I'm alive... for now.

Hello again everyone. I'm back & still breathing which is always a good thing. If you are new to my blog and thinking, "Wow, this girl is really morbid", please take this moment to click the pull down menu on the right labeled "older posts" & start from the beginning. Another option, that will only work until my next post, is to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page & read backwards. No, this isn't some freaky blog where if you read it backwards you hear subliminal messages. (i.e. Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" or Pink Floyd's "Empty Spaces") Don't literally read it backwards, but work from the bottom up. If you are talented enough to actually read backwards, let me take this moment to officially introduce myself. Ih, M'i Asil Retsof & emoclew ot ym golb. I try to be all things to all people. I changed the settings of my blog to have each page show 8 posts, so that way once we get to WDW my entire trip report should be on the first page of this blog. Now that I got my housekeeping  blogkeeping out of the way I can start my post.

Well, as you already read, I'm alive & thankfully dairy free. Kristin has read my previous post and has decided, for now, not to kill me or pour whip cream all over me while I sleep. Her response was very kind and only warned that on departure day she will just be very quiet due to the time. Not a problem, Jetblue has live TV remember? See, I think of everything. Now, as I promised I am about to show you why getting the first flight of the morning is best when traveling to WDW. As I told you earlier, we will be arriving at our hotel at around 10am. I have many options of what we can do on this first day, but they depend on the weather, how tired we are and which option Kristin likes best- if I can get her to decide of course. I will tell you that in this post you will see the OCD planning side of me come out a little, however, this trip will be different for me. The only day that I'm actually planning anything is our first day. The rest of the days are going to be a total fly-by the-seat-of-our-pants type of days. Who came up with that saying? What does that even mean? I always use it, but it annoys me every time. I'm very literal. Now I have visions of Kristin & I flying through WDW butts first. Anyway. This more relaxed version of touring is totally unlike me, but Kristin & I have been to WDW so we don't necessarily have to run around like crazy people, we'd rather fly butt first. So our first day we will arrive at BWV (cheat sheet to the right) at around 10am. One of our options is a more laid back one and that's to just take a stroll around our resort, head to Downtown Disney for a late breakfast or early lunch, do a little shopping and then when our room is ready, head back, unpack and do whatever. That is a very relaxed option. Another option would be similar, but maybe pack our swim suits in our carry-on & relax at our pool for some of the day, play some mini golf ( I refuse to call it "put-put") and then maybe head to DTD (cheat sheet on right) or something. Again these are very relaxing options, 'cause we will have been up since 4am. A more exciting option would be to pack our swim suits in our carry-on and head over to one of the waterparks and spend a relaxing, but fun day there. If it's rainy we could head over to Disney Quest with the rest of the tens of thousands that will be fleeing from the rain. Hey, it would be cozy. Another option for a rainy day would be to head to DTD & see a movie. I know there are quite a few good movies coming out around the time we are there. As you can see there are quite a few options that we could do and none of those even involve any of the major 4 parks. I'm not going to go too much more into detail about our itinerary, 'cause that would take the fun out of it, for Kristin at least. Since I did not schedule ADRs and both Kristin & I have been to WDW recently, there is not a lot of planning to do. One thing to always watch out for when headed to WDW is the rehab schedule. For some, this schedule could quite possibly make or break their trip. Lucky for us we are not going to be affected by any rehabs, except of course, the baby care center in MK will be closed, so I don't know what we're gonna do. Other rehabs that will be happening during our trip is one of my favorites, Muppet's Vision 3d at MGM HS, but it is scheduled to reopen on the 15th, so we'll be able to see it. Also, if Kristin is brave enough to go on Rock' N' Roller Coaster, BY HERSELF, that closes on the 15th so we'll have to do that early in our trip. Let me just tell you, I am not a roller coaster person, but I will do all of the coasters on WDW property except Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. I draw the line at 0 - 60mph in 2.8 seconds & cork screws. Sorry. Not happening. I like my stomach to stay where it is, thank you very much. I still get shaky after Expedition Everest. Don't worry though, you will hear about me freaking out to get on a scary ride. I have put off riding a certain ride for 24 years. The last time I took friends to WDW the rehabs saved me, as it was closed for rehab, so we couldn't go on. Unfortunately for me, but wonderful for Kristin and all of you reading along at home, it will be open during our trip and it's one of Kristin's favorites. I can already feel my stomach in my throat, but it's time. I've felt like a phony for a while now & I mean I can't go on much longer being known as a WDW enthusiast to my friends and family without having ever been on this ride. So in 40-something days I will finally ride Splash Mountain. Don't worry, you will get a full detailed report on what a baby I will act like. Poor Kristin. Maybe I'll have her guest write that portion of the blog, as she doesn't slant to the pro-lisa movement. So those are the only rehabs as of now. At any time they could add more, so I'll keep you updated. The rehabs can be a real disappointment when you go to WDW, but they have to be done. For the close of this blog I will share a video about rehabs.

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