Seven Minutes (Food Truck Festival)

This past Saturday we went on quite the adventure. This adventure took the Wain Tang Clan to New Jersey... Bound Brook, NJ for a Food Truck Festival. Bound Brook is about an hour and thirty-five minutes away. The festival was starting at 11am so we left right around 9:20. The people putting on this food truck festival do a bunch festivals each year. In the past we've attended some of their other festivals and have always been impressed. They do a great job getting quality food trucks, as they call them, "gourmet food trucks",  and they know what they're doing with organization. You don't have the lines over an hour long just to get one meatball slider or lines so long they're criss-crossing into other lines like at other food truck festivals. These guys know what they're doing. Also, they usually have live bands playing throughout the day. Matt's all about being outdoors and live music. I'm all about food. So their events are right up our alley.

Is this thing on?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, this is a post. Yes, it is from the year 2017. Yes, it's been FOUR YEARS since I last posted! And finally, yes, I'm doing this to shut my nagging husband up. The things we do for peace.