Day 3: Waiters & Roids

"Dyanna"           "Lisa"

What a day - glorious day it will be!   Temperature again - FREEZING! We have had highs from 63-68 and lows 41-45 so far. Now I know you all are saying, "It's 32 degrees here at -------..." However, I will point out that you are not out in the elements from 8 am - 1 am!!! I digress.  It was a pretty even keeled day to begin with...we hung out in the room this morning laughing hysterically! That is our continual theme.  We spent some time blogging (some time????) - in which I lost blog privileges for spending so much time commenting on it ...took me 3 whole days to gain them back! Now for what REALLY happened. My lovely friend Dyanna chose to take almost the entire morning to comment on what I had already written in hopes that we'd run out of time for me to EDIT her insanity out. I was literally PACING the room counting down the minutes she had left. I FINALLY got my computer back only to have her then LEAN OVER MY SHOULDER TO ADD MORE!!!!! Yes, yes its true!  As a good friend...I was helping her work through all of her issues. I was saying... This caused us to be late for the bus, which then made us late for lunch... which is my number ONE pet peeve... being late. The kicker... after all these pet peeve intrusions... we ran out of time to actually POST the blog that only took us (DYANNA!!) five hours to type!   

I'm expressive!  So any way that's why you haven't heard anything in so long. :) Kidding - we've just been going faster than a NY min....Would you belive sweatshirts, coats AND gloves in FL????  I'm not even joking folks!   But its been fun.  Our goal this afternoon was to be at our restraunt for lunch at around 2 pm. "Run run run run run run run." ("Oh, God, please make that song NEVER come out of Dy's mouth again. Amen") You wouldn't have thought that would be quite such an issue considering we apparently have cornered the market on early mornings. (Huh?)  We just have so much fun along the way. (Huh?)  After blogging, freezing, waiting for a bus, waiting for a bus some more, running to a monorail to catch up with our "mother", shin splints and insanity - we made it...FEW!   The rush? To a half empty Polynesian  restaurant, with some fantastic mango salsa. This was a fun lunch for me. Our waiter was Andrew, a nice guy from Queens. Dyanna was being her "normal" self. Which if you know Dyanna you will know that there are no strangers in Dyanna's world. She is bubbly nice with everyone. Well, she was being REALLY nice with Andrew.  So at the first moment that our nice waiter walked away from us, I decided to share with her the fact that she was totally being a complete flirt, especially since he is from NY & New Yorkers aren't used to nice people. She did not believe me- she's been out of NY far too long. She said she was just treating him like she treats everyone. So I didn't press it & just said "Ok. You're right." She was in shock & disbelief. So we continued on with our meal. Fast forward to 15 minutes AFTER the bill was paid.  We (she!) couldn't loose the guy! I was so grateful that I had put my bag on the floor under the table. I used that as a decoy to laugh hysterically while poor Andrew tried in vain to work up the oomph to ask her for whatever it is the kids are asking for these days. Sorry, I spend too much time with 60 year olds.  I have no idea. It was priceless. We even got a free side of fries out of it!  Wow!  What do I say to that????  I thought Lisa told me EVERYTHING doesn't have to go into a blog - that's why I was on probation from writing in her posts. lol.  Yes, while Lisa was under the table laughing (I couldn't hold it in any longer!) she left me alone to talk to the waiter straight faced while she shook the table from her silent laughter.  This experience left me traumatized and paranoid to the point I could not look any guy my age, or anywhere around my age, in the face in fear of me being "too nice." I couldn't even look at the guy my age who was singing in a barber shop street performance later that evening!!!!!  I'm not the flirty type people! (Only unknowingly & with New Yorkers who have to have a reason for someone being happy & nice.)    After that - believe it or not - food wasn't the highlight today nor was it any experience in a restaurant... After lunch we took the monorail to tour the hotels... breathtaking!!!!!  There was a LIFE SIZE ginger bread house in the Grand Floridian resort!  The whole resort was just ...WOW!  I said it best when I was seven years old walking into a mansion tour, "I could learn to live here." Floor after floor of beautifully decorated railings looking out over the lobby with the man in the tux with tails (The tux had the tails not the man. We are in Disney World... don't want any confusion.) playing piano, the five story eloquently decorated christmas tree.  I felt like I should be wearing a dress from titanic walking up and down the split stairwell.  Absolutely AMAZING!!!!  A must see on Disney vacations. :)  On to the CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!! (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party)  Three times a week at Magic Kingdom they close down the park to the general public at 7 pm and start a special party from 7 pm - 1 am for those who buy party tickets. Apparently, I've reached such a level of degradation that I now am willing to pay to go to parties. HA!    Oh it was worth it!  They had special Christmas shows, fireworks and parades.  Plus we got to play and shop until 1 am. We could get on and off rides as we wished. "So this is Christmas..." She's singing AGAIN!  The party was fun even though it was really cold and we spent the earlier part of the evening sitting on  concrete. Dyanna felt the need to share that apparently sitting on cold concrete 'causes hemorrhoids. Talk about a fun souvenir! I was very grateful Dy shared this information AFTER our 4 hours of sitting there AND in front of MANY men, women & children.   Knowing this odd piece of information that I did - to protect Lisa from such trauma,  I decided to bear the cold and send her on our "special missions." Special Missions???  After all they are the #1 reason she is on this trip, according to our last post.  She ran for dinner and the free hot coco and cookies (that we paid for in the ticket).  I had my very first corn dog!  Lisa couldn't believe it!  I was expecting it to be a little more batter-ful, but an interesting arrangement of flavor.  Now for what really happened... Princess Dy (at least you are now referring to me by my rightful name)  sat on a curb and had me run all over Kingdom come to fetch her dinner. I get back. "I want hot chocolate & cookies. I'd like double." I suggested that I'd tell them it's for four since we've been eating for four all week.  Ok, so I run, literally run, because I had ten minutes before the parade to get the treats and make it back. Only to play a real life "Where's Waldo", but with cookies, finally making it to the cookie/hot chocolate stand to find that they don't have any type of trays. Now picture me running through the packed Magic Kingdom with two cups of scolding hot, hot chocolate & four cookies to make it back in time. Dramatic? Yes. Dy's been rubbing off on me. I did make it back with some time to spare.  To that I say THANK YOU LISA!!!!!  And I was just told I am not aloud to put any green in her red paragraph so...continue on my dear friend!  Continue on... Oh, I have no problem with Dy writing in "my red". My problem is when she writes WHOLE PARAGRAPHS in the middle of one of me sentences! When I go back to proof read my own sentence I can't even remember the start of my sentence by the time I finish reading her rambling & the end of my sentence. Write on Dy... just don't delay my punch lines or sentences! No No my dear friend!  Continue on!  You must! Okay, if you insist. 'Cause at the previous speed we'd be done this post by tomorrow & we still have 3 more days to write. ANYWAY. After enjoying a show, parade and fireworks (a special Christmas show, parade & fireworks!) we finally moved away from our hemorrhoid inducing spot and enjoyed most of the rides in Magic Kingdom. We never waited on a single line. Space Mountain we walked right on without any wait, except when Dy sees buttons that apparently had to be pressed. I've become more and more like my mother every day. Like I said, we rode almost all the rides and closed the park with some last minute Photopass pictures. Who doesn't want a picture of themselves at 1 am after spending an entire day outdoors freezing. Can't wait to see those pictures. What a phenomenal night!!!! (Yup)  We even got to go into Lisa's favorite attractions...philharmagic - a 3d movie that gives you a glimpse into a bunch of Dinsey favorites.  Great night! (Uh huh)  "Shay Shay! Shay Shay!" (Thank you in Chinese, although I doubt that's how they spell it.)  Anyway - that is why you guys didn't get a post Thursday night. :) (Yup)  The fun part of this blog is Lisa and I have know each other for over 17 years. (Yeah)  We grew up together.  Vacationed together.  Overcame Egypt together. (You aint kidding.)  We are like two sisters bantering back and forth. (Oh, yeah.)  So my dear MI friends and loved ones - yes this is normal for NY. (You say that like it's a bad thing.) Lee and I both love each other very much (Uhhh?) and are very secure in our friendship (Suuuure)... that's why we can be like this (How many more days??)...this blog is another expression of our love and friendship. (That's not what I call it.)  As I am laughing, Lisa is saying - "you sound like a dying fish! Did you swallow Nemo or something?"  And with that we bid you good night!  

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