I'm back... EARLY!

Hey everyone. Are you shocked? I'm publishing a new post before I said I would. See I felt so guilty about keeping you all in the dark for so long that I decided to give you a little extra treat. Actually, it's not really a treat. Yesterday I had to make an unexpected 3rd visit to the Vet in a little over 3 months! Poor Rocky had these two boil looking things on her that were obviously painful. So I brought her in and they have no idea what they are, but whatever they are, they are now infected! Greeeeaaaat! So now my little Rocky is on antibiotics and children's Benadryl. Talk about frustrating... try finding children's chewable Benadryl for you dog during a recall. Really? Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're being Punked?! Wow. So I ended up having to go to 3 different Pharmacies to end up with a generic, liquid version. Also, while at the Vet they checked Rocky's "bottom" (anal gland) and it was completely full! They said if she hadn't have come in we would have had to go through the whole procedure again! Ugh! So they... uh.... "relieved" that gland and now she is SOAR. The poor thing has gone through so much. Oh and now they told me, after 8 years of having Rocky, that I will need to now bring her in every 2 months to have her gland issue taken care of. At first I was pretty annoyed, but then I figured I'd rather have to bring her in every 2 months for something little than to have her go through that whole long procedure again. I have to bring her back again when I get back from Disney and hopefully that will be her last unexpected visit of the year! On a good note I was able to try out my new camera. My new memory card finally came today, so I tried it out. It's great, but it looks like when I get back I have to exchange it. There has been reports that some of these models have had sound issues & it looks like mine is one of them. It's not terrible, so I don't mind waiting until I get back to get a new one. The issue is while I record video you can hear the camera zooming in and out. No biggie, as long as I know it will be fixed when I get home. Anyway. I took some video & pics of poor Rocky & made a quick video. I also put some pics from my older camera in there & my cell phone, so please forgive some of the pics with poor resolution.

 I need to make some adjustments to my blog, so for the time being this is the link to my video on youtube. I will be changing it so that I can once again post the video directly on my blog. Also remember to watch the video in HD. If you are unsure how to do that... on the bottom right of the video, click on the 3 digit number (usually 360) that is followed by a "p" & choose 720p. 720p is HD.

Click to see the video of Rocky

 On a happier note. I read this article and found it hysterical! So I thought I'd share it. You can be sure though that I'll be wiping down the bench of my Pirates of the Caribbean boat. Ew.

Click here to read the funny article

I hope you enjoyed this little bonus post. Now. Next post will be my last before leaving NY! Yay!!

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