Day 7- our last full day!

Day 7: Yesterday was our last full day and boy was an interesting one! We started the day headed to the kingdom that is magical. They were actually closing at 5pm because a big travel agent convention actually rented the place out beginning at 5pm. Can you imagine?! I’d love to see that bill! So my thinking was that since the hours were so short, only 9am - 5pm, anyone without a park hopper wouldn’t bother wasting one day’s ticket to go there, so the park should be pretty empty. My calculations were correct! At 2pm we were seeing wait times of 15-20 minutes on all of the big rides! It was great! We got there before opening so we got to see the park opening show. We headed straight for Peter Pan since we still hadn’t gone on it yet. Our plan was to get a fastpass since we took our time to get there taking photopass pictures along the way. We finally got to peter pan & we just walked right on. Next we headed over to splash mountain to get the insane one a fastpass. The line was only 15 minutes at that point, it was probably even shorter, but Kristin & I had more important things to do, so we just got her a fastpass. Next we got some more pictures on our photopass card as we walked back to main street. We were headed for the bakery to have the best cinnamon bun on the planet! Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures on my picture site! I will explain the pics. Kristin had taken both forks & we eating away, so needless to say I was a little confused when I went to take a bite with my two knives. After our incredibly breakfast we headed to Astro Orbiter, think dumbo but really high up & rockets not elephants. I had never gone on this ride so it was new for the both of us. I was a lot of fun, but AWKWARD. The rockets are tiny but they try & get two of you in- in one seat belt around both of you, one in front of the other. I’m telling you, between the water rides, this one & the pool photo shoot... never mind. We’ll just leave it at that Kristin & I got very close this week, literally AND figuratively. After that cozy experience we went to get some pictures with Chip & Dale. There was only about 4 families in front of us. I was wearing my Rescue Ranges, chip & dale t-shirt. It has Chip on the front & Dale on the back. Well I’m standing on line and one family finishes their pics and the next bunch of little kids start walking up to them. Just at that moment Chip notices my shirt & makes a bee line right for me. He comes over to us on line leaving the kiddies high & dry. He comes over & hugs me, then points to my shirt, then points to himself & makes a heart & then point back at me. And then I got another hug. It was adorable. He then headed back to the kids and took some pics. It was now our turn to get our pictures. Dale took Kristin & Chip posed with me. It was cute. After that we got a fastpass for Space Mountain and then headed to Splash Mountain for Kristin to use her fastpass. On the way we saw Donald all by himself so we took some pics for our photopass on the way. While Kristin rode, I enjoyed some quality time with my favorte wall & more importantly some shade! I’m sitting there minding my own business and all of a sudden this man comes up and sits next to me. There is now where else to sit and boy was I sorry about that. The man was in dress shoes and socks and I guess he was hot. Next thing I know he’s pulling off his shoes. Ew! Then he pulls his socks off & puts them inside out while waving them in the air to I guess air them out... withing 2 feet of me!!!!! It was so gross! Ew! He finally left and I regained my composure. After that we headed back for Space Mt but not before getting crazy another splash fastpass. After space mt we headed back to splash and then next was lunch. First we got fastpasses for Jungle Cruise even though the line was only 15 minutes. We wanted to ride after eating so we knew that by the time we were done eating it’d be time. We had a nice Mexican lunch- our favorite of the whole week! Then we rode Jungle Cruise followed by Pirates again- gotta get out Captain Jack fix one last time. Next we headed back to space mt but not before making a detour for a dole whip. There was no way I was leaving DIsney without having one. We were so full but I didn’t care- I was having one! So we enjoyed our Dole Whips on our nice stroll over to tomorrow land. By the time we got over there I was contemplating a short ride on the bulimia train, but decided that as good as it all was going down, it never quite tastes the same coming back up. We got there and decided to get fastpasses for Space and then rode the people mover followed by carousel of progress until it was time for our final fastpass and ride of our trip, Space Mountain. This last time riding it Kristin really had a good laugh. I was put in the last seat & it’s like a different ride back there! I was out of my seat more than I was in it & I even hit my head on the back of the chair at one point. It was crazy! After my concussion we decided to head back to the resort for a little rest time. I packed a little while Kristin too a power nap. If only we knew what was ahead of us. Ugh!So let me just explain our transportation situation. We are walking distance to Epcot (6 minutes) and Holywood Studios (15-20 minutes). We can also take the boats over to those two parks, but there are no buses to those parks as that is a waste. Anywhere else we want to go we take the buses. The buses always pic us up, then go in a circle picking up at all the resorts on the boardwalk area- there’s 4 others. So it usually takes us about 10-15 minutes to get out of the resort area and actually start heading wherever we’re going. So Kristin & I leave for Hollywood Studios. We get outside and see that it looks like we are about to witness our first afternoon storm of the trip. So we sit on a bench waiting for the boat, but ready to make a run for at. It had started to rain just a tiny bit while we were waiting but the boat finally came. We ran and got on it just before it really started to come down. Our next stop was across the lake at the  Yacht & Beach Club. Next we were headed to the Swan & Dolphin. As we got there we sat waiting a while for the boat in front of us to leave. It finally moved and it was our turn to dock. They dock the boat and now the sky is black. They tell us that they are temporarily shut down because of the weather. They gave us the option to sit on the boat & wait or take the 20 minute walk. Oookay. We are docked because of the dangerous storm but you want us to walk 20 minutes in it with no shelter??? No thanks. So we sit there & wait... and wait... and wait... and wait. After 25 minutes of sitting there watching it rain they finally make an announcement & I quote, “They just started to run buses to drop of guests at their hotels. I would guess if they are dropping guests off than they’re probably picking them up as well, but I can’t be sure. So if you want to try to walk to the resort and take a bus you can do that, but I don’t know that they’re picking up.” Are you serious man?! So at this point I have sung the Gilligan’s Island song for about the 40th time through- I’m ready to chance it. I figured if I saw a bus dropping people off I was be sure it was take us there- period. So we get off and walk to the Dolphin. We get all the way down the world’s longest ramp to get to their bus stop. Now we wait. A bus comes, Downtown Disney. We look up to notice we’re starting to see some blue skies. Greeeat! Next bus, Animal Kingdom. Wonderful. So Kristin I realize that now the weather is probably good enough for the boats to be running... meaning the buses would be stopping. So we make the decision to make the walk of shame all the way back to the boat dock. We head back to the resort and just when we get to the top of the ramp, I see a bus coming. I decided to wait & try and see which it is before we go inside... Hollywood Studios! Great! So now Kristin & I start to run. We’re running on wet (from the rain) painted concrete. Anyone know just how slippery that is?! So I’m in sneakers & Kristin is in flip flops. She made it about 10 seconds and then stopped for fear of falling, but still yelled, “It’s all you Lisa!”. Yeah, thanks Kristin. Sacrifice me & my health to get you the bus. Oh, I’ll stop the bus for you but I won’t be loaded on that bus once I’ve fallen & broken a hip. So I make a run for it- the things I do for friends. I stop the bus and hop on. The bus driver mocks me for running and make a joke that it’s only just across the street. Whaaat...eeeev...errrr! So we get on the bus headed to Hollywood Studios, but not before stopping at the swan, yacht club, beach club. Next stop... the BOARDWALK!!! So it has now taken us almost an hour and ten minutes to go in a complete circle via walking, boat & bus. On a regular situation the walk from the Dolphin to the Boardwalk is 5 minutes. So we pick us our last guests at Boardwalk and finally head towards Hollywood Studios. The driver puts on the 15 second “we’re headed to Hollywood studios...” track on and then as soon as it ends we hear, “Welcome to Hollywood Studios...” WHAT?? “I told you it was only across the street. So it took Kristin & I 70 minutes to cross the street! After the great trek of 2010 we finally get there. We go and have dinner, see a little show, watch some of the american idol final show and then head to see Fantasmic. After three tries at waiting on line for the second show we finally got to the show. It was a very long process that I’m still not comfortable to talk about- can’t promise this blog would stay Disney friendly. After that we were ready to call it a night, but not before waiting FOREVER for a stinking boat! So needless to say yesterday was the day we made up for all of our great transportation & weather that we had all week. Kristin & I didn’t really mind all too much with the transportation situation. We had a ton of time so it was an experience we’ll never forget.
Today we have to leave our resort at 4:50pm to head to the airport. Our flight is at 7:30ish and we check-in here at the resort, so we’ll get to the airport two hours before out flight with nothing to do but go through security. We headed to Downtown Disney for some breakfast and we’ll spend our day at Disney Quest (4 story arcade). We’re supposed to get hit with bad storms at around 6pm so I’m praying they blow over or slow down so we’re not delayed or have a rough flight. I’m not gonna tell Kristin, as she’s not the biggest fan of flying. I just hope she doesn’t watch the news this morning. No use worrying the whole day about something you can’t change.
Next post... either home or at the airport! See some of you soon! 

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mayo3dill said...

Thanks Lisa for letting us travel with you. I started my day at your blog during the whole trip & thoroughly enjoyed each day. Sorry to see it come to an end but look forward to your next trip. Love ya Lisa!!! Welcome back to NY (yuk!!)