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It's almost the best time of the year!! October! Do you know why October is the best time of the year? Wait for it... NY Mets post season!!! So exciting! They're gonna go all the way this year. Can't wait!! Oh, wait. What year is this? Nope, that's definitely not it. October is my Birthday, which if I was 7 that would make it the best time of the year. However, being that I'm 25, we all know my birthday is not an exciting event. So what's left you ask. Well, if you are reading this and still don't have any idea, than you must not know me well at all... and you're pretty "special", as it's written right there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------->

I'm going to Disney World in October!!! And with my favorite people... red sox fans!! Nope, wrong again.

I'm going to Disney World in October with my family. I am so excited for this trip, because it's like the best of both worlds. I'm going with my family, but I'm also taking some "newbies". I'll start with the introductions, for those of you that don't have the pleasure of personally knowing this motley crew.

Me at my favorite place Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Age: 25

Random Facts: I started this travel blog a year and a half ago and it's one of the best things I did. I love to write so it's been fun. Still learning, but I always look forward to working on it. I'm from the most amazing state, New York. I went to school for event planning, so of course... I can be super OCD at times and always a perfectionist. Yeah, scary mix, I know. I'm not at all sarcastic. Have an intense allergy to strangers. Disgruntled Met fan, former season ticket holder & just to make matters worse, dating a Yankee fan. Salt in the wound... salt... in the wound. 

Disney World History: I own the place... yup, typical arrogant Disney Vacation  Club (DVC) member who thinks they own the place. Been going just about every year of my life at least once per year since I was 3. I love to take loved ones to Disney World. After this trip, I will be lucky enough to be able to say that I've been to Disney World with all the most important people in my life.

Rose (my mom)
The CEO of the Foster Enterprise
Age: 33

Random Facts: The best mom anyone could ask for. Former nurse. She's not in the least bit sarcastic. Young... she had me when she was 7. She is very adventurous and loves the thrill rides. Once dated a guy just because he owned a corvette and would let her drive it. Also, a met fan. Italian, therefore favors the boys and if you have any type of ailment it's cause you need to eat something. Is always running at least an hour late, but only while on Disney property... otherwise extremely punctual. Former blackberry addict.

Disney World History: DVC member so because of that, she acts like she owns the place. They're so annoying. I can't stand DVC members! Loves to go and could just sit on Main Street in a rocking chair all day. 

Don (my dad)
This IS his happy face.

Age: 63

Random Facts: The best dad in the world. Slightly up tight at times, but can be very silly and surprise you with his comments. Thinks "shut up" is offensive. Lives to eat. Hates sarcasm. Why did he marry my mom exactly? Puts up with a lot & all around good sport at the constant teasing. Can't be left alone on a bench because he WILL walk away with ANOTHER life long friend. If not eating, he's sleeping. Has slept thru Disney World rides. Has selective hearing, especially with my mom's voice tone. Hates the thrill rides & says he could sit in a rocking chair on Main Street all day, but only makes it 20 minutes, at most. 

Disney History: DVC member & lovin every minute of it.

Donn Eric (my big brother)
Met Fan... need I say more?

Age: 27

Random Facts: An amazing brother. Former NY Mets season ticket holder. Completely miserable when hungry, therefore unknowingly on a strict food plan while vacationing with me. The farthest from sarcastic you can get. When in the right mood can be hysterical and humiliating all at the same time. Has been known to play dead in public places.  Amazing dance moves.  Can't keep a straight face when lying. Soon-to-be first time parent. 

Disney World History: Been going since he was 4 and loves it. Not into the thrill rides but will be a good sport and do them. Cannot just sit in a rocking chair on Main Street for more than 2 minutes. Loves the slushies from the Morocco pavilion.

Shanna (my sister-in-law)
Poor thing

Age: old enough to put up with Donn Eric

Random Facts: Probably one of the shiest people I know. She's a saint for voluntarily marrying my crazy brother. Her name is always mispronounced. Shanna... sounds like banana. Shanna, banana. Loves to dance & is an expert at the Wii dance games. Usually stands up for the underdog, which is almost always the one person not sarcastic in this crazy family, my dad. Is looked at by my family as the "Prego Princess" cause she's gonna be a first time mom January 1st. We know, she has to have the baby early for tax purposes. They got the memo.

Disney History: Has been to Disney World before but this will be her first time "foster-family style". Will be chauffeured around the world via wheelchair, because she will be around 7 months prego on our visit. Poor thing. 

Matt (my stalking victim)
What a hottie!

Age: 32 (two weeks from today)

Random Facts: Absolutely adorable, even though he's a Yankee fan. Gets picked on by my family for being from Jersey. Loves riding his motorcycle & loves his personalized motorcycle helmet even more. I think he sleeps with it. Is also sarcastic, but usually sides with my dad. Has my mom wrapped around his finger, therefore he has first dibs on leftovers which was a little tough on Prince Donn Eric at first. Likes the thrill rides. Empire State Building... he runs the joint. Obsessed with the beach and loves the big waves. At times can be slightly A.D.D. Strangers attract him. Will also probably make lifelong friends with strangers on benches when he's in his 60s. And I think at times he really believes that he's Batman. 

Disney History: He went once as a teen, so therefore, in my book, he's never been. He loves fireworks so I'm especially looking forward to him seeing real fireworks on this trip. Another goal is to get him in a pair of Mickey Ears.

Me, DE & Shanna - October 13 - 22 
Matt - October 14 - 22
Mom & Dad- October 16 - 22

That's all you get for now. Next post I'll expand more on our plans. I'm starting a new, exciting countdown tradition this trip so I'll be posting even more than my usual. I'm so excited!! Well, I'm supposed to be cleaning up the house & packing to spend the weekend at Cape May. How's that going so far?? Well, great... once I actually get started. Talk to you guys soon. 

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Anonymous said...

So excited that you're at it again!!

mayo3dill said...

LOL.....geez Lisa....when are you gonna give in and just follow your calling????? That was your BEST blog ever. EVER!!! Now I'm so hungry for more....can you blog your Cape May trip????????

Anonymous said...

do we now need an ellie profile?


ps, and oh yeah, great DE pic