Day 6 & it was a hot one!

Day 6: We started yesterday headed to Hollywood studios. We had planned to only be there until lunch time & then head to Typhoon Lagoon, but as soon as we got there our fastpasses for toy story mania was 1-2pm. So we got our fastpasses and then headed to get some breakfast. After a pretty good breakfast we headed to Lights Motors Action Stunt Show. After the stunt show we headed to Beauty & the Beast. After Beauty and the Beast we hung around the streets of america & took some great pictures! The best ones are on the photopass cd, so you’ll have to wait to see those. After our mini photo shoot we went to Toy Story Mania where I totally kicked Kristin’s butt. This has been so funny, because I’m not really competitive where Kristin is. So the person who could careless if she wins or not keeps winning. So after Kristin’s second loss I could have swore I saw a little twitch developing. Next we headed to lunch. After lunch we were headed to the Muppets. As the usual Kristin & I walked in only to have it break down while we were waiting. I swear almost every ride we go on totally falls apart once Kristin an I arrive on the scene. So they didn’t know how long it would take to fix it so we headed to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. After our swim with Ariel we decided to give the Muppets one more chance & it was working. I love that “show”. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys a story from the other day & now it’s expanded to yesterday. So the other night when we were at the Seas with Nemo & Friends Kristin & I had to go to the bathroom. So we get in this really small bathroom & I end up in a stall in between Kristin & this little 10 year old girl. Well we get into the stalls & then Kristin sneezes. So in a really mocking voice I say “God bless you” but when I get the thank you I’m pretty shocked. It wasn’t Kristin who sneezed, it was the little girl. So she thanks me in this real bubbly voice. This little girl was one of those kids who are like always happy. You know, the ones where it’s nice to see until you have to spend some extended time with them. So now Kristin is in her stall laughing at me. We get out & now all three of us are washing our hands. I’m in the middle sink with Kristin & the girl on each side of me. The mom is also standing like 2 feet from me waiting. Now she has already heard my mocking “God bless you” so she probably thinks I’m a cold, heartless person- pretty accurate at times, but I wasn’t trying to be this time. So now this little girl is singing in this high pitched voice over & over, “Hot water. I love hot water. I love to play in hot water.” etc. She’s obviously making up a song about how much she’s enjoying washing her hands in hot water. Now almost all bathrooms in disney do not have the mirrors over the sink, the purposefully put then away from the sinks so there’s not women hogging sinks to use the mirrors. Boy did I wish that was this type of bathroom. So this little girl is singing away & it’s getting really annoying- think Hannah Pense. So I’m standing there washing my hands & all of the sudden Kristin starts imitating the little girl’s song in the same high pitched voice & everything. It was total diarrhea of the mouth. So now I’m trying not to burst out laughing. I have the mom staring me down & the little girl like right next of me. So brilliant Kristin tries to cover up the situation by singing her own little song about hot water, but really it was too late. I was dying. So now we both have successfully, but accidentally mocked this little girl right to her face with her mom watching. Greeeeat! So while I tried not to laugh or show my shocked face that Kristin did it, we now have to leave the bathroom, walking right by the mom. So right as we’re going to leave the little girl darts in front of us & holds the door open for us still singing away. Well, we felt like 2 cents. So we get out of the bathroom & we’re just about dying trying to hold in the laughter. We walked in silence until we were in the clear. I couldn’t even look at Kristin ‘cause I knew I’d loose it. So Kristin finally breaks the silence by laughing & saying how she totally didn’t mean for it to come out & that she has a problem imitating people & that before she even realized it she was singing it out loud. We were hysterical. So anyway yesterday while we were waiting for the stunt show Kristin & I were having a conversation. I was looking down at the times guide & then there was a pause in our conversions & then Kristin said something else that I don’t even remember now what it was, but I totally agreed with her. So I enthusiastically said, “THAAAAT’S for sure!”. Kristin then proceeds to bust out hysterical laughing. I look up from my times guide to see her mouth, “That wasn’t me!”. So now we’re stuck in this wall of people for the next 10 minutes with Kristin hysterical laughing at me for answer some kid... person... I still don’t even know who it was that I was being so friendly with. By the time we got to our seats we were just about dying from laughter. So anyway. After the muppets we headed over to Epcot. We rode the universe of energy which was a nice 40 minutes ride in air conditioning hosted by Ellen. After that we headed to Test Track. The fastpasses were all already gone & the wait was 105 minutes! It was Saturday remember? So we decided just to head to Downtown for dinner & a little shopping. After a great dinner at we headed to world of disney to pick up some things. Then we headed to the movies. We decided to see Iron Man 2 which was really good. It doesn’t have a ton of action & most of the action it has is at the end, but it was really good & really sarcastic! Love Robert Downy Jr! After the movie we headed for the bus. As we were walking we saw ours drive by. Then from way far away we saw another one of our buses sitting there. So Kristin & I start to run for it. Now let me tell you. Kristin has been mocking me for my little screams on some of the rides. She can’t say a word now! While I scream on rides, she screamed the exact same way the whole run to the bus. Try running while laughing- quite interesting. So we run the whole way to the bus full of people. They all watched us as we ran. So we get there & the bus driver makes fun of us & everyone is staring at us. So after standing on the bus for another 5 minutes before leaving, yeah we didn’t have to run, he finally got going. We got back to out room around 11pm but after having to watch some funny youtube videos (search: closet door falls on girl) we headed to bed. 
Today we are headed to Magic Kingdom & then we’ll be spending our last night at Hollywood Studios watching Fantasmic (fireworks, kinda).  
I uploaded all the pictures that took forever yesterday morning as well as yesterdays so make sure to check them out.

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