A shoe shopper's dream!

We are 30 days away from the trip of a lifetime! 30 days from now, this blog is going to get a whole lot more entertaining. Time is really flying by lately. We've been so busy with work, Easter, dieting, SHOE SHOPPING... I've totally lost track of time with blogging and have been just a tad bit tardy. Sorry about that. Now that things have entered the "exciting zone", you're not going to get me to shut up about our upcoming trip...and probably the shoe shopping. Seriously. Matt & I went to the mall Friday night and bought six pairs of shoes! Talk about a once in a lifetime trip...who needs Hawaii when Matt is buying us shoes! Now THAT is heaven on earth...three for me and three for him.  Okay, enough about the shoes. Let's get this blog back on track. Hawaii here we come! 

Last I left you I finished up our plans for our time at Aulani Resort and shared our next home-away-from-home, the Outrigger Regency on BeachWalk. Since I last posted I scheduled Matt's surfing lesson with WB Surfing. They didn't have availability on the day I wanted so we'll be headed to the North Shore after we check out of Aulani to get me a surfing pro hubby and then we'll head to the Outrigger to check in. I also finally was able to book our dinner reservation at Duke's with the coolest guy. He was so much fun to talk to & on his own he made a note to "get us a table as close to the ocean as possible". Wasn't that nice? I also tallied all the cash that we will need for the entire trip. I mean EVERYTHING. Tips, cash only establishments, parking, etc, etc, etc. $700. I still have to get the cash and organize it in my envelopes. Makes everything so much smoother when you never have to worry if you have the cash or not to tip the shuttle driver or buy that once in a lifetime DVD of your shark encounter. It's all about being prepared! I also pre-booked three of our specialty restaurants for while we are on our cruise-saved $16 by doing so. 

Alright, enough about all that for now, let's get back to our tentative plans for our stay in Waikiki May 8th - 11th.

May 9th we're planning to be up bright and early to snorkel at Hanauma Bay. We will still have our rental car, so we'll drive ourselves there and most likely bring a lunch. Matt is obsessed with snorkeling so I'm planning to be there the entire day. Hanauma Bay is both a Nature Preserve and a Marine Life Conservation District. You have to pay an entrance fee and watch a video about respecting and protecting the reef before going in. You can rent your snorkel gear there, but Matt & I are bringing our own. I'm looking forward to snorkeling here as it's a go-at-your-own-pace type of place, so that's good for me. Plopping me in the middle of the ocean, never goes well for me, but on our last cruise I did do much better. 

After snorkeling, we'll head over to see the Halona Blow Hole and Sandy Beach, since we're in the area. For dinner we'll be making a must-stop visit to Honolulu Burger Co. to fill my burger void. I scored a half off Groupon back in November and I've by dying for one of their burgers ever since. The difficult thing is going to be how to decide what to get! If you don't already know, I've got a burger issue. Read: I'm obsessed.

May 10th we have no plans except for food...lunch at Hank's Haute Dogs and dinner at Marukame Udon if we're feeling adventurous. Marukame Udon is a Japanese noodle restaurant that is extremely popular in Waikiki with lines down the block. To be honest, it doesn't sound real filling to me, but I feel obligated to eat there as it's the proper tourist thing to do. We'll play it by ear, as there are many other restaurants in Waikiki to enjoy. In fact, after I finish this post, I'm going to complie a list of restaurants that didn't make the cut as a back-up to deciding where to eat in the event that Matt's too cranky from hunger to wait on a long line for food we don't even know if we like  we "change our plans". 

May 11th we'll be checking out of the Outrigger Regency and
headed to our next and final home-away-from-home for the final week of our trip, the Pride of America. I want to get to the port at 11am so be can beat the crazy lines and start our cruise with a nice lunch looking over Honolulu Harbor from the comfort of our ship. So I'm thinking I want to leave our hotel by 10am to return our rental car and then shuttle ourselves over to the beautiful (on the inside) ship. That's the plan, we'll see how it goes! 

Next up...cruise plans!

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