Can this get any bigger? I think so.

I'm back and with the BIG news, as promised. So as I had last told everyone, we still hadn't bought our airline tickets to come home after the cruise. The ticket prices are insane! We always fly Jetblue nonstop and the most we ever pay is $200 roundtrip, taxes included. Well, the first flight available for us to take home is $160 before taxes etc. So we've been waiting to buy the tickets hoping for the last minute sales that Jetblue normally does. Then we started thinking. We have a lot of family in Ocala, Fl, about 40 minutes NW of Orlando (depending on who's driving). Our Annual Passes are good until Dec 31st. We also realized that October 1st is the start of one of my favorite things on the planet, Disney's Food & Wine Festival. Sooooooooooo my mom and I are now going to stay in Fl until Oct 7 visiting family for three days and then spending two days at WDW... eating! My dad has to get back right away for work, so he will not be able to join us, but after 18 days of being away he doesn't mind. My mom & I are now up to a 23 day trip. Yeah. Just a smidgen extravagant, but hey it's once in a lifetime! So on Saturday we'll get off the ship, rent a car, drop my dad at the airport, then my mom & I will head up to Ocala, then to WDW, where we'll return the rental at the Swan Resort and then take Magical Express to the airport on Thursday. I cannot believe how big this is! I am so excited! I just LOOOOOVE Food & Wine Festival. My mom & I are pros. We were at Disney last year during Food and Wine. My dad had a conference so he met us there a little later in the trip, so it was just us two and boy do we have a system. I'll share more on Disney's Food & Wine Festival in the coming weeks. Also, I am surprising my mom with where we are staying... kinda. I used my vacation club points for our first night, but for our second night we want to stay at one of Disney's moderate resorts. A while back my mom & I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and we loved it and ever since we've wanted to try Port Orleans French Quarter. So we're going to stay at ????? for one night and then move to Port Orleans French Quarter. We don't mind moving resorts. We've done it in the past. Disney is so great about moving your stuff for you and since we're really only there for Food & Wine, which starts at 11am, we'll really be in no hurry in the mornings. So that's it for now, but don't worry I'll be back soon for more on the trip... I've been shopping!

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