Six weeks of crazy.

I can't believe how time is flying by. Six weeks from today, we'll be on our 11 hour flight to Honolulu. That fact has been such an exciting thought until I look around and/or step on the scale. Ugh. There is so much going on in the next six weeks! Add on top of that, I've been doing my traditional pre-vacation diet and I am on day 8 of a plateau. No change in eight days of strict dieting. So frustrating. I'd like to loose another 7 lbs in six weeks. That's going to be tough, since my schedule is getting pretty nutty and I will not be able to be as strict as I need to be. Also frustrating is this weather! We got snow the other day. Like a lot of snow! I love winter, but even I'm sick of it & ready for some sunny, blue skies. It's so cold out too. I just want my flip flops. The good news... we're six weeks form our Hawaii vacation!!!!!!!!
I'll continue with day 4, 5 & 6...that will finish up the Aulani Resort portion of this trip.

Roy's at the Ko Olina Golf Club
Day 4 is a special day, as it is our 1 year wedding anniversary. We have a leisurely day planned. We'll head to one of the restaurants, Ama Ama, for breakfast at 10:30am. Next an the agenda is a couple's massage at the spa. I'm excited for this. I have only had one massage and it was on our honeymoon. Matt has never gotten a massage so I'm excited for him. Hopefully he'll get hooked so we'll treat ourselves more at home. I mean it is much cheaper at home. After our massage, we'll have the afternoon to spend swimming, tanning & just relaxing. Basically the total opposite of what our day was like a year earlier. Before dinner I want to set up a private session with the Photopass photographers at the resort for some pictures with the sunset. I still have to write them to see if this is doable. I've heard they wont do a session at sunset on the same day as the resort's "luau", of sorts. I think this may be the same day as their "luau". If that is the case, then we'll do it another day. After our photos, we're heading over to Roy's for a nice Anniversary dinner. The restaurant for our Anniversayr dinner has been such a hard choice for Matt & I. There are so many great, romantic options on the island, but we finally decided on Roy's because it gets great reviews and it's only across the street. We didn't want to feel rushed or have to deal with traffic on such a nice relaxed day. Originally, I was going to book Ama, Ama for our special dinner since it has such an amazing sunset view, but the reviews aren't that great, so Roy's it is.

Day 5 is a totally free day. We will be hopefully heading to the North Shore for Matt's surf lessons. I still have to call them. I got a Groupon for his surf lessons. The company has great reviews on Tripadvisor but getting in contact with them has been VERY difficult. Try playing phone tag with someone in a 6 hour different time zone, who doesn't want to instead work with email. Ugh. Either way, we'll most likely be headed to the north shore for some wave surfing and snorkeling. Hopefully Matt will also be getting the surf lesson this day, as it works best for our schedule.  Can't wait to see Matt's moves.

Day 6 will be a semi-sad day. We'll be checking out of Aulani today. I'm not sure if we'll hang around the resort to get every last bit that we can, our room keys are active until midnight after all. If we are ready to move on to our next home-away-from-home then we'll head out to our next hotel, which was one of the big changes I had mentioned a few posts ago. Originally I had booked us a studio condo on I was happy with that decision and I felt comfortable with the owner. However the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like the added hassle of a condo...well at least for this condo. I started to look into other condos but none of them were meeting my strict criteria. Then I hit the jackpot. I decided to do a search on Expedia for hotels in the price range I wanted to spend. A few jaw dropping clicks later, we are now in a one bedroom right on Beach Walk, my favorite area of Waikiki. We'll be staying at the Regency on BeachWalk. They were having a sale & I got the room for a great price and it includes free wifi, which you never see in the nicer hotels. The rooms look gorgeous and the reviews are really good too. Plus, the location. I'm SO excited.

I'm not sure when we'll be checking in, but once we do, we'll most definitely be taking a stroll through Waikiki and have dinner at the famous, Duke's. I still have to call and make that reservation, as they do not take online reservations and they only take them a month in advanced. After dinner I'm sure we'll stroll around some more while I point to everything I remember and tell all kinds of dumb little tidbits about my past trip. Poor Matt. 

Well, that's all I'll get to today. Next post will cover our time in Waikiki. 

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