Twas the night before our vacation...

Twas the night before vacation, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Not so much... 

Hey guys! Well it is the night before our departure and the house is filled with excitement, sad dogs, Vitamin C, draino, mouse traps and more Viatmin C. 

Today started off like any other day, well except that Matt had to work in lower Manhattan... I mean lower, like next to the Brooklyn Bridge low. So he was up at 4:30am. I had stayed up until after 1:30am and woke up at a refreshing 6:30am. Needless to say we're both tired & should sleep really well tonight, even though it's the night before we leave.  Upon waking up after a refreshing 5 hours of sleep, I had an "uh, oh moment". 

I woke up with a sore throat and aches. It's not the end of the world though. I  started doubling up with Vitamin C this past Sunday. I'm already feeling better tonight than I did this morning so I'm encouraged. As long as I don't have a repeat of my last cruise aboard the NCL Epic. Matt refers to that cruise (that he wasn't lucky enought to join us for) The Toxic Tonsil Cruise. The first morning of that cruise I had to go to the Medical Center because my tonsils were so swollen they were touching!  At that point I knew that that wasn't just some cold! I spent the rest of the cruise in my stateroom near death, worse yet, I had one of those new studio rooms! I LOVED the room, but it's not the kind of room you want to be stuck in all week.  So I'm encouraged because my tonsils are exactly where they should be as of tonight. 

Now for some pretty big news. Matt had to work a full day tomorrow, therefore as most of you know we were taking the last flight out having us arrive at MCO at 11pm. Well, Matt's boss is awesome & is letting him work a "half day" from home!  So we are now heading out at 2:15pm tomorrow & arriving at MCO at just before 5pm. But wait there's more! We were just going to get to the Hyatt early, have an overpriced airport dinner & then swim & relax. Then it hit us!! Practically my mom's whole family, ok, not whole family, more like her two sisters & brother-in-law are in town to visit my mom's brother in Daytona Beach. Yeah, my mom left Tuesday! I knew she was going to be away while we were away but I didn't realize it'd be the week leading up to my trip when I was planning on her helping with Austin. Ugh. What a week! Anyway!! My Uncle Mickey lives in Daytona Beach & every year they have the Daytona Blues Festival. My Uncle Mickey runs the festival. They're all going to support him & now Matt & I are renting a car, driving up & surprising my Uncle.  My Uncle has been doing these festivals I think for 3 years now. He started doing them as a tribute to my late Uncle (the oldest of the bunch) who passed away from cancer a few years back. My Uncle who passed away was very involved in the music scene. My Uncle Mickey only recently got into the music world, when he moved to FL to help take care of my ailing Uncle. Ah, Italian families. Wouldn't trade it for the world! 

Long story short... I wasn't going to be leaving my house until 6ish tomorrow & now I'm leaving at 12ish!!! I actually am not too stressed & have everything done that I can. This is the first vacation that I'm really prepared for. Usually I pull almost all nighters trying to get everything done. So I've been relaxing most of the night with Matt watching TV. Well, I WAS relaxing. That was until I'm sitting on my couch & all of the sudden a mouse goes running by us & hightails it  for under our TV stand!!  Matt is basically not moved by this scenario & continues to surf the web. Ummmmm! Helllooooo! There's a mouse in my LIVING ROOM!!!!! No joke, he actually tells me to come & relax with him & we'll take care of it later. "It should go back to wherever it came from." Wait. You want me to lay on the couch & relax while a mouse is possibly building a nest in my love seat?! Do you not know who you're talking to??? So I decide I'm not waiting for the exterminator to come tomorrow. No way jack! So I head to our room to get my hair a little more acceptable for mouse trap shopping & while I'm in there this massive beetle thing comes flying at me! I'm already jumpy due to the fact that THERE'S A MOUSE IN MY LIVING ROOM and now flying locusts are attacking me. What kind of crazy is going on here? I've lived in this house for almost 3 years & I've never had any of this. I think Bania & Rocky are trying to sabotage us & got their wilderness friends to come for a party. So after this fiasco I also remember the shower drain was real slow. So I must of looked quite interesting buying mouse traps, draino & clorox wipes at Stop & Shop. So that was my night so far. We're gonna watch some Impractical Jokers as we wait for dooms day for our mouse friend. Hold your ears Mickey Mouse! 

Tomorrow I'm going for my mani & pedi while Matt & my dad watch Austin. Kinda thinking about planting a hidden camera for that one. :)

Next time I post I'll be lounging at the Hyatt MCO! 

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