Day 2 & we still like each other!

Another full day at Disney completed! But before I get to today, let me fill you in on the toe sucking experience and some other interesting experiences from yesterday. We were sitting waiting for Spectro Magic (parade) to start and Kristin had this around six year old boy sitting next to her & he was full on sucking his toe. I’m not talking about one lick on a dare or something. I’m talking full on “thumb sucking style” big toe sucking! He was going at it hardcore too. Then on the other side of me was a family from Ireland who had no idea on personal space! For the entire hour we sat waiting for the parade I was violated. I had feet being wedged under my butt, I had them standing with their uh... crotch about a foot directly in front of me with nowhere to look. I had butts in my face. Let’s just say that by the time that parade had ended I felt dirty! Ew. Oh and that family were all adults! I tell you my people allergy was really flaring! So needless to say Kristin & I were dying! We were sitting practically touching each other & yet when I would get goosed I had to text Kristin the situation because I knew if I was going to speak about it, I think I’d have a whole other issue. I am not about to be the crazy person you see at Disney totally freaking out on another person... although it would be quite fun! Okay that’s it on yesterday, there’s more, but today was a full day too. Maybe when I get home I’ll have a top ten most hysterical moments.
Day 2. After only having a little over 4 hours of sleep & then going at full speed I thought for sure I was gonna sleep. I was even concerned I would sleep through my alarm. Not so much. 6:30am wide awake! This was our “we’re gonna sleep in late” day. Yeah, I feel old. I have finally made it to the age where sleeping in is at an hour that God’s not even up at. Great! Since I was awake I got up and unpacked & got my room all organized. Oh wow. I just had an epiphany. I’m turning into my dad! Up before dawn cleaning! All I needed to do was wake Kristin up via vacuum banging on her door and my transformation would be complete. Um. Metal note: “Call Teresa asap!” Anyway. I unpacked & got dressed and actually I don’t even know what else I did to pass the time. Anyway. We wanted to leave by 9am & because I’m here with Kristin & not MY MOTHER we left at 8:57am!! I love my mom, but my God. You want to go insane, go to Disney with my mom. “What time do you want to leave tomorrow?” “8am” “Ok, I’ll be ready.” 8am she’s sitting in her nightgown sipping coffee!! Oh, my gosh. What’s so bad about it is she only does this at Disney! She is one of the most punctual people I know, but for whatever reason, probably to drive me nuts, she is always like at least an hour behind. You want to talk about metldowns. Picture this meltdown, your child freaking out because you the parent is late. I think I was born at the age of 35. Could I be any more uptight? Thanks Dad. I digress. So we were headed to Typhoon Lagoon today. It’s my favorite water park- I grew up going. We got there but nearly died with the world’s worst driver. Kristin & I practical kissed the ground when we got off. I had to buy a park ticket, so we got online at the ONE open window. There were about 6 families in front of my, as it was 9:30am & the park opens at 10am. I was whining, yeah I’ll admit it, I was whining in Disney World, because of the insane amount of stupidity (sorry Disney, but come on!) of only one open window for park opening. Then suddenly the heavens opened & I’m sure I heard angels singing, they opened a second window. A man who was walking by that window to get to ours turned & got up there. Now picture me & Kristin seeing all this, but no one else was paying attention, so yeah I did it. Don’t look down on me, I’m a NYer remember. Kristin & I ran over & got second on line, basically jumping the 6 other families on line in front of me. Oh, you’d do it too. Well, as this trip has been going, can you guess what happened. After I jumped over & got about 20 dirty looks, I stood happily second on line as I watched ALL 6 FAMILIES make it through the line and another 2 that walked up after I took the leap of faith. You know what they say about payback. I swear it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently I had two things working against me. 1: the man in front of my was apparently related to the Duggers & need about a million passes. 2: the lady working the window was at least 75. Nothing against people in their 70s, but let’s face it, they’re chatty. They wanna know where you’re from, what’s it like there, oh, I was there once in 1912, how has it changed, what do you do, etc, etc, ETC, ETC!! “Come on lady!!! I got places to go here!!!” So as I was getting hotter & hotter, I was no longer in the shade, but I thought it was anger. Kristin & I did cardinal sin #2 of the day... she stood back in the other line while I stayed put with Mrs. Chatty, born in a small town just outside of Chicago in 1936, grew up there her whole life, got married at 17 and had a large family. Loved it there. Was a stay-at-home wife to her husband Chuck & mom to her three kids Mary, Matthew, not Matt, Matthew & Marie. WHATEVER! Finally it was my turn, so I walked up to the window & Kristin got off her line. I went up there braced for impact. I was ready. I had my best, “I really don’t care about hearing you life’s story AGAIN face on. It worked. I bought my ticket in about 3 minutes. We went over & got on line to enter the park & only had to wait about 5 minutes, thank you Chatty! Once the place opened Kristin & I got lounge chairs, that we never used, and headed for the rides. We hit every ride at least once & even their biggest slide we did 5 times in a row! We only had to wait in line for our last two slides, as it was later in the day. We had no idea what time it was but we figured it had to be near 12pm by the time we had done all that & we were starving. So we went to eat. We joked about how funny it would be if it was still early, etc. Well we ask this cast member, who now probably thinks we’re insane, what time it was & it was 11:15am! Our response was busting out laughing. I’m telling you, we looked nuts. So we conquered the entire water park in just over an hour. We don’t mess around. So we went and had an amazing lunch of double, bacon cheeseburgers, fries, soda & cheese cake for me & a cookie for Kristin. Thank God though the bun was whole wheat. Can you imagine how bad that meal would have been if it was with white bread. I can’t imagine. After our healthy lunch, we went back to the room, changed & then headed to Hollywood Studios (MGM). We got there & headed straight for Tower of Terror. Kristin & I had an awesome time! I kept a bench friendly while the insane one actually rode the thing! You want to talk about entertainment?? Sit at the exit & watch the families that forced their kids to go on it getting off. I swear there was a family that went on black, but came off looking like Michael Jackson’s long lost family. Next we headed to Rockin’ Roller Coaster where Kristin rode & I held up a wall. Yeah, I made her ride alone both times and I don’t even feel bad about it. Those two are just death waiting to happen. If my body was meant to do 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds it would do that. Last I checked I don’t have a giant “S” on my chest, so I’ll stick to walking. Thanks. After that we went over to the American Idol Experience. The first contestant was a moron so he/she couldn’t compete, so we only heard to people sing. Yeah, contestant #1 tried out with 100s of other park guests & actually got picked to sing! They were so excited they decided to celebrate by going on the death trap, Tower of Terror & lost their voice while riding. Real bright. So we heard two. The first girl was ok, but was SO annoying. You know those really over confident people, that was her. Ugh! Kristin & I chose to vote against her even before hearing the other guy. The judges even told her to “tone down the stage presence”. The other guy, bless his heart. We’ll leave it at that. Needless to say, the annoying girl won. Next we moved on to the Great Movie Ride & had the best mob guy ever, then backlot tour. Next was Indiana Jones (hubba, hubba). We had the funniest kid sitting in front of us. He had to be no more than 5, possibly 6. When Indy first makes his “entrance” (I won’t spoil it) the kid yells at the top of his lungs, “I love Indiana Jones!) Then later in the show when Indy (swoon) is fist fighting with that huge guy that little boy was right in the action. Kristin & I along with the kids parents spent the rest of the show watching this little kid. He was in his own little world. He was sitting, no bouncing, on the edge of his seat going back & forth from punching along with Indy to jumping & holding his ears when Indy got punched. It was the cutest, funniest thing ever & did I get it on camera, of course not! After today, Kristin & I told ourselves that we’ve got to start taking more pictures & video. We’ve been slacking in that department. We’re sorry. After our double feature, we headed to Walt: One Man’s Dream & then it was around park closing & Kristin & I were hungry. We headed over to Epcot with the plan to eat at China & then watch Illuminations (fireworks). Yeah, not so much. After circling almost the entire park we ended up eating at the Electric Umbrella. By then we were so over tired, that we hysterically laughed through our entire meal & really, you know we were tired, ‘cause I can’t even tell you any of the things that made us laugh. I have no idea. So we laughed through the fireworks spot selection process & by the time we left the laugh floor the place was packed. So we decided just to call it a night, since those fireworks are every night. We made it back to our room at about 8:50pm & watched deal or no deal while chatting away & mocking the greedy contestant who left with $5. Moron. The we watched america’s funniest videos to laugh at more people’s demise & then called it a night. Tomorrow is Epcot & extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom.
Talk to you guys later...
Check out my picture website, link is on the left. I uploaded out whopping 30 something pictures. I promise we’ll take more.
Oh yeah. The weather has been great. Partly cloudy, high of 88 & a contsant breeze. We haven't felt like we're gonna die from heat yet & that's our forecast for the rest of our trip!

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mayo3dill said...

Thanks so much Lisa for the update.After a sleepless night (despite my sleep aid Rx) caused by anxiety over "toe" cliffhanger, I was greatly relieved to see the new post. Merry Christmas again!! So glad tonight is extra magic hours. I'm sure Disney will be a part of dreamland back at your hotel at 7:30 PM!! :) :) Love ya Lisa!! XOXO