Day 2: Saturday 4/30

Today started pretty early for me. I can’t be sure what time was my official wake up but I’m gonna go with 3:30am. I didn’t sleep at all. During the night my throat had gotten pretty uncomfortable. The hotel room was really hot as well, so that didn’t help. I laid in bed from 3:30am to about 6am & then just figured I might as well type my blog instead of just lay there. So I pulled out my laptop & started typing away. The things I do for my readers. Aren’t I great? Blogging at 6am. After I finished up my blog, I worked on my photo site to be sure it was ready for this trip’s pictures and then ordered my book for this cruise, Water for Elephants, on my Kindle. My parents got up and we had a pretty leisurely morning. 

Day 1: Friday 4/29

Well the trip is finally here. Today started at a refreshing 5am. I don’t exactly know what my mom was thinking when she booked this flight. We were waking up before God just to fly to Miami and hang out at the hotel for the day. There was no rush. But yet here I was at 5am starting my long day. I woke up pretty easily which was a welcomed change and things were going pretty smooth. I was feeling good until about 5:30am and then things got a little crazy.

It's that time again...

Hello blog world. I'm back again for a new adventure to share with the world... well maybe not the world but you get the idea. I've been slacking a bit with my blog. If you've been reading it, you'll know that Dyanna & I only blogged half of our trip and then thru in the white towel. It's kinda hard to blog the rest of the trip from home when the tag team bloggers live 489 miles apart- that's exact...gotta love google maps.  In short... We had a wonderful rest of the trip. We were going at full speed and just way too tired to keep up with the blog. We laughed, we ate, we laughed, we ate & ate some more. We also froze, but had an awesome time regardless. Now that I did a pretty pathetic job at finishing my last blog... I'll fill you in on my next trip. You must be dying to read about it since you've just witnessed some of my incredible blogging abilities. I digress.