Day 1... kinda. WDW here we come!

What a day! Let me just warn you now... I’m working on a little over 4 hours of sleep so this is gonna be a nutty one. Please ignore typos, improper grammar, etc tonight. Also, there wasn’t a lot of picture taking today as we were not working on all cylinders. This is just a quick run through of just how much we did today. We will be back to your normally scheduled program tomorrow, after I get a full night’s sleep. Now, let the games begin!
I woke up at a refreshing 4am. I’d love to get all sappy & say my first thoughts upon hearing my wonderful alarm was that I was headed to the “happiest place on earth”... Not so much. It was more along the lines of, “What was I thinking?!?!?!” After I got over the shock of the time, I got going. We left the house at 4:50am. Not bad, only 5 minutes late. Kristin doesn’t enjoy flying, but after our ride to the airport, we had nothing to fear. ‘Cause surely if we were meant to die today it would have been in my dad’s car! Kristin’s dad is still trying to find his stomach on the side of the road. Seriously, it was a real life test track! (Thank you daddy for driving us! I love you, just not your driving this morning.) We arrived at the airport with plenty of time, thanks to speed racer. There was a small line at the jetblue counter, but not bad. We had the coolest guy check us in. He was a one man show. More on that later. We got through security just fine & found two seats. Next we got on board & our “jack of all trades” took our tickets during boarding. So now we said something to him & he joked he was the pilot too. We got on the plane & then no joke, the guy was coming onto our plane helping people onto the plane. We joked with him about it again. He then said that he’d let his friend take this flight this time. It doesn’t end there! As we were pushing off the same guy was now manning the walkway thing & pulling it back. He was the man! Flight was good. Kristin slept a little & I channel surfed for the entire flight! There was nothing on! The landing was a little rough & made Kristin & I a little queasy. We landed 30 minutes early but lost that time once on board our magical express bus! We were at the traffic light to get to our hotel & the 4 way intersection went through the  entire routine twice, before going through a third to finally give us a turn arrow. Weird. We sat in that turn lane watching all the traffic get their turn over & over again. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen. We got to our resort & because I did online check-in we were in & out in like 5 minutes, although the cast member seemed like she was literally about to die. After that we headed to Downtown Disney & had Earl of Sandwich for lunch. Then we shopped a little. Kristin bought a Yankee Disney pin & I bought a Mets one. What a pair we are. If you come up from behind on us this week, it will be a sign that God works in mysterious ways. Her backpack has yankees & mine mets. While at Downtown I joked that we needed to make friends with a Red Sox fan to join the group & we’d really make a statement. Enter random lady with the exact same backpack as Kristin, just Red Sox. Hahaha So Kristin ran up on this lady & walked next to her with like 2 inches of separation while I took a pic. It was hysterical. The woman had no idea what was going on but everyone around us thought it was great! That pic is on my cell so I’ll try & upload it tomorrow. Next we went back to boardwalk & relaxed on the porch for a bit waiting for our room to be ready. Once it was ready we went & checked it out. We have an awesome location!! I took some pics, but i didn’t take any of the best part, the master bath with whirlpool tub. I’ll work on that tomorrow. Next we went to a little surprise I had for Kristin... and you guys since I couldn’t tell ‘cause she was reading this. It’s a tradition for my family to go to ‘Ohana the first night of our trip, so we had a nice dinner there. The guy gave us, and I quote, “The honeymoon table”. Oooookay. Loved the table, so I’ll randomly hold Kristin’s hand if I have to to get an extra perk. JUST KIDDING people. We had a view looking out at the castle. After dinner we were beyond full. I think if you could die from the actual act of eating too much, not a side affect, we would have. It was insane! After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom. We walked right onto Pirates & even had the entire boat to ourselves. At this point we knew just how much we ate ‘cause that tiny drop made our stomachs flip a little... so next we went on Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Yeah. How smart are we?? Lack of sleep. That was only a 10 minute wait & we had a ton of fun. Next we walked right on Haunted Mansion and then walked right on Small World. Then we had an hour until the special nighttime parade Spectro Magic. We went to get a spot & I saw something I have NEVER seen before. Exactly 65 minutes before the parade & all of main street and the castle area where completely full! All the times I have ever been to Disney we sit an hour before the parade and we’re usually one of the first families to be sitting on the curb. It was crazy. So we found a spot over by the Christmas Shop and then as soon as the parade ended, we hightailed it to main street to find a good spot for Wishes, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. We got a great spot & the show was magical. After that it was 10:15pm & we decided to head home. Tomorrow we’re gonna “sleep in” & leave the room by 9am. We’re headed to Typhoon Lagoon to have a lazy morning on the lazy river. Like I said, please don’t think this post will be the norm. If I get to bed in 3 minutes I’ll actually get 8 hours of sleep! What a feeling. So tomorrow it will be back to the norm & I’ll also fill in what I missed tonight... like the really random & funny. A little taste (no pun intended), “Wow!” “What” “Look at that kid” “Oh, my God! Is that his toe?!” “Yeeeessss!!.” “Why is it in his mouth?!?!?!?!” “I don’t know!!!” “Ewwwwwww”
Talk to you soon! 

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