One week 'til Hawaii!

We are a week away and boy do we have a lot going on! First, that surprise I couldn't speak of until closer to the trip...well, I just got back from a visit to Michigan. I was surprising a good friend of mine for her baby shower. She is adopting a little girl from China. The surprise went perfectly and the look on her face was priceless. She arrived at the airport expecting to pick up her mom & sister-in-law, instead she found me, since their plane was delayed. We had such a nice time playing tourist in Detroit and helping her get her home ready for the little one. She's probably going to be in China while I'm in Hawaii. It was a nice visit but I'll tell you, I was so removed form reality that when I got home I felt extremely overwhelmed with how close our trip was and I felt like I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. After a day home and a full nights sleep, I was much better. This weekend we'll be getting all packed up, since we're flying out on Friday morning and Thursday night will be a full evening. We decided that there was no way we could wait over two weeks until we got home to see Iron Man 3 so... we are going to the first showing on Thursday night! Not only are we going to the showing the night before our big trip, but we're driving 40 minutes to the Palisades Mall (9th largest mall in the country) to see it on Imax. Basically, our vacation begins Thursday night after work. Wednesday night we head up our church's youth group in our home and Tuesday night Matt has softball. Monday is free, but Sunday is also full, with Matt in NJ for a baby dedication. Now you can see why tomorrow (Sat.) is our day to pack. I can finalize any last minute items on Thursday, since I work at home watching the little terrorist. We are so excited!! 

Watch for stalkers.

Aloha! We are 24 long days away from Hawaii! It's so close, yet so far! I've got a lot coming up and I've been getting a lot done, but it just feels like time is standing still. I've checked off a few more tasks on my to do list since my last post. A big thing done is Mother's Day. Matt & I will be away for Mother's Day for the second year in a row- last year we were on our honeymoon. I went ahead and purchased our Mother's Day gifts, filled out the cards & wrapped them. I also got a giant garbage bag to bring for Matt's boogie board so that we can bring it on the ship. I may purchase a noodle, since I always feel more comfortable snorkeling in deep water with one. I put in an order for a "thank you" gift for both our wedding photographers and videographer to receive on our one year anniversary. They are the best and I thought they should know it! I also informed my credit card of our upcoming trip and checked with them about their rental car coverage. Basically, if we have an issue with our rental cars they will cover whatever costs our regular car insurance doesn't already cover. So no need to buy the rental car company's insurance scam. My brother used to work management for Enterprise and if you only knew...never buy any coverage from a car rental company. Enterprise employees are taught to lie and rewarded for it- my brother quit for this reason. I digress. I also wrapped Matt's anniversary gift and filled out the PERFECT card. That's all I can say about that, as Matt is a stalker who reads every bit of my blog. It's like he's obsessed or something?? I also got some other things finished up that I can't share with you until just before our trip. Is the suspense killing you?? 

A shoe shopper's dream!

We are 30 days away from the trip of a lifetime! 30 days from now, this blog is going to get a whole lot more entertaining. Time is really flying by lately. We've been so busy with work, Easter, dieting, SHOE SHOPPING... I've totally lost track of time with blogging and have been just a tad bit tardy. Sorry about that. Now that things have entered the "exciting zone", you're not going to get me to shut up about our upcoming trip...and probably the shoe shopping. Seriously. Matt & I went to the mall Friday night and bought six pairs of shoes! Talk about a once in a lifetime trip...who needs Hawaii when Matt is buying us shoes! Now THAT is heaven on earth...three for me and three for him.  Okay, enough about the shoes. Let's get this blog back on track. Hawaii here we come!