Day 4: Hurricane warning!

Today was another cold one. We had a high of 66 and a low of 42. Yeah, that's cold weather to be out in all day, then add in the wind. Today we were headed to Epcot. We had another full day planned even though we got to bed around 2am. We left the room at about 9:30 am. The bus ride was the usual... we stood. The frustrating part of today, no wait, the FIRST OF MANY, frustrating parts of today was we waited for our bus, only to have some people refuse to move all the way to the back of the bus. We so could have fit on the bus but noooooo. So we had to wait in the cold for another bus to arrive. It took seven minutes. I was counting. Seven minutes? That was nothing. Yeah, but it was seven minutes I shouldn't of had to stand in the freezing cold due to some people that were pretty selfish if I must say so. We finally made it to Epcot. We took some nice pictures and the headed to Morocco for an early lunch since we had an early buffet dinner at 4:05 pm. Edit: We were SUPPOSED to eat at 4:05pm- more on that later.  Wow! Um...Yeah!  LUNCH WAS GREAT!!!  This was a day where not even feeding times could bring a smile to grumpy's face.  No song that Snow White sing would whipe the overclast clougs away...there was no "give a little whistle."  But really, lunch was great.  

Day 3: Waiters & Roids

"Dyanna"           "Lisa"

What a day - glorious day it will be!   Temperature again - FREEZING! We have had highs from 63-68 and lows 41-45 so far. Now I know you all are saying, "It's 32 degrees here at -------..." However, I will point out that you are not out in the elements from 8 am - 1 am!!! I digress.  It was a pretty even keeled day to begin with...we hung out in the room this morning laughing hysterically! That is our continual theme.  We spent some time blogging (some time????) - in which I lost blog privileges for spending so much time commenting on it ...took me 3 whole days to gain them back! Now for what REALLY happened. My lovely friend Dyanna chose to take almost the entire morning to comment on what I had already written in hopes that we'd run out of time for me to EDIT her insanity out. I was literally PACING the room counting down the minutes she had left. I FINALLY got my computer back only to have her then LEAN OVER MY SHOULDER TO ADD MORE!!!!! Yes, yes its true!  As a good friend...I was helping her work through all of her issues. I was saying... This caused us to be late for the bus, which then made us late for lunch... which is my number ONE pet peeve... being late. The kicker... after all these pet peeve intrusions... we ran out of time to actually POST the blog that only took us (DYANNA!!) five hours to type!   

Day 2: Ho ho ho.

Sorry this is late... Dyanna is now addicted to blogging and I could not pry the computer from her hands to post this edition. She is now banned from all typing activities and I will now do her typing for her. So here's yesterday's post (Wed, Dec 1). Pics are on my website... link on right.

Today we woke up at a refreshing 5:30am!!! I actually started waking up at 4am but by 5:30am I awoke to a “Happy Birthday” banner strung across the room that was not there on my last wake-up... about 10 minutes earlier. So we were up! Oh to a 5:15 am wake-up on VACATION!!!!  Its a sick, sick world!  Dyanna had another b-day gift and card. This one was a jar filled with 25 potato chips that, once again, I was obligated to count each one... at 5:30am! But they were your favorite! He he he (vindictive laugh).  Dy is so thoughtful... even at 5:30am.