don’t understand, I’m totally nice to strangers while I’m at disney. I even offer to take pictures of families all together so everyone is in the shot. Gosh I’m great. However, this family was just too much. It was one of those families where you walk away thinking you were on a hidden camera show. Weird. So we ended up getting fast passes for Soarin with the same time slot as them. Great! After we got out fast passes we took a relaxing ride on living with the land. Once that was over we went to the restaurant there and I got a bagel with cream cheese that was surprisingly good for not being in NY and Kristin got a chocolate croissant. After our little snack we headed to the Seas with Nemo & Friends. We pretty much walked onto the ride. We rode it about 3 quarters of the way through and then something that I have never seen in the almost 22 years I’ve been going to disney happened. (you’ll see the pic on my pic website) All of the sudden the ride stops, the lights turn on & the curtains blocking the emergency walkway rise. Then silence. We sat there for about 4 minutes before we even heard any type of announcement. Then it was a CM telling us to stay inside the vehicle. Kristin & I started a mini photo shoot taking pictures of ourselves. Let me tell you, we took three pictures & those three pictures have got to be the worst pictures I have ever taken in my life! Even worse, they’re on Kristin’s camera & she’s threatening to put them on Facebook. Don’t worry, I’ve got leverage. I’ll just threaten to not go on splash mountain. Hopefully that will do it. So after 7 minutes, CMs start walking through the ride all panicked with flashlights, which I didn’t understand as the lights were on, but whatever makes them more comfortable. They come around & open our ride vehicles and escort us off the ride. Then we get out of the ride and into the aquarium part of the building & there is a wall of cast members from the ride exit to the building exit. They evacuated the entire building! We had no idea what was going on, so I called my mom to she if she had heard anything and of course you know moms. They always have the most comforting words. “Oh, it’s probably just a bomb scare. They probably saw a suspicious package and you know how everyone is really nervous after this times square thing. It’s probably just a bomb scare & they’re being really couscous.” “Oh, thanks mom. I thought it would be something really bad, like the ride breaking down, but a bomb scare. No biggie.” What goes through that woman’s mind sometimes I have no idea. So we still don’t know what happened, but maybe when we go back to epcot we’ll ask around and since the problem will be over maybe the cast members will actually tell us. After that we went to Figment and then Soarin’. We lucked out & didn’t see our friends on the ride. After that we had lunch and then headed over to the world showcase. We decided to try and get a picture in a hat from every country. Some more sophisticated, mature countries, like Italy, don’t lower their standard to such extremes but some do, so we took pics in their hats. We only missed like three countries which we’ll do when we go back. We met a really sweet cast member (cm) at Italy and when she heard we were Italian, she wanted us to sing the Italian National anthem. Uh. So we told her to sing it. She started to sing it & it was really cute. She talked about how it wasn’t fair that Italy didn’t have a ride or even a character anymore. After that we headed back to our resort to catch the bus to animal kingdom where we would die on Everest. The bus ride was pretty uneventful. We got there right around official closing, it was extra magic hours that night, so we walked into the park as the thousands were walking out. That was interesting. So we walked through the stores as much as possible to get away from the crowds. We went on primeval whirl. Then DInosaur where there was a 5 year old little girl on it that I thought for sure would be terrorized by the ride. Nope. The father told us how shocked they were ‘cause she loved it all. She had gone on Dinosaur twice already and everest three times that day alone! Talk about an embarrassing moment. I’m freaking out ‘cause I have to ride it and she had ridden it three times already! Greeeat! So after that we were headed for the safari. As those of you that have rode it, the whole story line is that you’re going on a two week safari. So we get on the line and the cast member says to us as we pass by, “See you in two weeks.” So then Kristin looks at me all and confused, she had no idea what the girl meant... and I quote...”What is she going on vacation or something??” Hahaha I just about fell over laughing. Oh, it was great. We agreed that that was a “Katie B Moment”. (a friend of ours who is at times a little ditzy) We got an awesome driver and only had a family in front of us and one behind. As we started to go I happened to look back, BIG mistake. Now if you’ve been on the safari you know how bumpy it is. At times you can even go airborne. Well, I look back just in time to see the mom behind me whip it out! She breast fed her baby on the entire ride. Oh, my gosh! Some people. I tell you. At least though she wouldn’t have to worry about burping the kid, as the ride took care of that. See.. moms are always multitasking. I spent the entire time trying not to look, but of course all of the good animal views were to look back. Great! We saw a lot of animals, including a rhino that Kristin could have touched, it was so close. It was a lot of fun. So after that titillating ride we headed to the death trap, Expedition Everest. Let me tell you, I have gone on that ride two times before, but for whatever reason, this time I was the most nervous. I don’t know if it was ‘cause I knew what was coming or what, but I was freaking out. Kristin was comforting me on the line. Then she goes, “Wait a minute! You’ve been on this ride! I’ve never even been on it! You should be comforting me!” Nope, not happening. I was freaking. So I told her how the first time I went on it I was in the front & it wasn’t as bad as the last time I went on with my mom where we were more in the the middle. So I was telling her how I thought that the further back you were the more intense I thought it was. So walked up and they sent us to our row, THE SECOND TO LAST ROW! Enter full on freak out scene. I was dying. I think at one point I actually prayed the ride would break down. Nope. We get going and the beginning is pretty mellow and nice. So I took that moment to ponder on what a good 24 years of life that I’ve had. Then I though about the experiences in life I was about to miss out on & how I didn’t even get to say good bye to my mom, because she chose this moment to ignore my texts. Then the insanity started. Let me tell you, my theory about the further back the more intense was 1,000x accurate. I screamed the entire time! Then the screams of horror turned to screams of hate, filled terror. I screamed, “I hate you Kristin!” for just about the entire ride while she laughed at me in between her own screams. That was the worst. Just wait. The first two times I went on it I bought the ride photo from right at the top of the 85 FOOT DROP. The first two pictures I’m smiling, looking like I’m strolling along down main street. This photo, we look like we are about to be murdered by Osama Bin Laden himself. Words don’t do it justice. I didn’t want to risk ruining it by caring it so I had it sent back to the room, but I won’t get it until later. Once I get it I’ll take a picture of it for you guys to enjoy our terror. Oh and you know we were hysterical, because we had roller coaster crazies behind us that actually raised their arms and everything. Well, they laughed & imitated us for the entire walk off the ride. They thought I couldn’t hear them but I could. Then they were behind us to buy the ride photo & they’d just be standing their and then suddenly bust out laughing again imitating us. I didn’t even care. I was so relieved to be breathing on the ground, they could have said whatever to me & I’d probably agree. After that we headed to dinner, where I actually somewhat had an appetite. Then we did it’s tough to be a bug, where I got pretty wet. Then we headed back to the room, changed & went in the pool and jacuzzi. We played around and got some hysterical pictures of Kristin, that I am not allowed to show anyone & I will honor that. I was taking under water shots of her flipping, karate chopping & trying to sit on the pool bottom. Somehow though every pic ended up being a full on crotch shot. I’m telling you, I got more action than a Gynecologist. We were crying we were laughing so hard. Every picture got funnier & funnier. Then we sat in the jacuzzi for about a half an hour. After Everest we’re dare devils now. They say no more than 15 minutes in the jacuzzi. Ha. We showed them. 30 minutes straight! We’re hardcore. After that we dried off & headed to the Boardwalk, the actual Boardwalk, and got ice cream cones. Then we headed back to the room & put on Toy Story & just chilled. 
Today, we’re meeting some family at Downtown Disney for lunch. We felt like if we actually tried to go to a park this morning it would be a waste of time, so I told Kristin to just sleep as late as she wants & when we get to Downtown if we have a lot of time we’ll go to Disney Quest. After lunch we’re headed to magic kingdom where Kristin is forcing me to try splash mountain at least once. Greeeeeat! The things I do for friends and a Yankee fan friend for that matter. I deserve an award. Hospital wings should be named in my honor.
Remember to check out my pictures on my picture website. The link is on the left.       

Day 2 & we still like each other!

Another full day at Disney completed! But before I get to today, let me fill you in on the toe sucking experience and some other interesting experiences from yesterday. We were sitting waiting for Spectro Magic (parade) to start and Kristin had this around six year old boy sitting next to her & he was full on sucking his toe. I’m not talking about one lick on a dare or something. I’m talking full on “thumb sucking style” big toe sucking! He was going at it hardcore too. Then on the other side of me was a family from Ireland who had no idea on personal space! For the entire hour we sat waiting for the parade I was violated. I had feet being wedged under my butt, I had them standing with their uh... crotch about a foot directly in front of me with nowhere to look. I had butts in my face. Let’s just say that by the time that parade had ended I felt dirty! Ew. Oh and that family were all adults! I tell you my people allergy was really flaring! So needless to say Kristin & I were dying! We were sitting practically touching each other & yet when I would get goosed I had to text Kristin the situation because I knew if I was going to speak about it, I think I’d have a whole other issue. I am not about to be the crazy person you see at Disney totally freaking out on another person... although it would be quite fun! Okay that’s it on yesterday, there’s more, but today was a full day too. Maybe when I get home I’ll have a top ten most hysterical moments.
Day 2. After only having a little over 4 hours of sleep & then going at full speed I thought for sure I was gonna sleep. I was even concerned I would sleep through my alarm. Not so much. 6:30am wide awake! This was our “we’re gonna sleep in late” day. Yeah, I feel old. I have finally made it to the age where sleeping in is at an hour that God’s not even up at. Great! Since I was awake I got up and unpacked & got my room all organized. Oh wow. I just had an epiphany. I’m turning into my dad! Up before dawn cleaning! All I needed to do was wake Kristin up via vacuum banging on her door and my transformation would be complete. Um. Metal note: “Call Teresa asap!” Anyway. I unpacked & got dressed and actually I don’t even know what else I did to pass the time. Anyway. We wanted to leave by 9am & because I’m here with Kristin & not MY MOTHER we left at 8:57am!! I love my mom, but my God. You want to go insane, go to Disney with my mom. “What time do you want to leave tomorrow?” “8am” “Ok, I’ll be ready.” 8am she’s sitting in her nightgown sipping coffee!! Oh, my gosh. What’s so bad about it is she only does this at Disney! She is one of the most punctual people I know, but for whatever reason, probably to drive me nuts, she is always like at least an hour behind. You want to talk about metldowns. Picture this meltdown, your child freaking out because you the parent is late. I think I was born at the age of 35. Could I be any more uptight? Thanks Dad. I digress. So we were headed to Typhoon Lagoon today. It’s my favorite water park- I grew up going. We got there but nearly died with the world’s worst driver. Kristin & I practical kissed the ground when we got off. I had to buy a park ticket, so we got online at the ONE open window. There were about 6 families in front of my, as it was 9:30am & the park opens at 10am. I was whining, yeah I’ll admit it, I was whining in Disney World, because of the insane amount of stupidity (sorry Disney, but come on!) of only one open window for park opening. Then suddenly the heavens opened & I’m sure I heard angels singing, they opened a second window. A man who was walking by that window to get to ours turned & got up there. Now picture me & Kristin seeing all this, but no one else was paying attention, so yeah I did it. Don’t look down on me, I’m a NYer remember. Kristin & I ran over & got second on line, basically jumping the 6 other families on line in front of me. Oh, you’d do it too. Well, as this trip has been going, can you guess what happened. After I jumped over & got about 20 dirty looks, I stood happily second on line as I watched ALL 6 FAMILIES make it through the line and another 2 that walked up after I took the leap of faith. You know what they say about payback. I swear it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently I had two things working against me. 1: the man in front of my was apparently related to the Duggers & need about a million passes. 2: the lady working the window was at least 75. Nothing against people in their 70s, but let’s face it, they’re chatty. They wanna know where you’re from, what’s it like there, oh, I was there once in 1912, how has it changed, what do you do, etc, etc, ETC, ETC!! “Come on lady!!! I got places to go here!!!” So as I was getting hotter & hotter, I was no longer in the shade, but I thought it was anger. Kristin & I did cardinal sin #2 of the day... she stood back in the other line while I stayed put with Mrs. Chatty, born in a small town just outside of Chicago in 1936, grew up there her whole life, got married at 17 and had a large family. Loved it there. Was a stay-at-home wife to her husband Chuck & mom to her three kids Mary, Matthew, not Matt, Matthew & Marie. WHATEVER! Finally it was my turn, so I walked up to the window & Kristin got off her line. I went up there braced for impact. I was ready. I had my best, “I really don’t care about hearing you life’s story AGAIN face on. It worked. I bought my ticket in about 3 minutes. We went over & got on line to enter the park & only had to wait about 5 minutes, thank you Chatty! Once the place opened Kristin & I got lounge chairs, that we never used, and headed for the rides. We hit every ride at least once & even their biggest slide we did 5 times in a row! We only had to wait in line for our last two slides, as it was later in the day. We had no idea what time it was but we figured it had to be near 12pm by the time we had done all that & we were starving. So we went to eat. We joked about how funny it would be if it was still early, etc. Well we ask this cast member, who now probably thinks we’re insane, what time it was & it was 11:15am! Our response was busting out laughing. I’m telling you, we looked nuts. So we conquered the entire water park in just over an hour. We don’t mess around. So we went and had an amazing lunch of double, bacon cheeseburgers, fries, soda & cheese cake for me & a cookie for Kristin. Thank God though the bun was whole wheat. Can you imagine how bad that meal would have been if it was with white bread. I can’t imagine. After our healthy lunch, we went back to the room, changed & then headed to Hollywood Studios (MGM). We got there & headed straight for Tower of Terror. Kristin & I had an awesome time! I kept a bench friendly while the insane one actually rode the thing! You want to talk about entertainment?? Sit at the exit & watch the families that forced their kids to go on it getting off. I swear there was a family that went on black, but came off looking like Michael Jackson’s long lost family. Next we headed to Rockin’ Roller Coaster where Kristin rode & I held up a wall. Yeah, I made her ride alone both times and I don’t even feel bad about it. Those two are just death waiting to happen. If my body was meant to do 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds it would do that. Last I checked I don’t have a giant “S” on my chest, so I’ll stick to walking. Thanks. After that we went over to the American Idol Experience. The first contestant was a moron so he/she couldn’t compete, so we only heard to people sing. Yeah, contestant #1 tried out with 100s of other park guests & actually got picked to sing! They were so excited they decided to celebrate by going on the death trap, Tower of Terror & lost their voice while riding. Real bright. So we heard two. The first girl was ok, but was SO annoying. You know those really over confident people, that was her. Ugh! Kristin & I chose to vote against her even before hearing the other guy. The judges even told her to “tone down the stage presence”. The other guy, bless his heart. We’ll leave it at that. Needless to say, the annoying girl won. Next we moved on to the Great Movie Ride & had the best mob guy ever, then backlot tour. Next was Indiana Jones (hubba, hubba). We had the funniest kid sitting in front of us. He had to be no more than 5, possibly 6. When Indy first makes his “entrance” (I won’t spoil it) the kid yells at the top of his lungs, “I love Indiana Jones!) Then later in the show when Indy (swoon) is fist fighting with that huge guy that little boy was right in the action. Kristin & I along with the kids parents spent the rest of the show watching this little kid. He was in his own little world. He was sitting, no bouncing, on the edge of his seat going back & forth from punching along with Indy to jumping & holding his ears when Indy got punched. It was the cutest, funniest thing ever & did I get it on camera, of course not! After today, Kristin & I told ourselves that we’ve got to start taking more pictures & video. We’ve been slacking in that department. We’re sorry. After our double feature, we headed to Walt: One Man’s Dream & then it was around park closing & Kristin & I were hungry. We headed over to Epcot with the plan to eat at China & then watch Illuminations (fireworks). Yeah, not so much. After circling almost the entire park we ended up eating at the Electric Umbrella. By then we were so over tired, that we hysterically laughed through our entire meal & really, you know we were tired, ‘cause I can’t even tell you any of the things that made us laugh. I have no idea. So we laughed through the fireworks spot selection process & by the time we left the laugh floor the place was packed. So we decided just to call it a night, since those fireworks are every night. We made it back to our room at about 8:50pm & watched deal or no deal while chatting away & mocking the greedy contestant who left with $5. Moron. The we watched america’s funniest videos to laugh at more people’s demise & then called it a night. Tomorrow is Epcot & extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom.
Talk to you guys later...
Check out my picture website, link is on the left. I uploaded out whopping 30 something pictures. I promise we’ll take more.
Oh yeah. The weather has been great. Partly cloudy, high of 88 & a contsant breeze. We haven't felt like we're gonna die from heat yet & that's our forecast for the rest of our trip!

Day 1... kinda. WDW here we come!

What a day! Let me just warn you now... I’m working on a little over 4 hours of sleep so this is gonna be a nutty one. Please ignore typos, improper grammar, etc tonight. Also, there wasn’t a lot of picture taking today as we were not working on all cylinders. This is just a quick run through of just how much we did today. We will be back to your normally scheduled program tomorrow, after I get a full night’s sleep. Now, let the games begin!
I woke up at a refreshing 4am. I’d love to get all sappy & say my first thoughts upon hearing my wonderful alarm was that I was headed to the “happiest place on earth”... Not so much. It was more along the lines of, “What was I thinking?!?!?!” After I got over the shock of the time, I got going. We left the house at 4:50am. Not bad, only 5 minutes late. Kristin doesn’t enjoy flying, but after our ride to the airport, we had nothing to fear. ‘Cause surely if we were meant to die today it would have been in my dad’s car! Kristin’s dad is still trying to find his stomach on the side of the road. Seriously, it was a real life test track! (Thank you daddy for driving us! I love you, just not your driving this morning.) We arrived at the airport with plenty of time, thanks to speed racer. There was a small line at the jetblue counter, but not bad. We had the coolest guy check us in. He was a one man show. More on that later. We got through security just fine & found two seats. Next we got on board & our “jack of all trades” took our tickets during boarding. So now we said something to him & he joked he was the pilot too. We got on the plane & then no joke, the guy was coming onto our plane helping people onto the plane. We joked with him about it again. He then said that he’d let his friend take this flight this time. It doesn’t end there! As we were pushing off the same guy was now manning the walkway thing & pulling it back. He was the man! Flight was good. Kristin slept a little & I channel surfed for the entire flight! There was nothing on! The landing was a little rough & made Kristin & I a little queasy. We landed 30 minutes early but lost that time once on board our magical express bus! We were at the traffic light to get to our hotel & the 4 way intersection went through the  entire routine twice, before going through a third to finally give us a turn arrow. Weird. We sat in that turn lane watching all the traffic get their turn over & over again. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen. We got to our resort & because I did online check-in we were in & out in like 5 minutes, although the cast member seemed like she was literally about to die. After that we headed to Downtown Disney & had Earl of Sandwich for lunch. Then we shopped a little. Kristin bought a Yankee Disney pin & I bought a Mets one. What a pair we are. If you come up from behind on us this week, it will be a sign that God works in mysterious ways. Her backpack has yankees & mine mets. While at Downtown I joked that we needed to make friends with a Red Sox fan to join the group & we’d really make a statement. Enter random lady with the exact same backpack as Kristin, just Red Sox. Hahaha So Kristin ran up on this lady & walked next to her with like 2 inches of separation while I took a pic. It was hysterical. The woman had no idea what was going on but everyone around us thought it was great! That pic is on my cell so I’ll try & upload it tomorrow. Next we went back to boardwalk & relaxed on the porch for a bit waiting for our room to be ready. Once it was ready we went & checked it out. We have an awesome location!! I took some pics, but i didn’t take any of the best part, the master bath with whirlpool tub. I’ll work on that tomorrow. Next we went to a little surprise I had for Kristin... and you guys since I couldn’t tell ‘cause she was reading this. It’s a tradition for my family to go to ‘Ohana the first night of our trip, so we had a nice dinner there. The guy gave us, and I quote, “The honeymoon table”. Oooookay. Loved the table, so I’ll randomly hold Kristin’s hand if I have to to get an extra perk. JUST KIDDING people. We had a view looking out at the castle. After dinner we were beyond full. I think if you could die from the actual act of eating too much, not a side affect, we would have. It was insane! After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom. We walked right onto Pirates & even had the entire boat to ourselves. At this point we knew just how much we ate ‘cause that tiny drop made our stomachs flip a little... so next we went on Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Yeah. How smart are we?? Lack of sleep. That was only a 10 minute wait & we had a ton of fun. Next we walked right on Haunted Mansion and then walked right on Small World. Then we had an hour until the special nighttime parade Spectro Magic. We went to get a spot & I saw something I have NEVER seen before. Exactly 65 minutes before the parade & all of main street and the castle area where completely full! All the times I have ever been to Disney we sit an hour before the parade and we’re usually one of the first families to be sitting on the curb. It was crazy. So we found a spot over by the Christmas Shop and then as soon as the parade ended, we hightailed it to main street to find a good spot for Wishes, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. We got a great spot & the show was magical. After that it was 10:15pm & we decided to head home. Tomorrow we’re gonna “sleep in” & leave the room by 9am. We’re headed to Typhoon Lagoon to have a lazy morning on the lazy river. Like I said, please don’t think this post will be the norm. If I get to bed in 3 minutes I’ll actually get 8 hours of sleep! What a feeling. So tomorrow it will be back to the norm & I’ll also fill in what I missed tonight... like the really random & funny. A little taste (no pun intended), “Wow!” “What” “Look at that kid” “Oh, my God! Is that his toe?!” “Yeeeessss!!.” “Why is it in his mouth?!?!?!?!” “I don’t know!!!” “Ewwwwwww”
Talk to you soon! 

This is it!

Hello, hello. I'm back for my final NY post! I am so excited! I have had an interesting weekend that, if you're up-to-date on my blog, you will not believe. I spent my Saturday driving back & forth to the VET with Rocky! Yeah, I'm serious. She had an issue with a gland AGAIN and had to have surgery AGAIN. So I was annoyed, angry, sad, etc. on Saturday. I just can't believe all this dog has had to go through in the last 3 months alone. Poor thing. Oh and for those of you keeping track, I'm just under $2,000 in vet bills in 3 months. Ouch! I love my dog. I LOVE my dog! I LOVE MY DOG!!! Now that that is out of the way... Tomorrow is the day! I got everything I wanted to get done done today. Had a great time with my mom, family & friends for mother's day. Happy Mothers Day, by the way! I am as completely packed as I can be, just a few last minute items to pack tomorrow morning. I'll be getting up at a refreshing 4am. We have to leave the house by 4:45am. We'll see how that goes. I have already checked us in, but with how limited HPN (ugh!) is with space, if I remember right we'll still have to wait on the same line to drop the luggage. Yes, I check luggage. If you think this prima donna can make it on even a 2 day trip without a checked bag, YOU'RE INSANE. I just barely make it with the only one bag under 50lbs rule. As of now I'm at 48lbs. As a defense though, I always pack a 12 pack of bottled water. You know, the biggest JOKE americans are addicted to. NY alone has the 2nd best tap water in the country & yet we buy bottled water. I digress. In Fl it's worth it 'cause their water is terrible & it saves money. Plus then I have all that room for souvenirs coming home. Works for me. Well, I think this is gonna be a short one, as it's 11pm & I have to be up in 5 hours! Hope everyone has a great week- I know I will! I hope you all enjoy my blog & hopefully I don't offend too many people. On one last note before I go. I was having a conversation with someone the other day & I brought up one of my major pet peeves that is really difficult for me especially while at Disney. I never really felt like I had any of the typical NYer hang ups, but after so many trips to WDW I realized, I DO. I can't stand, no loathe, when people walk slooooooow & especially right in front of me, blocking the way. I don't mind if you're a moseyer (sp?), but for the love of God, please mosey on out of my way! Move to the side or something. Well anyway, I'm really concerned that this is getting worse & worse with age. I'm getting less & less patient. I happened upon this video & it confirmed my fears. We'll call it, Lisa in 50 years. Enjoy!
Having issues tonight, you're gonna have to copy & paste it. Sorry.

I'm back... EARLY!

Hey everyone. Are you shocked? I'm publishing a new post before I said I would. See I felt so guilty about keeping you all in the dark for so long that I decided to give you a little extra treat. Actually, it's not really a treat. Yesterday I had to make an unexpected 3rd visit to the Vet in a little over 3 months! Poor Rocky had these two boil looking things on her that were obviously painful. So I brought her in and they have no idea what they are, but whatever they are, they are now infected! Greeeeaaaat! So now my little Rocky is on antibiotics and children's Benadryl. Talk about frustrating... try finding children's chewable Benadryl for you dog during a recall. Really? Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're being Punked?! Wow. So I ended up having to go to 3 different Pharmacies to end up with a generic, liquid version. Also, while at the Vet they checked Rocky's "bottom" (anal gland) and it was completely full! They said if she hadn't have come in we would have had to go through the whole procedure again! Ugh! So they... uh.... "relieved" that gland and now she is SOAR. The poor thing has gone through so much. Oh and now they told me, after 8 years of having Rocky, that I will need to now bring her in every 2 months to have her gland issue taken care of. At first I was pretty annoyed, but then I figured I'd rather have to bring her in every 2 months for something little than to have her go through that whole long procedure again. I have to bring her back again when I get back from Disney and hopefully that will be her last unexpected visit of the year! On a good note I was able to try out my new camera. My new memory card finally came today, so I tried it out. It's great, but it looks like when I get back I have to exchange it. There has been reports that some of these models have had sound issues & it looks like mine is one of them. It's not terrible, so I don't mind waiting until I get back to get a new one. The issue is while I record video you can hear the camera zooming in and out. No biggie, as long as I know it will be fixed when I get home. Anyway. I took some video & pics of poor Rocky & made a quick video. I also put some pics from my older camera in there & my cell phone, so please forgive some of the pics with poor resolution.

 I need to make some adjustments to my blog, so for the time being this is the link to my video on youtube. I will be changing it so that I can once again post the video directly on my blog. Also remember to watch the video in HD. If you are unsure how to do that... on the bottom right of the video, click on the 3 digit number (usually 360) that is followed by a "p" & choose 720p. 720p is HD.

Click to see the video of Rocky

 On a happier note. I read this article and found it hysterical! So I thought I'd share it. You can be sure though that I'll be wiping down the bench of my Pirates of the Caribbean boat. Ew.

Click here to read the funny article

I hope you enjoyed this little bonus post. Now. Next post will be my last before leaving NY! Yay!!

I know...

I know. You don't have to tell me. I take the trophy for worst blogger of the year. I have left you guys in the dark for far too long. Now before I give my acceptance speech I'd first like to try and explain myself. I have had some crazy busy weeks. I mean insane. Last week alone I had only about an hour or two to myself each day until Saturday when I collapsed & did nothing for the entire day. Then Saturday night I started to feel a little tickle in my throat. Sunday morning I woke up half dying from a soar throat, body aches & an ear ache. Now most normal people when they're sick head to the doc & get antibiotics, especially when they have a big trip coming up in a week. Unfortunately, I'm not most people. I haven't been to a doctor since I was 15 & that was just to get my working papers signed. I grew up with an RN. I've been on antibiotics maybe twice in my life, and that's a stretch. As a kid I could be bleeding from the ears and I'd get the same response from my mother, "Do you have a test today? Well, just go in to school and get credit for the day. You can always go home early if you still don't feel good." Seriously, this woman was insane. If you threw up and flushed it, forget it... instant disqualification from a possible sick day. She had to see the throw up and still you'd most likely have ended up going to school, just with a barf bag. Thanks to her, I now never believe that anyone is really sick and not just faking or a baby. I also have no mercy for the sick and I feel guilty that I am home sick. When I take a sick day I find myself laying in bed convincing myself that I am in fact sick & should be home in bed. Thank you mommy. So I have been overdosing on Vitamin C tablets and all the fruit and juice you can imagine. I am feeling better, but I'm not at 100%.  So as you can see, life has been crazy. I have had some fun in the craziness though. One thing I had the opportunity to do was have lunch and take a private tour aboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas, which I will be sailing on next year. That was an awesome experience. I am planning to do a little trip report of that, but I'll wait until after I'm done with this Disney trip. I also bought that new camera I was telling you about, so in my free time and on the ship I've been trying it out. I also finally figured out how to get my music on my cell phone, so that I don't have to carry an ipod & phone. So there is my lame excuse. Now for my acceptance speech... "I'd like to thank all my readers for giving me this award. I'd also like to thank my parents for filling my last week completely full of extra services and guest entertaining. Thank you for that. I'd also like to thank my phone for being a pain and not working with me. I'd also like to thank the woman at Kmart that took 3 years to ring me up. Thank you Kmart for hiring an 80 year old woman to run the register. And finally I'd like to thank my over-sized chair for being there for me when I had moments to collapse. You were wonderful. To make it up to you, this weekend I'll be sure to vacuum under your cushions." Now that we got that out of the way... I'm 5 days and a wake-up out!!!! Time has flown! Yesterday I went out and did some shopping for the trip. Nothing too exciting. I bought a new case for my new camera & travel-size toiletries. I also found a pair of sunglasses that I actually loved. This is huge for me. My friends have experienced my insane bad luck with sunglasses. I literally can never find a pair that I like & if I do they'll be missing, broke, whatever in no time. One time I went out with some friends and they helped me find a pair that I actually loved. It only took walking all 4 floors of the Palisades Mall, you know the second largest mall in the US! After I got them we went on a trip to Missouri. My first day that I wore them we went to an amusement park. The first "ride" I went on, think It's a Small World, when I went to get off the boat to leave the ride they fell off & into the water under the boat! My friends didn't believe how bad my sunglasses issue was until that day. So anyway I actually found a pair that I loved, so I bought two pairs! We'll see how many I come home with. I also bought some hair accessories. Think "humidity" and "curly hair" not a good mix. You'll be seeing lots of updos on this trip. I also ordered a spare battery for my camera, a way too expensive memory card for the HD video and iLife '09. iLife '09 for for my Mac, I had to upgrade it to be able to edit the video that my new camera takes. The lengths I go to for my bloggers. Hopefully those items will arrive today, so that I can start figuring out how to get my computer to work with my new camera. I'd go into more details about that, but I don't want to bore you half to death, so we'll just leave it at that. Other than that I have to pack and clean. I also need to go for a manicure, pedicure and wax. I know too much information, but it's my blog. Oh, I also bought water shoes! I feel like the biggest dork. I haven't worn water shoes since I was a kid, but we're planning to go to the water parks and that ground can get hot, so I bought them. We'll see if I actually wear them. The weather so far looks good for the first couple of days of our trip. Although this is Florida we're talking about, so I'll be interested to see how much it changes in 5 days. So far the first 4 days of our trip will be sunny - partly cloudy with temps at 85, 86 & 87 degrees. Not too shabby. So that's it for now. The next time you hear from me it will probably be at 2am on Sunday night (actually Monday) when I'm still up doing last minutes things 'cause I procrastinated all week. Yeah, I'll own it, I'm a major procrastinator and I'm not even sorry. I've learned to work with me flaws. I work best under pressure & some of my best work is done at 5 minutes to, so if you don't like... sorry (dad!). Oh, also I'm working on something special for our trip. I can't share it with you guys yet because SOME PEOPLE that I know and love actually read this thing. Can you believe it? I can't. So anyway it's a tiny surprise, so keeps your eyes out for little surprises popping up throughout the week. Oh, the suspense must be killing you!