About Us

Matt & Lisa

Welcome to my blog. I'm Lisa, a born & raised NYer with the sarcasm to prove it. I've been traveling since a very young age. To date, I have traveled to 42 US states, most of the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Israel (twice), Egypt, Ireland, Spain, Portugal & Gibraltar. Traveling is my passion, needless to say. I purchased an ownership in Disney's timeshare, Disney Vacation Club, at the age of 21. I grew up taking many trips to Disney World and even as an adult it's still my favorite vacation spot.  Disney Vacation Club doesn't just guarantee you vacations to Disney World, it also includes all Disney properties, Disney cruises & over 300 other destinations throughout the world. I love being a DVC Member!

In 2010 after much nagging from my family I finally decided to start a travel blog. I've always loved writing & I love to have the little memories most people forget from each vacation written down. A travel blog just made sense, although I'm not much of a self promoter-that's where the nagging family came in. Being the huge Seinfeld fan that I am the name of my blog came quite easy. I've been blogging my trips since 2010 & I love it. 

In 2011, Matt came into my life & 15 months later we were married. May 6, 2012. What a great day. Our wedding was a dream and was featured in Style Me Pretty & I was also interviewed for Westchester Magazine. Needless to say, what an exciting time it has been for Matt and I. 

Since getting married we are living two doors down from my parents here in Westchester County, NY and 5 minutes from my older brother & his family. What a joy to have family so close. My first nephew, Austin, was born January 2012 & since March 2012 I have become a stay-at-home-Aunt and it's been awesome. My job is a blessing, with a side of birth control! I play with my nephew for a living, but I get to send him home nights & weekends. There's nothing better than that! Matt works throughout NY & NJ, where he's originally from, in building automation. We have two dogs, Rocky, a 4.5lb Yorkie and Bania a 55lb Olde English Bulldogge. They're both girls, Rocky is the old lady & Bania is the puppy in family. I surprised Matt with Bania, his dream dog, just after our wedding as an early birthday present. We both are big Seinfeld fans so just like my blog name, Bania's name came pretty easy too. Yes, we realize that both of our girl dogs have boy names. What can I say? The names fit & now we have slightly confused dogs.

The biggest thing Matt & I are known for is our love for baseball. One problem, he's a Yankee fan & I'm a diehard Mets fan. I always vowed I would NEVER marry a Yankee fan. I wanted to marry a Met fan or be a double threat & marry a Red Sox fan. Needless to say, never say never. As a former NY Mets season ticket holder, I take my Mets very seriously. It's the biggest love-hate relationship I will ever know, me & the Mets that is. Matt & I aren't sick of each other just yet. Matt does well for the most part. Usually he's not the stereotypical annoying Yankee fan, but he does have his jabs every once in a while. Those are the moments I CHOOSE to love my husband. Before getting married we did attend a couple Subway Series just to be sure we could handle it. So far so good, although, we haven't quite figured out how to handle raising our future children. I think my family would disown me if they saw my child(ren) in Yankee garb.

Well, I hope you enjoy the blog & that you've enjoyed getting to know just a little bit about us. Don't be a stranger, leave some comments and most importantly, Let's go Mets!