Day 2: Ho ho ho.

Sorry this is late... Dyanna is now addicted to blogging and I could not pry the computer from her hands to post this edition. She is now banned from all typing activities and I will now do her typing for her. So here's yesterday's post (Wed, Dec 1). Pics are on my website... link on right.

Today we woke up at a refreshing 5:30am!!! I actually started waking up at 4am but by 5:30am I awoke to a “Happy Birthday” banner strung across the room that was not there on my last wake-up... about 10 minutes earlier. So we were up! Oh to a 5:15 am wake-up on VACATION!!!!  Its a sick, sick world!  Dyanna had another b-day gift and card. This one was a jar filled with 25 potato chips that, once again, I was obligated to count each one... at 5:30am! But they were your favorite! He he he (vindictive laugh).  Dy is so thoughtful... even at 5:30am.

Today we were headed to Epcot. We wanted to leave the room by 8am but us being girls we left a little late. Even though we started our morning at 5:30am versus the planned 7am!! This could be a problem.
We waited for our Epcot bus for about 15 minutes (15 min of Lisa FREEZING!  VINDICATION!)  and then we were on our way! On the bus I pointed out an advertisement for the water park and told Dy how I had met the man who drew it on the Transatlantic cruise. All of the sudden the man sitting directly under it goes, “Is his name Don Williams?” So I was a little thrown off & told him yes. He continued to tell me that Don Williams is his uncle!! But wait, there’s more. He was meeting his uncle at the entrance of Epcot. Everyone together...
“It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small, small world...”  Yeah - Lisa always does quit singing before me!  
So we suddenly turn into stalkers looking for Lisa’s chum...found him!  Soared through security and the ticket counter to see the gigantic golf ball - FOUR! (Spaceship Earth)  I mean - who could miss it?  Who puts a spaceship in earth anyway? The adventure of picture taking begins.  We were met by the disney photographers...SMILE!!!!! (Photopass)  Started the day in a good NY pace (Is there any other pace???) - fast track (test track)...well we got the fastpast and went to mission space.  Let me give a shout out to Mr. G because we hit some G’s...well I did.  Lisa went on the less intense one. I did too but that just awakened the dare devil in me to hit the park fast and furious. 
Now - in life - be careful - because if you hit it too hard for too long there is going to be repercussions that are not always good. (just a tad melodramatic, brace yourself)  This is the story...we get on fast track (test track) and track away...and what to my wondering eyes would appear??? (Oh, Lord)  A headache from having long hair?  On the ride I was careful to support my head on the headrest so my head wouldn’t bobble. My mom would be proud.  My hair blowing in the wind got caught in the head rest, when I turned my head - what happened - 1/2 my hair got ripped out! (About 1/1,000th of her hair! But it was a good chunk.)  Normally I would completely fess up to me over exaggerating...this time - not so much! (Really Dy?)  Lisa checked my hair after the ride and said that I have a new “Layer!” I was being positive! Test Track felt she needed another layer there.
Next we headed to ride Soarin’. The wait was 45 minutes so we decided just to ride the Living with the Land ride and figured we’d do Soarin’ another day since we wanted to be at the World Showcase by 11am. So after the Living with the Land ride we headed for the World Showcase. Just as we headed towards the World Showcase we realized that since our dinner was so early we should eat lunch early so we changed our day’s plan. Food glorious food!  Really that is what our trip is all about.  Food, Friends and FUN!  With this plan change we decide we should head BACK to Soarin’ to get a fastpass. (Dun dun dah!  HUGE props to Lisa for changing the game plan.) We walked up the GIGANTIC hill (Yes, a hill in Florida, I know, shocking!!) Why they have you walk up a hill to only go back down to the same level once inside is beyond me. This IS Disney so I guess they know better than me. Well, you are the ultimate efficiency planner...maybe you should be a consultant. :) Once we got down there we saw that the fastpass (line skipping ticket aka ride appointment) was at a time that would interfere with our future plans so we headed out AGAIN, without fastpasses. By the end of the day we had walked up this monstrous hill 5 times!!!
After hitting the fresh air we made a left into the finding Nemo of my nieces’ personal favorites in Epcot.  Like many children - because of this ride my nieces have a fish now named after it.  After we got off Lisa enlightened me about bomb threats at Disney - I mean of course...if you want to pick of anyone - go for the mouse???  Don’t worry beloved readers - it wasn’t this trip.  :) It was a very scary experience for me & Kristin!
On to the reason we are here - FOOD!  Most of you know I am "Miss International"...try new things?  SURE I’m in!!!!  So our next food adventure????  The closest fast food place we could find - Fish and Chips!  Mind the Gap!  But it was a pretty BIG gap!  It didn't’ open for a whole ‘nother 1/2 hour!!!!!  So we traveled to the 2nd reason we were there - SANTA!  I find many issues with that statement I just I am changing that to red, because its really something that LISA would say not me! She needs deliverance or something. It is ok to love Santa& Jesus!!!  

Next we headed to the main thing that Dyanna wanted to see this trip all the Santas around the World Showcase. She may say otherwise but it’s the truth. Yes, Miss International loves different cultures and leaps at every opportunity she has to be immersed in another culture. Lisa is DECEIVED!!!  She even refusers to believe Canada is in North America. She refuses to believe anyone who says “A” as a word cant be associated with America.  Now who really are you going to believe?) Me, obviously 'cause 1- this is my blog, so my readers & 2- you're the only anti-Santa around. Dy even had me record them all! For Christmas time all the countries in the world showcase have their version of Santa.  He comes out and tells how his country celebrates Christmas. Jee whiz... all the ones that involve Santa include talk of the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. All BUT North America.  Anyone else have a problem with that?  By North America I mean Canada because we haven’t gone to the US yet.  I am thoroughly enjoying listening about people tell others of the love of my life.  What that has to do with Santa I have no idea. Ha!  Really? Ever heard the story of Saint Nick? See? You can believe in Santa & still look at Christmas for the right reasons. It’s all in how you teach it to your kids. I will say though that the US has gone to Santa worship. But I feel you can have both & stay with the right mindset. I mean when it comes to kids, no matter if they believe in Santa or not, it’s all about the gifts to them anyway. I mean really.  *steps off soapbox*  Song: Can I get a witness.  Yeah.  Yeeeeeh!  
We spent the rest of the afternoon going from country to country hearing their stories of Christmas, or their big holiday if they don’t celebrate Christmas. (Japan & China!!!) We did this while browsing the shops. It was finally time for me & Dy’s favorite time of the day... meal time. We headed to Akershus, the restaurant in Norway pavilion that is housed in a castle. I can hear my brother now...of course - Dyanna going to a castle.It just fits! It was really neat! Lisa and I didn’t really know what to expect...I’ve never had Norwegian food.  What was it like?  A lot of meats and cheeses. This might sound stereotypical but I was expecting everyone to have a lighter shade of blond. (Nice Dy)  Everyone had the same shade of light brown/dark blond hair.  I guess I was thinking Sweden. It was also a character dinner so we were visited by all the Disney princesses for some pictures and chat (or the disney princesses got to visit us). All of the chat, by the way, centered around the fact that we were prince-less & what to do to find him. (now that is the truth! Welcome back to reality Lee.) I felt like I was at dinner with Grandma. So in order for Dyanna & I to find our husbands we have to sing in a well, hear it sing back, sing to our prince, rescue our prince & after rescuing him, sing to him again. Okay, like it wasn’t hard enough to find him as it is!!! Where have all the good guys gone?? Well I must say - I have been singing all trip! And He still hasn’t rode up on his white horse.

After our "single and looking" dinner, complete with Birthday cupcake & card, we headed out to the cold (really it was freezing! She is trying to kill me) and rode Spaceship Earth before calling it a night in Epcot. After we left Epcot we waited, no FROZE, at the bus stop for about 20 minutes while Dyanna sang (loudly!!) a song for literally every word that came out of my mouth. I was trying to keep warm. And it was good for you!  We have been laughing all day! The bus finally came & took us to our warm resort & we headed for bed, but not before playing Phase 10 & I rocked it!  One thing we can say - we laughed!!!! ALOT!!!!! No matter what we did or do - that is what’s the most important and the real reason we are hear - to spend time with each other and make memories! And eat!

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