This is it!

Hello, hello. I'm back for my final NY post! I am so excited! I have had an interesting weekend that, if you're up-to-date on my blog, you will not believe. I spent my Saturday driving back & forth to the VET with Rocky! Yeah, I'm serious. She had an issue with a gland AGAIN and had to have surgery AGAIN. So I was annoyed, angry, sad, etc. on Saturday. I just can't believe all this dog has had to go through in the last 3 months alone. Poor thing. Oh and for those of you keeping track, I'm just under $2,000 in vet bills in 3 months. Ouch! I love my dog. I LOVE my dog! I LOVE MY DOG!!! Now that that is out of the way... Tomorrow is the day! I got everything I wanted to get done done today. Had a great time with my mom, family & friends for mother's day. Happy Mothers Day, by the way! I am as completely packed as I can be, just a few last minute items to pack tomorrow morning. I'll be getting up at a refreshing 4am. We have to leave the house by 4:45am. We'll see how that goes. I have already checked us in, but with how limited HPN (ugh!) is with space, if I remember right we'll still have to wait on the same line to drop the luggage. Yes, I check luggage. If you think this prima donna can make it on even a 2 day trip without a checked bag, YOU'RE INSANE. I just barely make it with the only one bag under 50lbs rule. As of now I'm at 48lbs. As a defense though, I always pack a 12 pack of bottled water. You know, the biggest JOKE americans are addicted to. NY alone has the 2nd best tap water in the country & yet we buy bottled water. I digress. In Fl it's worth it 'cause their water is terrible & it saves money. Plus then I have all that room for souvenirs coming home. Works for me. Well, I think this is gonna be a short one, as it's 11pm & I have to be up in 5 hours! Hope everyone has a great week- I know I will! I hope you all enjoy my blog & hopefully I don't offend too many people. On one last note before I go. I was having a conversation with someone the other day & I brought up one of my major pet peeves that is really difficult for me especially while at Disney. I never really felt like I had any of the typical NYer hang ups, but after so many trips to WDW I realized, I DO. I can't stand, no loathe, when people walk slooooooow & especially right in front of me, blocking the way. I don't mind if you're a moseyer (sp?), but for the love of God, please mosey on out of my way! Move to the side or something. Well anyway, I'm really concerned that this is getting worse & worse with age. I'm getting less & less patient. I happened upon this video & it confirmed my fears. We'll call it, Lisa in 50 years. Enjoy!
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mayo3dill said...

Whenever I see a new post, it's like Christmas morning for me. (either you're really good or my life is pathetic)....{I think it's you're REALLY good!:)} Quick comments: Poor Rocky; have a great trip; can't believe you packed a 12-pack of water; please don't make us copy and paste again. (Your number one fan is a computer dope!)Love ya Lisa!!!

Anonymous said... could be you in 50??????years...I think you could be her this year if you had access to an electric wheelchair!!!

Great blg...have a great time - hope to see lots of pix too

Lisa said...

Haha. Thanks Aunt Cathy. :D I promise to never make you copy & paste again. :) LOL gotta have my bottled water.

And thank you too "anonymous". :D