Day 3... I'm alive!

Day 3 is complete and boy was it a day! I heard from a very high maintenance reader, MOM! Who was confused on the days & dates. I had been posting the reports the next morning, so it was confusing my wonderful mother. So I am actually writing this Thursday morning, but it’s about wednesday. Now that the rest of you are confused... Really? Does it really matter what day it was?? I figured that the giant title, “DAY 2” would be clear enough, but I guess not. 
YESTERDAY we started the morning leaving the room by 8:30am. We were headed to Epcot. We had a nice little walk over to Epcot and they let us in the back exit 10 minutes before the park actually opened. We took a couple pictures on our walk over to the future world side of the topiaries from the flower & garden festival. I got picked on for being a Met fan by a cast member who was a Yankee fan. Why Yankee fans don’t like Mets fans, I have no idea. It’s not like they have any reason to be jealous of our Mets. Ugh. We made it over to future world and got a fast pass for test track, then headed to mission space. On our walk I was telling Kristin about the time when my brother & mom went on mission space and they were sick for about an hour afterwords. Enter really weird random family. All of the sudden I hear “Excuse me! Excuse me! Ms! Are you talking about getting sick on Test Track?” She actually had to say it a couple of times before I realized she was talking to me. I’m not used to talking to strangers. So this family starts running down the whole list of rides asking what ones made me sick. It sounds pretty normal and just a nice family trying not to get sick on rides, but they were... different. So we end up going on the with them. There was no line, but we still had to go through the whole pre-show with them & it was interesting. So we get into our little space ships, luckily they only seat 4, so Kristin & I had our own and that family went into another one. Once the doors shut me & Kristin looked at each other & busted out laughing. It had been bottled up for a while. Right before the ride starts I commented to Kristin how knowing my luck they get sick on the ride & how bad I would feel. You guessed it! We get off and there’s the dad, SICK. My bad. Really, I get sick sometimes even driving my own car. I can’t handle stimulators, etc but the tame version of mission space is fine for me. Kristin is the same way & she was fine. So Kristin and I scurried out of there staring at the floor afraid they’d want to restart our little chat & become life long friends. Next we wanted to get something to eat. It was 9ish and we were hungry. We wandered aimlessly throughout epcot just trying to find something to eat. The only options were either a full breakfast or ICE CREAM. Um. You can’t have popcorn or a soft pretzel at 9am ‘cause that would be just wrong, but ice cream, sure!. So we gave up on that hunt momentarily to ride test track. What a great ride. I just wish is was longer. After test track we headed to soarin’. As we’re walking into the building Kristin starts hitting me pointing at the man in front of me. The man had a baseball hat with the visor tucked into the back of his shorts. I thought that was a little weird, but I was confused because of how intense Kristin was. Then she whispered to the airhead that it was out friends from Mission Space. They were right in front of us for our entire walk through the building for soarin and right up to the fast pass machine. Kristin & I became silent and dodged them seeing us the whole way. You don’t understand, I’m totally nice to strangers while I’m at disney. I even offer to take pictures of families all together so everyone is in the shot. Gosh I’m great. However, this family was just too much. It was one of those families where you walk away thinking you were on a hidden camera show. Weird. So we ended up getting fast passes for Soarin with the same time slot as them. Great! After we got out fast passes we took a relaxing ride on living with the land. Once that was over we went to the restaurant there and I got a bagel with cream cheese that was surprisingly good for not being in NY and Kristin got a chocolate croissant. After our little snack we headed to the Seas with Nemo & Friends. We pretty much walked onto the ride. We rode it about 3 quarters of the way through and then something that I have never seen in the almost 22 years I’ve been going to disney happened. (you’ll see the pic on my pic website) All of the sudden the ride stops, the lights turn on & the curtains blocking the emergency walkway rise. Then silence. We sat there for about 4 minutes before we even heard any type of announcement. Then it was a CM telling us to stay inside the vehicle. Kristin & I started a mini photo shoot taking pictures of ourselves. Let me tell you, we took three pictures & those three pictures have got to be the worst pictures I have ever taken in my life! Even worse, they’re on Kristin’s camera & she’s threatening to put them on Facebook. Don’t worry, I’ve got leverage. I’ll just threaten to not go on splash mountain. Hopefully that will do it. So after 7 minutes, CMs start walking through the ride all panicked with flashlights, which I didn’t understand as the lights were on, but whatever makes them more comfortable. They come around & open our ride vehicles and escort us off the ride. Then we get out of the ride and into the aquarium part of the building & there is a wall of cast members from the ride exit to the building exit. They evacuated the entire building! We had no idea what was going on, so I called my mom to she if she had heard anything and of course you know moms. They always have the most comforting words. “Oh, it’s probably just a bomb scare. They probably saw a suspicious package and you know how everyone is really nervous after this times square thing. It’s probably just a bomb scare & they’re being really couscous.” “Oh, thanks mom. I thought it would be something really bad, like the ride breaking down, but a bomb scare. No biggie.” What goes through that woman’s mind sometimes I have no idea. So we still don’t know what happened, but maybe when we go back to epcot we’ll ask around and since the problem will be over maybe the cast members will actually tell us. After that we went to Figment and then Soarin’. We lucked out & didn’t see our friends on the ride. After that we had lunch and then headed over to the world showcase. We decided to try and get a picture in a hat from every country. Some more sophisticated, mature countries, like Italy, don’t lower their standard to such extremes but some do, so we took pics in their hats. We only missed like three countries which we’ll do when we go back. We met a really sweet cast member (cm) at Italy and when she heard we were Italian, she wanted us to sing the Italian National anthem. Uh. So we told her to sing it. She started to sing it & it was really cute. She talked about how it wasn’t fair that Italy didn’t have a ride or even a character anymore. After that we headed back to our resort to catch the bus to animal kingdom where we would die on Everest. The bus ride was pretty uneventful. We got there right around official closing, it was extra magic hours that night, so we walked into the park as the thousands were walking out. That was interesting. So we walked through the stores as much as possible to get away from the crowds. We went on primeval whirl. Then DInosaur where there was a 5 year old little girl on it that I thought for sure would be terrorized by the ride. Nope. The father told us how shocked they were ‘cause she loved it all. She had gone on Dinosaur twice already and everest three times that day alone! Talk about an embarrassing moment. I’m freaking out ‘cause I have to ride it and she had ridden it three times already! Greeeat! So after that we were headed for the safari. As those of you that have rode it, the whole story line is that you’re going on a two week safari. So we get on the line and the cast member says to us as we pass by, “See you in two weeks.” So then Kristin looks at me all and confused, she had no idea what the girl meant... and I quote...”What is she going on vacation or something??” Hahaha I just about fell over laughing. Oh, it was great. We agreed that that was a “Katie B Moment”. (a friend of ours who is at times a little ditzy) We got an awesome driver and only had a family in front of us and one behind. As we started to go I happened to look back, BIG mistake. Now if you’ve been on the safari you know how bumpy it is. At times you can even go airborne. Well, I look back just in time to see the mom behind me whip it out! She breast fed her baby on the entire ride. Oh, my gosh! Some people. I tell you. At least though she wouldn’t have to worry about burping the kid, as the ride took care of that. See.. moms are always multitasking. I spent the entire time trying not to look, but of course all of the good animal views were to look back. Great! We saw a lot of animals, including a rhino that Kristin could have touched, it was so close. It was a lot of fun. So after that titillating ride we headed to the death trap, Expedition Everest. Let me tell you, I have gone on that ride two times before, but for whatever reason, this time I was the most nervous. I don’t know if it was ‘cause I knew what was coming or what, but I was freaking out. Kristin was comforting me on the line. Then she goes, “Wait a minute! You’ve been on this ride! I’ve never even been on it! You should be comforting me!” Nope, not happening. I was freaking. So I told her how the first time I went on it I was in the front & it wasn’t as bad as the last time I went on with my mom where we were more in the the middle. So I was telling her how I thought that the further back you were the more intense I thought it was. So walked up and they sent us to our row, THE SECOND TO LAST ROW! Enter full on freak out scene. I was dying. I think at one point I actually prayed the ride would break down. Nope. We get going and the beginning is pretty mellow and nice. So I took that moment to ponder on what a good 24 years of life that I’ve had. Then I though about the experiences in life I was about to miss out on & how I didn’t even get to say good bye to my mom, because she chose this moment to ignore my texts. Then the insanity started. Let me tell you, my theory about the further back the more intense was 1,000x accurate. I screamed the entire time! Then the screams of horror turned to screams of hate, filled terror. I screamed, “I hate you Kristin!” for just about the entire ride while she laughed at me in between her own screams. That was the worst. Just wait. The first two times I went on it I bought the ride photo from right at the top of the 85 FOOT DROP. The first two pictures I’m smiling, looking like I’m strolling along down main street. This photo, we look like we are about to be murdered by Osama Bin Laden himself. Words don’t do it justice. I didn’t want to risk ruining it by caring it so I had it sent back to the room, but I won’t get it until later. Once I get it I’ll take a picture of it for you guys to enjoy our terror. Oh and you know we were hysterical, because we had roller coaster crazies behind us that actually raised their arms and everything. Well, they laughed & imitated us for the entire walk off the ride. They thought I couldn’t hear them but I could. Then they were behind us to buy the ride photo & they’d just be standing their and then suddenly bust out laughing again imitating us. I didn’t even care. I was so relieved to be breathing on the ground, they could have said whatever to me & I’d probably agree. After that we headed to dinner, where I actually somewhat had an appetite. Then we did it’s tough to be a bug, where I got pretty wet. Then we headed back to the room, changed & went in the pool and jacuzzi. We played around and got some hysterical pictures of Kristin, that I am not allowed to show anyone & I will honor that. I was taking under water shots of her flipping, karate chopping & trying to sit on the pool bottom. Somehow though every pic ended up being a full on crotch shot. I’m telling you, I got more action than a Gynecologist. We were crying we were laughing so hard. Every picture got funnier & funnier. Then we sat in the jacuzzi for about a half an hour. After Everest we’re dare devils now. They say no more than 15 minutes in the jacuzzi. Ha. We showed them. 30 minutes straight! We’re hardcore. After that we dried off & headed to the Boardwalk, the actual Boardwalk, and got ice cream cones. Then we headed back to the room & put on Toy Story & just chilled. 
Today, we’re meeting some family at Downtown Disney for lunch. We felt like if we actually tried to go to a park this morning it would be a waste of time, so I told Kristin to just sleep as late as she wants & when we get to Downtown if we have a lot of time we’ll go to Disney Quest. After lunch we’re headed to magic kingdom where Kristin is forcing me to try splash mountain at least once. Greeeeeat! The things I do for friends and a Yankee fan friend for that matter. I deserve an award. Hospital wings should be named in my honor.
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