Is this thing on?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, this is a post. Yes, it is from the year 2017. Yes, it's been FOUR YEARS since I last posted! And finally, yes, I'm doing this to shut my nagging husband up. The things we do for peace.

After quite the hiatus I have decided to revive this blog. Lately, nearly everyone I know, and quite a few people I don't know, have been "suggesting" that I should write or blog. So here I am. I really don't know WHAT they are thinking I should be writing about. I mean, a three sentence post on Facebook that gives you a chuckle is quite difficult to stretch into an entire blog post. Really, my life is not nearly that entertaining. I am a stay-at-home mom, so unless you're wanting to read about the third dirty diaper I changed this morning or how I had to change my 2 year old's sippy cup three different times to get him to finally take a drink, travel is really the only other topic I fill my days with. Whether it's a day trip with the kids, a weekend trip just Matt & I, or a big family vacation adventure, that's what I'm usually looking into when I have a second to myself. Well, that and strollers. I have an obsession in finding the perfect stroller. I didn't believe it existed until yesterday when my Zoe double stroller showed up. Now THAT is the perfect stroller. Think the City Mini Double but half the weight & half the price. It's amazing. Really. And no, I am not in with them nor did I get one for free to share my opinion on it. I just really love this stroller. Anyway. Now that my quest for the perfect stroller is done, what's left in my life but travel? Also considering that I have this nearly dead travel blog all setup and ready to go, we're going to go with that. I'm far too lazy and busy (which is a scary mix) to setup a whole new blog. Instead, I'm going to continue with this being a blog about my family's travel but maybe we'll throw in some posts about nothing too. 

Also, in the past I have kept these blog posts to only being about the big adventures. However, since I now have children and we're even more on the go than ever before, I'm going to include our little adventures as well. For example, last week's torturous eventful adventure of taking the kids to Yankee Stadium and trying to keep a smile on my face. A trip like that from here on forward will be included on this blog. I'm sure Matt is thanking God I didn't finally accept his challenge of donning the blogger cap once again before our latest adventure. The kids would forever have documentation from my opinion of what that trip was like for them. They hated it. They totally hated it. Okay, so maybe they didn't totally hate it, but they're one and two years old, they won't remember it, and Mommy is always right. So they hated it. Are you happy now that you nagged me to death to start my blog again, Matt? Don't worry, I'm just getting warmed up.

I can fake a smile like the best of them!
Everyone knows the key to a good life, or blog, is a husband to relentlessly mock. Matt admittedly gives me a lot to go on so just prepare yourselves to enjoy the plight of Matt Wain. If you at any point in reading my posts feel sorry for him, please do not, I repeat, DO NOT comment "poor Matt". That will put you on the fast track to a special guest appearance on this blog. Matt brings 99.9% of this on himself, starting with hounding me to start blogging again. So lets all just agree to enjoy every moment of Matt's fate.

Things to not expect from this blog, for one is sanity. We are not sane, we are nuts. The sooner you except that, the sooner you'll be able to understand my posts. We do not take ourselves too seriously and we like to enjoy life in crazy, unexpected ways. We take joy in the weirdness of life. We are also more old school in our way of parenting. God comes first, then our spouse, then our parents, then our dogs, then, of course, all servicemen and women, then our friends, our neighbors, our mailman, then anyone in the restaurant industry, especially the pizza delivery guy (food is life), and then, finally, those guys who offer to clean your windshield when you're stuck in traffic. They are amazing. Oh, and then our kids- can't forget them. Look, we love our kids just as much as the next parent, but they are not our lives. If we want to keep this family together we always have to keep God & our spouse ahead of our kids and that's what we do. We are not afraid to leave them home to go have some fun. And time with just Matt & I is very important to us. Also, don't expect us to be perfect. This blog shares our highest of highs- our vacations. Maybe sometimes I may feel compelled to share something a little darker going on but overall this is a happy, lighthearted blog. Don't think we don't have dark days or struggles. Some of my most fun, playful Facebook posts come at some of my darkest days. So don't expect us to have it all together. There are a lot of days I want to kill Matt. Like last night when he felt the perfect place to store his muddy, baseball cleats was on the dining room chair. Those are the moments you won't hear about... actually, you probably will. Also, don't expect proper punctuation or grammar. Hi, my name is Lisa. I'm an over-puncuator. It has been three sentences since my last "...". I barely have the time to write these posts, so having the time & energy it takes to pour over these posts until they're perfect is just not happening. Just trust that I know the difference between they, their, there, and they're and move on. It happens to the best of us.

This summer we have quite a few food truck festivals on the calendar, a visit to Citi Field, a vacation to Cape May, NJ, a visit to our favorite Renaissance Faire, and many other adventures. Also, coming up in the near future is a quick trip to Michigan with my mom (kid free!!), Matt & I's annual staycation in NYC where we build our own food tour and go on scavenger hunts, and finally in October I'm taking the kids to Ocala, Florida for a week, followed by a week and a half at Disney World- I'm letting Matt join us at Disney World. We also have other big news that will change the way we travel very soon. Matt was blessed with a big promotion and one of the perks is a company car that we are now allowed to use personally, I am also now allowed to drive it, and ALL gas is included. Road trip!!

So get your rally caps on, guys! I have a feeling we're in for some fun! Except if you're Matt Wain. Matt Wain is definitely not in for some fun.


Unknown said...

Loving it Already!

Jack Klompus said...

I want my pen back, Matt

Unknown said...

I already told you that you guys were my favorite FB couple. You bother are officially my favorite real life couple. I can't wait to read about your adventures!

Jack Klompus said...

Keep the pen

Unknown said...


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