No sexy fruits for me...Tues, Day 5

Today we were finally going to see land. We arrived at St. Maarten with an ashore time of 8am. Matt and I were not on an excursion so we kind of took our time. All aboard time was 6pm and we were planning to just have a beach day so we didn’t need to be off the ship right at 8am.

Friends...Mon, Day 4

Today we had our special Palo Brunch at 11:30am so we had a very relaxed morning sleeping in and for me, blogging. We got ourselves ready pretty quick and decided to head up to Palo a little early. They seated us right away. We had an American waiter, Dylan from Tennessee which was unusual. He was very nice and easy to talk to. He took us to the the buffet area and gave us the tour of all the amazing food, I felt that the selection on the Fantasy, while still very good, was not as much as on the older ships. Maybe it’s me, but I felt like there wasn’t as much variety. Nonetheless it was still to die for. We had all kinds of goodies. Matt even tried a seared Ahi Tuna steak and didn’t hate it. Matt is trying to get more into seafood. 

Sound the alarm...Sun, Day 3

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and laid in bed until 7am. I typed up some of my blog while Matt slept. Once he was finally up at around 8am, he went to play basketball while I stayed in the room diligently typing my trip report for the day before. Aren’t I the studious vacationer?  I tried to post it and upload pictures but I was having connectivity issues. My computer wouldn’t connect to the WiFi. It was weird. I finally gave up and figured I’d come back to the room later and give it a try. 

Pass the eggs...Sat, Day 2

This morning I woke up feeling great! My ear felt totally back to normal THANK GOD. I woke up at 6:30am so I got very little sleep but I felt good because WE’RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!! I got dressed, repacked a little, woke up Matt & then we were off. At just before 8am we headed down to the Disney Cruise Line desk, leaving our tagged luggage in our hotel room. Felt a little freaky to leave them there and trust that the porters would in fact get our bags, but this is Disney...they’ve never failed me. 

Hurry up and wait...Fri, Day 1

Hello from sunny Florida, well it’s now 1am. We made it here and what a fiasco it was. I woke up wide awake at 6am. I didn’t need to be up until 7:30am but for whatever reason (nonstop coughing probably had something to do with it) I was awake. I laid there until 6:30am hoping I’d fall back to sleep since I knew what a long day it’d be for us. After laying there for 30 minutes I just decided to get up and have a nice relaxing morning before the crazy hit. 

Twas the night before our vacation...

Twas the night before vacation, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Not so much... 

Hey guys! Well it is the night before our departure and the house is filled with excitement, sad dogs, Vitamin C, draino, mouse traps and more Viatmin C. 

Today started off like any other day, well except that Matt had to work in lower Manhattan... I mean lower, like next to the Brooklyn Bridge low. So he was up at 4:30am. I had stayed up until after 1:30am and woke up at a refreshing 6:30am. Needless to say we're both tired & should sleep really well tonight, even though it's the night before we leave.  Upon waking up after a refreshing 5 hours of sleep, I had an "uh, oh moment". 

My readers demand more...

This is really starting to feel like a job. SOME of my readers, you know who you are, feel that I have not been posting enough. While I secretly agree with them, I don't negotiate with terrorists. So there! I'm standing my ground. This is me not giving in and posting on my blog. Aren't I doing great???  Well, enough of that childish drama. I will not throw the "you kids!" comment, that I often heard throughout my childhood when I was perfectly innocent, at all of my readers. A lot of you are supportive, and not at all  Aretha Franklin esk, and for that I will continue. This isn't one of the best fast food chains, Chick-Fil-A, after all. There will be no protesting.

My new normal...or should I say "our"?

Well I'm finally back after quite the hiatus! The short version... You are now reading the blog of a very proud Met fan named, Aunt Lisa Wain. Translation = during my eight month hiatus my brother & sister-in-law had their first child making me a first time Aunt, I now babysit my lil nephew full time, the NY Mets finally have their first no-hitter (thank you Santana) and finally... I got married!!! I married my dream man, Matt, on May 6th, in a dream wedding that didn't have a single hiccup! And photo's from my wedding are even going to be featured in Westchester Magazine! Everything has been amazing! What a year 2012 has been for me already!