Day 6: Wednesday 5/4

Today I woke up pretty early. Around 6am I got myself out of bed. It was a sea day so I knew I’d have to get to the pool pretty early to get a nice spot. Not so much. The pool areas were empty. So I got our usual seats by the adult only pool. My parents went to breakfast and then met me at the pool. Today I felt really good. I finally felt myself. 

We stayed by the pool all morning. My mom was laying in the shade with just her legs in the sun. She asked my dad to put sunscreen on the back of her legs. One thing about my dad...he does everything in excess. The man squeezed out enough sunscreen on her legs to evenly coat her entire body! I knew it was way too much but did I say anything?? Nope. I knew this was going to be way to good to pass up watching. So he starts to TRY to rub in her sunscreen. It was like if he was painting her legs with it. So he looks up at me & I’m now hysterical. My mom is laying there half asleep. So he starts to rub her leg, then rub some of it on himself. Rubs her legs, rubs more on himself in a very panicked hurry. As tough as my dad is I think he’s also scared to death of my mom. It’s hysterical to watch. So he keeps trying to get the excess off of her & onto himself. He starts using his forearm to rub it in since his hands are now so covered in sunscreen that it just moves the sunscreen around rather than rubbing it in. So I’m laughing, my dad’s laughing & then he lets out an “uh, oh” when he realizes that this is not gonna end well for him. She hears all this and wakes up. To watch her see her now white legs was priceless. He uses the rest of the sunscreen to cover the rest of her body AND his. 
Once that fiasco was over, my mom went back to sleep. I laid in in the shade and slept. That’s one thing I’ve noticed. I’m feeling really myself again, except I sleep A LOT. I’m like a narcoleptic... or my dad. It’s freaky. If I sit anywhere for more than 5 minutes I get so sleepy. I don’t know if it’s the antibiotic, the painkillers or the fact that I’m sick. All I know is I’ve never slept so much in my life. So I laid on my lounger and slept. I have no recollection of what my dad was doing at this time. Probably falling asleep while trying to read on his kindle. At about 12pm I woke up starving. My dad’s always ready to eat so we woke up my mom to see if she was ready to eat. She “woke up” (I use that term very loosely) enough to mumble what we still are not 100% sure we got right. It sounded something to the affect of  “...not hungry...”. So my dad & I headed to the buffet. I was really excited. It was a little scary. Being sick I hadn’t been eating much & today I was feeling it. I was unbelievable hungry all day. What a horrible thing to have to suffer through on a cruise ship. Poor me. I went a little crazy but didn’t have any dessert. I have not had any dessert this entire cruise. The closest things to dessert I had was a strawberry daiquiri & a milkshake. That’s it. No chocolate, no peanut butter. Nothing. The weird part is it’s not even been hard. I haven’t been very hungry most of the cruise & up until today it was pretty painful to eat which adds to it. 
After we were finished devouring everything in site at the buffet (hey... I had 4 days to make up for) we headed back to the pool. There was my mom. She hadn’t moved in over an hour. My dad was really concerned that her legs were going to burn so he woke her up to get her to into the shade for a while. That was fun to watch. We sat by the pool for a while and then my dad decided that he wanted to retreat for some good ol’ AC. So he took his kindle & off he went. About 10 minutes after he left my mom announces that she is now hungry. So I offered to go get her some food but she was really indecisive. (read:still not fully awake) We sat by the pool for a while and talked. Somehow I had brought up that I had some really good sausage & peppers at the buffet. That was all she needed to hear. She was awake. She decides she wants, no neeeeeeeds, some sausage and peppers. Off she goes... So I lay by the pool... all alone. Thankfully the pool was crazy free today. She was gone about 15 minutes & when she returns she’s laughing. I knew she was excited about the sausage and peppers but this was a little much. She told me, all proud of herself, that when she noticed that the sausage and peppers didn’t have any onions, she stopped by the burger station & picked up some grilled onions. Then she headed over to the deli station and got herself a wedge. So she sets the plate down at our table & starts building her creation. Italian women... always cooking. Even while on vacation poolside. At least this was for her though & not my dad. So it wasn’t a completely stereotypical Italian woman thing. As she’s building her creation she goes on to tell me that she was hit on while she was heading back to the pool. It was hysterical. She was so proud. Apparently a man laying by the pool was completely on board with the sausage and peppers situation she had going on & wanted to make a date of it. She’s such a tease. Walking aboard a ship full of men flaunting her sausage. You go girl! 
After The Great Sausage Extravaganza of 2011, we sat and talked for a while... again making up for the 4 days I was a complete joy to be around. At around 3pm we headed back to our rooms. I slept for a while (shocking, I know), successfully broke my tv, tried in vain to apply aloe to my own back, gave myself a pedicure, showered, tried again to apply aloe to my back... again in vain, put on my make up & headed off to get my parents to have dinner. Dinner was really good. I had the best chicken parmesan ever. It was unbelievable and I even shared it with my parents. I’m so great. Starving...haven’t really eaten in days...enjoying one of the best meals of my life & I shared it. I should get an award for that. Hospital wings should be named in my honor. I mean really. Who does that?
After our award winning dinner we headed to a really good show called “Legends in Concert”. Apparently this show is also in Vegas and other really touristy areas. It’s a concert of celebrity impersonators. Not just impersonators but they really sing with a live band and everything. It was really good. The first one was Janet Jackson. You could hear the collective gasp as she walked out. Felt like it was her. She was really good...but it wasn’t a complete Janet Jackson experience which I was grateful of. (No nip slip.) Next was Neil Diamond. He was even better & sang one of my favorites, sorry Yankee fans, Sweet Caroline (bamp, bamp, bamp...sorry couldn’t resist). You can’t be unhappy with that song playing. After that was the most unbelievable, Aretha Franklin. She blew us away. It was the most unbelievable singing I have probably ever heard. Amazing!! It was a great show, but by that time my sunburn on my back was really uncomfortable so at 8pm I called it a night. I headed to my room. My TV was still broken. So I just put some music on & went to get on the Internet to feed my Matty withdrawals. I logged onto the Internet pretty quick... it took forever to get my e-mails though. I had 20 emails from facebook alone! That’s fun. I’m out at sea with no communication from home & in one afternoon I have 20 e-mails from facebook! Either when passing through the Bermuda triangle we were suddenly thrown into October & it was my birthday or there was something wrong back home. Not so much. Donn Eric & Matt were planning the Mother’s Day Wiffleball Challenge for this weekend on my facebook wall which accounted for a lot of my e-mails. Glad I could be a great communicator...even from afar. So I read through my e-mails, wrote my responses & logged back in to send them. 64 minutes later!!!!! The internet was so slow it took me 64 minutes to log on & send an e-mail. 64 minutes! Imagine yourself in a 100 square foot room that you’ve spent most of your week locked in, with a broken tv & sunburn starring at a computer screen loading for 64 minutes. It was not a pretty picture. I was so annoyed. That’s putting it nicely. Ah, the power of your own blog. I’m pro Lisa & there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Oh, the power. So after nearly throwing my computer across the room I finally got online to send my e-mails. After that I was so awake I knew there would be no falling asleep for a while and there was literally nothing to do. So I took a risk. Not knowing how this could interfere with the plethora of medication I’m now taking, I added in some Nyquill to the party. I’ve got quite the cocktail going. I don’t think I moved the entire night after that. 


bob sacamano said...

Whiffleball is serious business and should never be taken lightly. P.S. you are always a joy to be around.

Unknown said...

Lees, you're livin' the life, my superhero... ;)