A very special day...

Hello again. I'm back for a "tiny update" of sorts. You know how some days you wake up and you just have a nagging feeling that today was a special day but you couldn't quite figure out why you felt that way? Well, that was what I felt this morning. I had a baby shower to go to but that couldn't of been the special feeling- people allergy remember. By the way, I didn't realize baby showers have become a nine month long party?? That baby shower lasted forever!!! Seriously, I remember thinking it was a good thing my mom, the former RN, was on hand for the delivery. The shower started with my friend only 3 months pregnant and upon finally leaving she was ready to pop! Ok, so I may be exaggerating, but I ended up being at the shower for 5 hours & I was the first to leave! Do these things really go on that long?? I was starting to wonder if I should have brought a pillow and change of clothes. Luckily for my friends and family I am still scheduling that hysterectomy, but if I don't, I'm the most antisocial person I know, so I'll probably be the first to leave my own shower. Anyway. After getting home from the pastel marathon, it hit me. Today is the day that the Disney Magic sets sail for the eastbound transatlantic cruise! That means our huge trip to europe is that much closer. Today the Magic leaves from Port Canaveral, FL for a 14 day cruise ending in Barcelona, where it will sail Mediterranean cruises out of, until September 18th, when I will be boarding the Magic to bring her back home. Yes, the magic is a she. In the cruising world the ship (not a boat!) is a she. This is not very exciting news for you guys, but for me it's totally exciting. This also means it's the start of those passengers starting their trip reports, so I can get all the hints and tricks from them. I'll also have a better idea of what to expect.

Well, that's it for now. Like I said it was a tiny update, but be on the lookout for a new update probably on Monday about Kristin & my trip to WDW that is coming very soon! 

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A photo of the Magic leaving for Barcelona today from a webcam on a hotel near Port Canaveral!

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