My Favorite Travel Websites

  1. Cruise Critic - This site has all the information you could possible need about cruising. They also have a forum where tons of people come together to give their tips, advise & trip reports from their past cruises. You can also join a "roll call" for your exact cruise. A roll call is basically a "chat room" on the forum for everyone going on your specific cruise. So you can "meet" people that will be on your cruise with you before the cruise & plan excursions together to save money or just to make new life-long friends. 
  2. TripAdvisor - This is a biggie. Any restaurant, hotel, excursion company, etc. that I'm planning to use on my vacation, I look it up on TripAdvisor to reads hundreds of real people's reviews of the establishment. You learn a lot. Reviewers also post pictures which help give a good, realistic feel, rather than the professional picture taken of a hotel room from 10+ years ago after a big refurbishment. No, I want to see what the bed I'm going to be sleeping in looks like today, thank you. I can't say enough about this one. You get so many great tips from people's reviews. TripAdvisor also has a forum you can post in. It's not quite as large & populated, but great info can be found.
  3. DIS Boards - This is a good travel resource site for all things Disney. Hundreds of thousands of Disney lovin', OCD planning, Mickey ears wearing, nuts people come together to share tips & tricks about everything Disney-Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, DVC get the idea. These people are REALLY into Disney. I don't advise admitting to Disney employees ("cast members") that you are a "DIS member" as some DIS members...well, we'll just leave it at that. It has a wealth of information & I highly recommend it.
  4. Mouse Savers - This is a great site mainly for how to save money & find freebies at any Disney destination. You can find great money savers for things like rental cars as well, so it's not just for Disney, but like 85% is Disney related discounts.
  5. Disney Food Blog - This is an amazing site that really makes me find my happy place. An entire blog devoted to food at Disney destinations. Amazing. Food porn to the tenth power.
  6. YouTube - YouTube is great. I YouTube everything. For travel, I search the ship I'm gonna be on or maybe the hotel or restaurant I'm thinking about. My favorite is to search other people's compilation videos of vacations they've taken that are similar to mine. I also YouTube everything else you can think of like, "how to fold napkins", piano lessons, tutorials on iPhones, iMovie, etc. There's so much info here. 
  7. Yelp - Who doesn't know about yelp? If you don't it's a lot like Trip Advisor and I'd be lost without it. I'm the type of person who like to look at food porn pictures to help me decide what I am going to order in a restaurant. This site allows me that opportunity.
  8. Better Bidding - This is an invaluable site if you like to try and save a bundle on hotel rooms by bidding on them via Priceline or Hotwire. This site will help you decide what a good bid would be and can even help you figure out what hotel you're bidding on. Love it.
  9. Evensi - This is a great site for finding events in your area. I use this quite a bit. I can always find something to do on there.

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