Watch for stalkers.

Aloha! We are 24 long days away from Hawaii! It's so close, yet so far! I've got a lot coming up and I've been getting a lot done, but it just feels like time is standing still. I've checked off a few more tasks on my to do list since my last post. A big thing done is Mother's Day. Matt & I will be away for Mother's Day for the second year in a row- last year we were on our honeymoon. I went ahead and purchased our Mother's Day gifts, filled out the cards & wrapped them. I also got a giant garbage bag to bring for Matt's boogie board so that we can bring it on the ship. I may purchase a noodle, since I always feel more comfortable snorkeling in deep water with one. I put in an order for a "thank you" gift for both our wedding photographers and videographer to receive on our one year anniversary. They are the best and I thought they should know it! I also informed my credit card of our upcoming trip and checked with them about their rental car coverage. Basically, if we have an issue with our rental cars they will cover whatever costs our regular car insurance doesn't already cover. So no need to buy the rental car company's insurance scam. My brother used to work management for Enterprise and if you only knew...never buy any coverage from a car rental company. Enterprise employees are taught to lie and rewarded for it- my brother quit for this reason. I digress. I also wrapped Matt's anniversary gift and filled out the PERFECT card. That's all I can say about that, as Matt is a stalker who reads every bit of my blog. It's like he's obsessed or something?? I also got some other things finished up that I can't share with you until just before our trip. Is the suspense killing you?? 

This post I will pick up with where I left off and tell you our tentative plans while cruising on the Norwegian Pride of America.

Cruise Day 1- Maui

Kula Lodge Restaurant
First thing we're picking up our rental car and headed straight for the Haleakala Crater. I'm sure that twisty-turny drive will have me squealing like a little girl. I'll probably yell at Matt every two seconds to keep his eyes on the road. If you don't already know Haleakala Crater is a dormant volcano that you can drive to the top of, 10,023 feet. When you're up there you're higher than the clouds. Seriously. It's so cool up there, looks like you're on Mars and they even have a plant that is only found up there that looks crazy. I'm not posting photos, so that the stalker will get to see it first live and in person. After we visit the summit on our way down we'll stop at Kula Lodge Restaurant for some pizza in some cool seating outside with, of course, an amazing view. After our lunch we're thinking of
Olivine Pools
heading to the Olivine Pools, natural pools created by rock, for a swim if the conditions aren't too crazy and then off to Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach for some snorkeling. Our ship is docked in Maui for two days and we have the car rental for both days so we can spend the rest of the day doing whatever since we don't have to be back to the ship at a certain time. We'll probably head back around dinner time and steal a parking spot from all those who are headed out for the luau offered on Maui. This is why we choose to attend the Luau on Oahu, so that we would have no 
pressure to get back or follow the flocks of cruise ship passengers all headed to the same place. That evening we'll get to enjoy the relatively quiet ship, maybe go for a swim or head back out to explore Maui's nightlife. I have a feeling though we'll just relax on the ship since it's quite a full day and we don't get much time to enjoy the ship itself as it's so port intensive without a single sea day.

Cruise Day 2- Maui
Kai Kanani Snorkel Tour
We'll start this day bright and early driving to our meeting place for an excursion snorkeling the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town that I booked privately with Kai Kanani. We chose to do the Deluxe Tour which is a 4 hour tour that includes breakfast, lunch and drinks. I chose this company because, 1. they had great reviews on Tripadvisor. 2. they sail from Makena Beach which is only a 15 minute boat ride from Molokini so you have a lot more time in the water, versus the other companies that sail out closer to where the cruise ship docks, which is much further from Molokini Crater so you waste a lot of your tour time traveling. We have a rental car so we can drive our selves further on our own time, not part of the excursion. After we get back to shore we explore some more, have some ice cream at the famous, Lappert's, and then return our rental car and board the ship for sail away at 6pm. 

Cruise Day 3- Hilo (Big Island)
We'll start our day headed to pick up our rental car. Today we'll be driving to Volcano National Park. We will be atop an active volcano. Isn't that exciting?! We'll walk thru old lava tubes (tunnels), see some of the old lava flows, see the crater itself, among other sites. After we tour VNP, we'll head to Punalu’u Bake Shop to get some lunch to go and then enjoy it sitting on 
Punalu'u Beach
Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. After our lunch we'll drive to either Rainbow Falls or Akaka Falls, depending on how much time we'll have left. We have to have the car rental back and be on the ship for 6pm sail away. This evening we'll enjoy our first specialty restaurant aboard the ship, Jefferson's Bistro. Later that evening we'll do a sail-by of the lava flowing from a lava tube into the ocean. 

Well, that's enough for today. I haven't been posting as many pics as I'd like, because I want the stalker Matt to really enjoy the trip and not recognize everything from the pictures on the blog. Can't wait to post again!! It's getting so exciting, I don't know what to do with myself. 


Anonymous said...

Well this matt fellow does not sound like a stalker but quite the wonderful husband. From this anonymous bystander's point of view that is. Not Matt at all.
by the way, love "our" photo slide show. nice touch.

Misty said...

ahhhhh, that itinerary looks sooo funnn!!! I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" most of it. I'm trying to come up with a good use of time and then saw that you already had figured it out! :)