Day 8 & 9: Friday 5/6 & Saturday 5/7

My final day aboard the ship started much later than I planned. I slept the latest today than I had the whole trip. I woke up at about 8am and then dozed on and off until about 9:30am. Luckily my parents had already made it up to the pool by the time I had gotten there and saved our seats. I dropped off my stuff at the pool and went to get my usual two yogurts and a bowl a fruit. I tell you what... I’ve had about all I can take of yogurt. I feel like I’m on a baby food diet. Just call me the Gerber Baby. Ugh. So I picked out my yogurt, I was adventurous today... banana/strawberry, and headed back to the pool to eat my breakfast with my parents. 

Day 7: Thursday 5/5

I woke up today feeling pretty good. We were arriving at Cozumel, Mexico today so I knew I had zero reason to rush to get a seat by the pool. Cozumel is the biggest shopping port in the Caribbean. So between the tours, waters sports & shopping I knew the ship would be empty. I headed over to see what my parents had planned for their day. They were dressed for the pool. When I walked in I could tell that my mom wasn’t a happy camper. So I walk in and ask her what’s wrong. My dad is sitting over on the bed holding in his laugh... but she’s not too happy. Uh, oh. She points her leg out at me & says, “Look at my legs!”. Her legs were as white as before we left. “Your father put so much sunscreen on my legs that I didn’t get any sun yesterday. Nothing. Guess he didn’t have to wake me up to get me out of the sun for worry of my legs burning either. Thanks Don.” My dad & I were hysterical. So we head up to the pool to get Sunshine some color on her legs before she combusts. 

Day 6: Wednesday 5/4

Today I woke up pretty early. Around 6am I got myself out of bed. It was a sea day so I knew I’d have to get to the pool pretty early to get a nice spot. Not so much. The pool areas were empty. So I got our usual seats by the adult only pool. My parents went to breakfast and then met me at the pool. Today I felt really good. I finally felt myself. 

Day 5: Tuesday 5/3

Today was a pretty good morning. I woke up at 7ish. We were arriving in Honduras today at 8am, so I had a relaxed morning in my room. I didn’t really know what I was gonna do today. My mom called at about 8:30am & said that they were gonna get off the ship. So I told them that I’d go with them. So I got dressed and then met them at their room to get off the ship.

Day 4: Monday 5/2

Today started at 6am. Last night we had to turn the clocks back an hour before bed. I didn’t sleep well, I’ve found that I feel the worst during the night, but I woke up feeling pretty good. Today we were arriving at Costa Maya, Mexico at 8am. My plan was to relax by the pool. So I got dressed and headed to my parent’s room. Of course, my mom was not all. So I headed up to the adult only pool with my dad so he could see where I got a seat & then go back for my mom. That really wasn’t necessary since there were only five other people at the pool at that time. So I got some seats and my dad headed back for my mom. 

Day 3: Sunday, 5/1

I started my day at 7am today. The plan was to get up, get ready & head to the pool to get the perfect lounge chair to spend my entire day in. Today was a sea day so that meant pretty much the entire ship had the same idea as me. Things get crazy on sea days when it comes to finding a lounge chair near the pool. People get up at 6am, go out & put their stuff on a bunch of chairs, then go back to bed & most of them never even end up using the stinking chair. It’s so annoying. So my alarm goes off & thanks to the Nyquill I slept the entire night without ever waking up. This is the part where I’d like to tell you that all I needed was a good night sleep & I felt much better. Not so much. I woke up in serious pain. It was now not only a soar throat, but my neck hurt to move it & was very stiff all the way down to my shoulders, it now also hurt in the back of my head/neck whenever I swallowed. My ears hurt, it hurt to blink. Swallowing water felt as though I was swallowing glass. This was bad.