Day 5 & someone has to pee!

Day 5 is in the books! We started yesterday with going to Blizzard Beach, the other water park here. Now I had grown up going to Typhoon Lagoon, so I had never been to blizzard beach. Didn’t miss much! Kristin & I just didn’t care for the park. They say the BB has more thrill rides than typhoon lagoon, but that is sort of true. Their biggest two rides are thrill rides, but they are too extreme for Kristin & I. Then after those, there were only 4 other rides to go on, two of which are those flat mat racing type ones. Yawn. Well, actually Kristin got a kick out of those two, ‘cause for whatever reason I got stuck both times & could not get myself going! Kristin & the rest of the “racers” were practically crossing the finish by the time I got going. And let me tell you, a man obviously came up with that ride design. Nothing like laying on your belly in a swim suit for like 5 minutes waiting to go with everyone & their mother looking at your junk in the trunk. It was like cellulite city. After those rides we did one intense one that only lasted about 10 seconds. It was called the Downhill Double Dip. It’s basically a ride down a hill where you go practically straight down on a tube going 20-25 mph. Kristin & I felt that the walk up the 3 million stairs was not worth the 10 seconds of fun. That’s really how we felt about all the rides. None of them lived up to Typhoon Lagoon. Plus all we’d hear about is how BB is so much better ‘cause you don’t have to carry your tubes up. Yeah, that was nice until you get to the top & you stand with like 30 other people at the one unmanned conveyer belt trying to get a raft. It took forever. Then the stairs! Oh, my goodness. Everywhere was an insane walk up hundred of steps, to only go down a ride that lasted way too short. So needless to say, we prefer Typhoon Lagoon. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun, but nothin can top TL. After the rides we headed to the lazy river. We rode that around twice & I happened to get a direct shot as we passed every one of those water sprayers. Kristin only partially got hit once, me, I had a target right on my forehead apparently. It wouldn’t of been so bad, except the water they shot you with was supposed to be melted snow! Fun. After our journey around the lazy river, complete with someone’s lost weave floating along, we called it a day for blizzard beach. Next we headed back to the room, got ready and headed back to Animal Kingdom. We got there and headed straight for the Lion King show. We were a little early so we enjoyed some ice cream & then come pictures with Mickey & Minnie. Those are on my photopass card (pics wdw takes for you), so you won’t get to see them ‘till I get the cd. While waiting for Mickey we witnessed the world’s worst parent. There were only 4 families waiting to see Mickey & no one else around. The family two in front of us turn came & we look to see a little girl 5 or 6 standing up against the tree literally convulsing. She looked like she was getting electrocuted. I had no idea what was going on with her & assumed she was scared of Mickey ‘cause she was white as a ghost. So the two cast members invited them to head up and meet Mickey & she just stands there panicked, shacking. Now the mom starts. “You can’t make it just to take a picture?! We were just in the bathroom!!! Why didn’t you go?!” I have never witness someone having to pee so bad in my life. I mean this little girl wasn’t even dancing, she was convulsing. So the mom is like screaming at this little girl, all while Mickey is standing there waiting & both cast members are trying to calm the mom down & get her to just take the little girl to the bathroom. They kept telling her they’d save her spot & that this was more important than a picture with Mickey. The worst part was the bathrooms were literally not even 30 feet from us. You could see them from the line! The moron of a mom wouldn't stop. Now by now it’s been like 3 minutes of chastising this poor little girl who looks like she could quite literally die from needing to go to the bathroom. I thought she lost it about 4 times by now & now the mom has enough nerve to think she has the right to be angry at this little girl and now turns to the two cast members & starts unloading on them about how they were just at the bathroom & she can’t believe this. Then the girl totally stops all movement & I was like, there it is. I thought for sure she wet herself. So the mom looks at her and goes, “Did you get it together? can you take the picture before we go?!” Oh my God, lady! So the little girl takes a step & then white face & hand on her crotch while shaking her head no. So now this has gone on for about 6 minutes & no one knows what to do. The lady is completely ignoring the cast members. So I say very loudly, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have a little girl pee free than a picture with Mickey.” I got a death stare & then it took about another 20 seconds and she finally ran off in a huff screaming at the little girl the whole way. I turn to the the cast member and was like, “Wow.” and the cast member was like, “That was the most extreme pee pee dance i’ve ever seen. I mean there are priorities and that was a priority.” So I joked with them that Mickey was about to be covered in pee and how I would offend Mickey when I didn’t want to hug him or stand within 5 feet for the pictures. The cast members were really funny with it. The mom never came back, so I’m guessing she had an accident on the way. I’m sure that mom really freaked out on the kid too. I was so annoyed. First of all, you’re the parent. If you were just in the bathroom, you should have made her go. Even if they say that they don’t have to, you make them try! I mean come on people. You didn’t even need to be a mom to see just how bad that little girl had to go. It was horrible to watch. After the great pee pee dance of ’10 we went and met minnie. Then we headed to Lion King, where Kristin conveniently dropped her God-awful Yankee bag behind the bleachers so I HAD to go get the cast member with an awesome Australian accent to come & save us damsels in distress. I still think she did it on purpose. The show was awesome as usual & after I texted my mom that I was not coming home on account of a hot Hawaiian Fire Dancer that was a part of the show. Next we went to the Nemo show. It was great, but no Australians or Hawaiian fire dancers so I’ll move on. After that we headed to Epcot, went on spaceship earth and then sat on the ground for 90 minutes to have our prime Illuminations (fireworks) spot, only to later have a family at 2 minutes ‘till squeeze in next to us & then proceed to talk, no yell, to each other through the whole show. We were surrounded by them! I was so mad. After that, it was Extra Magic Hours (the park is open 3 hours later for resort guests only) so we headed to get Kristin a churro. Then we walked around a bit and then re-rode Finding Nemo. This time no break down! Then we looked around the aquarium and took a bunch of pictures. It was so busy, more busy then the day time, so we just decided to go to bed. On the way back we picked up THE PICTURE and then laughed for about 10 minutes straight at it. I found it quite comical that on the entire everest ride Kristin was laughing at me for being afraid, but that’s not what the picture looks like. I’m screaming, but at least I look somewhat happy. Kristin looks like she’s falling to her death. The picture you guys will see is not the best quality as it is a picture of a picture, but you’ll get the idea. 
Today we’re off to Hollywood Studios, then Typhoon Lagoon & then probably Magic Kingdom tonight. Remember to check out my picture website (link on left) to see all our pics from the last two days, but I gotta go... I gotta pee!
Update: the pictures are taking forever to upload so check back later for them, but until then...

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