Day 4

Day 4. Yesterday we had a lazy morning back at the room. When I say “we”, I mean Kristin. Kristin slept until 10am while the old lady was awake at 6am, like I have been every morning. I actually don’t mind it though. It gives me time to write this blog and not feel rushed. We left the hotel at 11am headed for downtown disney. We were meeting up with some of my family at downtown for a nice lunch. We had a great lunch at Earl of Sandwich. I loved getting to see my family. It had been since October that I saw most of them, so it was good. After we said our good-byes Kristin & I took the bus from Downtown to the Contemporary Resort and then once there we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom, after first stopping at the Grand Floridian to show Kristin where Uncle Jessie serenaded Becky on the episode of Full House when they went to Disney. So after our blast from the past we got to the extremely busy Magic Kingdom. We knew it was going to be crazy because it was a fireworks & parade night again. We planned this, because some of the best times to go on rides is during the parade & fireworks, as there are practically no lines. So our first stop was to get a Dole Whip... then we saw the insane line in the direct sunlight. No thanks. Today felt hot. I don’t know if it was the crowds but we were HOT. The weather forecast was the same, but it didn’t feel it. After that we went over to Mickey’s Philharmagic. Kristin & I both love that "ride". We got in there pretty quick and Kristin was sat next to a little girl who was passed out on her dad’s shoulder. She was actually snoring and at times it was louder than the show. She woke up about halfway through & it was the most interesting this I’ve ever seen. She went from a deep sleep, to wide awake hysterical laughing at the show in like 3 seconds. Wish I could wake up like that! After that we headed towards space mountain to see how bad the wait was. On our way we got some frozen lemonade, ‘cause it was so stinking HOT! We ended up getting fast passes and then went to ride the tomorrow land transit authority. It’s the most relaxing ride ever. Well, we had just gotten our good, but very tart slushies & I wasn’t sure if they’d let us on with them, even though they had a lid & straw. We walk up to the ramp & the guy didn’t say anything. Nice. So we get up to the ride platform and the cm tells us that we have to stand to the side & finish our drinks or throw them away. Uh. Talk about ultimate brain freeze! So I went to ask the guy if we could just go back down since there was no way Kristin & I could (or wanted to) finish them in like 3 minutes & he cuts me off & begins to repeat the same thing with an attitude. Oh, no he didn’t! So in my firm, don’t mess with me attitude I repeated my request of letting us just go back down. I think he got the point, ‘cause after a few seconds of stammering & stuttering he mumbled yes & pointed to another cast member, who was super sweet. She apologized to us & told us she didn’t even know why they didn’t stop us from coming up with our slushies. So Kristin & I went back down, drank as much as we could & just to spite the guy, we went on buzz. Take that! We had to wait about 15 minutes for buzz but it wasn’t bad. Kristin & I took that time to go over our strategy for taking on Emperor Zurg. We decided that we were a team & that we’d work together to defeat that rotten Zurg. We decided I’d handle the steering, since I had more war time experience. Well, it worked! We did really good. And I didn’t even realize that I had actually beaten Kristin by over 20,000 points. I was having so much fun with our teamwork that I didn’t even think to see if I beat her or not. I mean we were a team. Ok, I totally kicked her butt. I was behind through the majority of the war on terror but I had the ace in my pocket... I knew in the last room I would totally rock it & I did! After my victory dance (in my head, we’re a team remember!) we got off the ride & saw the ride photo. I just about fell over. All the times I have ever been on that ride everyone is always just smiling or looking serious. I don’t know what was going on, but while we were on that ride we were taking on Emperor Zurg in space, but in that picture Kristin was totally kung fuing her way through a jackie chan movie. I’ll post the picture when I pick it up tomorrow- I didn’t want to carry it. Next it was time for Space Mountain. I was a little nervous to get on ‘cause it had been a while since I was on & I had heard that they changed it, so I didn’t know what to expect. Kristin laughed hysterical at me the entire time. When the ride ended her first words to me, “You’re just like your mom!”. Seriously, normally you can have an idea of what is about to happen because you can at least see the front car dropping or turning, etc. I had the Green Giant sitting in front of me, so I literally couldn’t see anything so on every dip I would let out a little, not scream, but “ah”. I guess looking back it did sound just like my mom. I guess that’s a good thing, ‘cause if she said I sounded like my dad I’d just about die. I swear, the man doesn’t laugh, he literally squeaks. It’s like he accidently swallowed Rocky’s chew toy or something. Weird. Next we went & had dinner where the soda they gave us tasted like chemical. It didn’t taste like the syrup was not right or whatever, it was like a chemical taste that gave an immediate headache. So I went back & told them about it & got a pretty interesting answer. “Yeah, that happens every once in a while.” Ooookay. "Can we get another one from a different machine??" “Well, it happens to all our machines.” Oookay. "I’ll just take two waters then.” Then she proceeded to get me water from the machine! So I quickly insisted on bottled. After the “h20 oh, no” we headed to Splash Mountain. We headed to get fast passes & in that walk I totally chickened out. I am not ashamed. I chickened out. The thing is, is I know what that ride is like. I’ve been on a log flume & I know just how much I hate it. Originally I told Kristin I would do it, but that was because I am such a good friend. I knew that was her favorite ride & at that time I didn’t think she’d be comfortable with riding a ride alone. So like a good friend I told her that I would do it. Well, first mistake Kristin made, our second day here she happily went on Tower of Terror & Rockin Roller Coaster alone. Next mistake was after we rode Everest. I told her how I had read on the internet that the drop in Splash is way more of a stomach-in-throat feeling, where Everest is more of a g-force feel. She totally agreed & said how you feel that stomach-in-your throat feeling way more on Splash. That’s the feeling I hate! My stomach should stay where it is, thank you. And Kristin’s last mistake was a culmination of her own worries & admittance of her nerves about the drop. Oooookay. Wait, this is your favorite ride, but the drop still makes you nervous??? I’m out! I couldn’t do it. So we get over to get KRISTIN a fast pass. On the way Kristin took that time to point out every child that went on the ride & what a baby I was. Two more things went against Kristin’s cause. 1. as she was pointing out children happily going ON the ride, I was pointing out all the children chickening out &/or crying coming OFF the ride. 2. unfortunately for Kristin, I don’t fall to peer pressure- never have. I’ll be the first person to tell you what a baby I am & I make no apologies. To make a long story short, Kristin rode alone, while I held up a wall. Next we went back over to Space Mountain, but it was closed down, so we went on Stich and then headed BACK to splash mountain to get crazy another fast pass. This time we took the train back & then rode Snow White and finally cooled off enough to go back to tomorrow land transit authority and actually ride it- beverage free of course. Luckily, probably more for him, our favorite cast member wasn’t there. After that we went & rode Big Thunder Mountain, where we rode with a bunch of annoying teens. At the end one of them kept asking them, “Dude, there’s no picture? Dude, there’s no picture? What about a picture? No picture?...” This went on for about a minute & no one was answer the kid & he was driving us insane, so Kristin finally yells back tow cars, “NO, there’s no picture!” The whole group went silent. Next Kristin made friends on Splash Mountain. Two guys got in her row that is meant to hold 2! They were supposed to wait until the next boat  but didn’t realize & got right in. They had a nice cozy ride & posed for a funny picture, I’ll post that tomorrow. Kristin came off the ride & got me so that we could go back & buy the picture. I had the unfortunate task of holding the yankee bag while she rode. I think riding splash would have been a better experience for me. While we bought the picture the cast member joked with Kristin on how she didn’t even get their number. It was cute. After that we headed to Space Mountain & we ended up in the same car as Kristin’s new friends. It was hysterical! We got off Space Mountain right at the end of the fireworks & had to walk with the thousands to the buses. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen the bus stops. It was crazy. Unfortunately, we got back to the room too late, so I couldn’t go pick up the everest pic. I’ll get it tonight & post all the pics from yesterday & that one tonight. I gotta get going. Today we’re headed to the other water park, blizzard beach. I’ve never been so it should be really fun! 
Miss you all... well, almost all.

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