Day 5: Tuesday 5/3

Today was a pretty good morning. I woke up at 7ish. We were arriving in Honduras today at 8am, so I had a relaxed morning in my room. I didn’t really know what I was gonna do today. My mom called at about 8:30am & said that they were gonna get off the ship. So I told them that I’d go with them. So I got dressed and then met them at their room to get off the ship.

We figured we’d just walk around town for a bit. Maybe do an Island tour if we were up to it. So we got off the ship. I had a little bit of a run-in with pirate as I got off the ship. I swear to quote my cousin... I feel like a magnet for crazy lately. So after my little swashbuckling adventure I went treasure hunting and by that I mean... shopping! It was more of a window shopping adventure with my mom as my dad just moved from bench to bench. What a guy. I bought a couple of souvenirs. That’s it though. I definitely could of done a lot worse. So we spent about an hour shopping. I was feeling pretty good but I think I overdid it yesterday so I wanted to be careful. So I was heading back on the ship. My dad wanted to stay ashore for a while and explore. My mom didn’t know how long my dad would be on his adventure and has a strong “distaste” for the heat. Why she goes on caribbean cruises, I have no idea. So she headed back on the ship with me. We went and had some breakfast since it was only 10am. 
After our breakfast we headed up to one of the open decks where they have these big cushioned chairs. We parked it there for pretty much the whole day. My dad came & found us for lunch and then after that we headed right back to that spot. My parents both read while I curled up in a ball and slept. At about 3pm I headed back to my room. I relaxed there until it was time for dinner. All that rest really made a difference, cause this time I made it through dinner and then some. Dinner was pretty good. We tried a new restaurant. I had portobello mushroom quesadillas and then the NY strip. Very good. At dinner we had quite the laughs. I was almost crying from laughter at one point. I don’t know if we were just overtired or what but the smallest things were making the three of us go crazy. Then my dad told us this story that happened to him that was unfortunately banned from my blog. Sorry. I tried hard to “get the rights” but it was a no go. You just gotta trust me... it was hysterical!! We were laughing so hard that we had some of the other tables looking over at us. It was a good time. I felt bad for our waiter though. The table near us was a table of women. They weren’t the nicest to begin with. Then one of them orders the grilled chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side. The salad comes & the dressing is not on the side. The lady has an attitude about it & makes this big stink. I couldn’t believe it. Then she sends it back for the SAME salad with the SAME dressing just on the side! Yeah...enjoy your waiter’s saliva that is most definitely accompanying your dressing... on the side of course. Ew. You know it’s true though. I’ve seen one too many of those hidden camera reports on Dateline. Yuck. 
After dinner we headed to the sports bar to watch the mets. I ordered a malted milk shake...hold the malted milk. My dad was hardcore and order the malted milk shake straight. My dad really got into the game with me which was cute since he compares watching baseball to watching it rain or grass growing. It was a good game...until they lost. To which my dad says all angry, “See. I could never be a mets fan! They frustrate me too much!” Salt in the wound. It was cute though. Him and his milk shake sitting at the bar. But I’ll take that any day over the guy he was before he gave up alcohol.  
After the mets lost we went to a lounge to hear a band play. They were really good, but the best part was watching the people “dance”. Some were really, really good. Then there were the others. It was very entertaining to say the least. There was even one couple that looked like dance instructor or something. He was throwing her around & everything. Pretty impressive stuff.  After that I decided to just call it a night. Tonight I’m gonna try to take Nyquill and save the painkillers for the daytime. I’m having a little bit of trouble sleeping so I think that’ll help. We’ll see how it goes. 
Tomorrow is a sea day. I’ll probably get up early to get a spot by the pool. We’ll see how it goes. 

UPDATE: added a few pics over this slow internet. Once I get back to Miami I'll upload the rest. Check them on right.

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