Pass the eggs...Sat, Day 2

This morning I woke up feeling great! My ear felt totally back to normal THANK GOD. I woke up at 6:30am so I got very little sleep but I felt good because WE’RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!! I got dressed, repacked a little, woke up Matt & then we were off. At just before 8am we headed down to the Disney Cruise Line desk, leaving our tagged luggage in our hotel room. Felt a little freaky to leave them there and trust that the porters would in fact get our bags, but this is Disney...they’ve never failed me. 

We arrived at the DCL desk just after eight, there were two other families there. They did not have us line up, but instead had us take a seat and instructed us that they wouldn’t be checking in until 8:30am, unlike a lot of the reviews I read of them starting early. So as we sat there for the 30 minutes we watched excited families arrive and take a seat. There was this one family that arrived pretty much last and took a seat right next to us. When they made the announcement that it was time to check-in I got up and made my way to the desk & was the first one there, that was until the husband literally bulldozed right thru me and cut in front of me at the last minute. This happens to me all the time and it makes me so mad. It’s not a big deal as there are many workers to check you in so it wouldn’t of delayed me to now be the second one up there rather than the first but it’s the point. Who do you think you are that you can just push me out of the way to get ahead of me?? You’re not any better than me...and if we’re going to go the childish way I had been there for 30 minutes vs his 5. I was annoyed and then I turn to look Matt, who was about 10 people aways from me, he was mad. This was not the first time this happened to me this trip, it also happened when we were picking up our bags. I told him to let it go, even though I wasn’t, because we’ll be seeing him a lot on the cruise and that would make for an uncomfortable time. We checked in and that went really smooth. Then the woman checking us in asked us the dumbest question of the trip so far... “Would you like to be on the first shuttle to the port?”. Ummmm. I just stayed at the airport hotel, got up at 6:30 am to be here at 8am and nearly got run over to get almost first in line, but you know what, I’ll just sit in the airport for a few more hours for fun and take a later shuttle. Why on earth would anyone want to be on a later shuttle after checking in??? Anyway. It was about 8:40am and we had to be back downstairs at 9:20am for our 9:30am shuttle to the port. So Matt and I headed upstairs to get some breakfast. He had an Egg McMuffin so i went with the cinnamelts. I told him since he got himself an Egg McMuffin and I cannot partake in the greatness of the one and only Egg McMuffin, he was not getting any of my cinnamelts. He thought I was joking, and normally I wouldn’t hold it against him that he was eating eggs and I wasn’t. (If you don’t know already, while on our honeymoon we discovered that I developed an egg intolerance. I can eat eggs cooked in things but if I eat like a fried egg, for example, I spend my vacation in the bathroom.) This morning though, I was slightly annoyed though, so when I realized I was actually in the vicinity of a McDonalds at breakfast hours for the first time since my intolerance discovery and then realized that I couldn’t have an Egg McMuffin, coupled with the angre I was still holding at that bulldozing idiot downstairs... yeah, he wasn’t getting a cinnamelt. Matt laughed at how annoyed I was and said how cute it was. Yeah, cause when you’re trying to make a statement of how mad you are & you’re husband tells you that you’re cute it kinda enrages you all the more. I had to laugh when he kept at it though. That Matty boy, he’s so good at making me laugh...even when I don’t want to. 

After breakfast we headed back downstairs and then it was time to get on the motor coach. I was getting excited, that was until we had to sit one row away from Mr Bulldozer of the Year. Ugh. Matt wanted to say something, but I explained in more detail about how on the ship you run into the same people a lot and it’s really just not worth it. I then patted myself on the back because this guy really ticked me off & I was having trouble letting it go, but I still talked Matt out of confronting him. After a 40 minute or so ride we saw the first glimpse of our ship as we drove up. The Fantasy is so much larger than Disney’s older two ships that I’m used to. I was giddy now. Finally, I was giddy. Not feeling annoyed, sick or anything else except pure, cheesy giddiness. We pull into the cruise terminal and since we’ve already done all the check-in stuff at the airport, we just headed in thru security and then explored the terminal. The terminal is so nice, with the giant model of the Disney Magic. Matt loved looking at it and and one point said, “What I wouldn’t do for some action figures right now.”. What a child. We went on the outside deck to get a little better view of the Fantasy and then headed for some seats by the ship’s entrance. We made some last phone calls and read thru the Navigator (the ships daily events newspaper, if you will) to see what were some must dos. We saw tonight they were doing their version of the Newlywed show and I told Matt, firmly, that I was NOT getting up there. He really wanted to. After a few minutes more more and a couple views of some impressive but very annoying child tantrums, it was time for us to get on the ship! We got on the ship at just around 11:15, we were up at Cabana's buffet enjoying our heavenly lunch out in the gorgeous weather by 11:30. It was beautiful and so exciting... that was until the clouds starting rolling in. Literally & figuratively. I started seeing some ominous looking clouds headed our way and in around the same timing I noticed seated at the table NEXT TO US, you guessed it, Mr I’m better than you bulldozer. Ugh. Can I please get away from this guy. So I sat for a little bit giving him the death stare, but God protected me, or should I say him, because it started to rain so we had to head inside to get a table. Perfect distraction. The food at Cabana’s was awesome. I had the best lamb, just like my mom’s. So good! The chocolate chip cookies were really good too. 

After lunch we explored the ship & took the spa tour to enter the raffle. I wanna win a free message! We didn’t. Oh, well. After touring and spa-ing (kinda) we could finally get into our rooms!! We headed down to our room and there sitting on our gorgeous bed was my Castaway Club (previous cruiser club) gift, a backpack. Also sitting on the bed was the gift basket I ordered from The Perfect Gift for my Matty. As if there isn’t enough food on the ship I ordered him a gift basket full of his favorite drinks and snacks as well as a Yankee lanyard to hold his room key and two magnets for our cabin door, a Yankee and a Giants, to go with my Mets magnet. He was surprised and was like a kid at Christmas. Our room is great. I’m very impressed with the decor and who can’t be happy with their room when there’s a private balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean, I mean really. The location, all the way aft (back), (aren’t I fancy with my ship terminology??) ended up being really good. Cabana’s is three floors directly above us, the basketball courts are 5 floors above us, the night clubs are 4 floors below us & the main evening restaurants are very close. 

Once the the room had been explored, we headed to the mandatory Muster (safety) Drill. That was pretty uneventful, although it’s now twice as long because they do it in English and Spanish. Oh, well. After that we headed back to the room to unpack. Our luggage made it safe from the hotel as Disney promised. Once we were done unpacking, we headed to tonight’s theater show, which was actually really good. I didn’t think Matt would like it but he said it was good. Then it was back to our room to get ready for dinner. 

I was really excited for dinner!! Disney honored our request and gave us a private table, THANK GOD! Mr Chatty Matty would have done fine with sharing a table with the strangers but I would have developed a twitch. Our waitresses, can’t remember their names, were really nice. I really like our head waitress, the assistant is funny but a little much. The menu looked really good and I was having a hard time deciding because everything sounded so good. Our assistant waitress came over and introduced us and Matt & I were horrified. Here’s this nice woman talking to us, trying to get to know us since she’ll be serving us all week and I could think about anything but the fact that she had a giant “bat in the cave” looking me in the face!!! If you don’t understand, the girl needed a tissue, STAT! She’s now standing over us and all I can think is, “Please don’t drop in my water glass!”. Ew! So she small talks with us as we both are dying and then she asks if there’s any food allergies. I said no. Then my lovely, wonderful, knowledgable, fantastic, hot husband utters the words that nearly got him thrown overboard, “Actually, she’s allergic to eggs.” So I quickly say, “No, no, no. I’m not allergic to eggs.” Our assistant waitress looks at me, bat is still in the cave, like she doesn’t believe me. So again I say, very firmly, “I’m NOT allergic to eggs.” She then goes on this whole speech about she has certain protocols she has that she must follow for allergies. I then insist, “It’s not an allergy. I can eat foods with eggs cooked in it, I just shouldn’t eat like fried eggs because it upsets my stomach.” She isn’t listening & acting like I’m lying. She goes on to say she wont be able to serve me the bread... I’m ready to kill Matt & the looks he’s getting from me, he probably was contemplating jumping overboard himself. So he starts chiming in FINELY saying how he misspoke, etc. She still wasn’t buying it. So I say, “I don’t have an allergy, it’s an intolerance. I can eat bread!”. She seemed to have gotten it when I said intolerance and moved on. Thank you! Matt immediately starts laughing and apologizing as soon as she walks away. Listen, you don’t keep food, especially bread, away from this Italian lady. I made him sweat a little and then we laughed it off. That was until I see our assistant waitress headed our way with the restaurant manager!! As a long time cruiser I already know what’s in store. He comes over with his little pad and says, “I understand you have an allergy to egg, so we will have the chef make a special menu...” Oh my God!!! I cut him off. “I do not have an allergy to eggs. I have an intolerance. I can eat food cooked with egg in it. If I eat eggs straight, like fried it upsets my stomach. It will only be an issue at breakfast & I just won’t order eggs.” Thankfully after a little more insisting he felt comfortable that if they served me bread, for example, I wouldn’t die. I was going to kill Matt. I was so annoyed. I knew he didn’t know any better and was just trying to help. However, I’m almost 27 years old, if when asked if there’s any allergies and I answer for myself, I think I know what I’m talking about. What was going thru his mind, I have no idea, but I know that he won’t do that again. Our dinner finally began with a slew of amazing food. Matt & I both had the prime rib and it was amazing. We were so full. Our first dinner was a success. 

After we stuffed our faces we headed over to one of the adult night clubs, The Tube, for the Not So Newlywed Game. Luckily, Matt realized how cruising worked and knew that if we did it we’d spend the rest of the cruise being stopped by people wanting to talk about our appearance, etc. He also knew that his introvert wife would probably have a stroke if she was forced to go up there. It was a hysterical show. One of the couples up there’s son & daughter-in-law were sitting right next to us cringing at the answers they were hearing. It was awesome! After that we headed to the room as we were walking zombies by that point.    

I haven’t had the time to get the pictures uploaded yet, since we’re just getting into the swing of things & figuring out our schedule. I should be back to normal blogging by tomorrow. Once uploaded, you can find the pics thru the link at the top of the blog, "Our Vacation Pictures".       

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