It has begun... great!

I'm back for another completely random post. Monday will mark 3 weeks away from our trip to Disney World. I have been trying to keep busy so that the time will fly by. I've been quite successful at it as this week did fly by. I was so busy I only watched one Disney movie, so I'll leave my review of that one for my next post. I've found it's been easy to keep busy, though. On Thursday alone I went to work,  washed & detailed my car, watched the Met game, made myself one of my favorites, Chili Cheese Dogs, for dinner and then went to bed... I should have been a man. Seriously. Monday I built two filing cabinets for my new office. Okay, so I didn't "build" them, but I put them together. These weren't little flimsy things though. These were real wood, 20 million step instruction booklet cabinets. I got to use power tools & all. Loved it! Now don't get me wrong. I don't think God messed up when he made me, but I definitely have more guy traits than girl. My girl traits are the typical... love getting all dolled up, LOVE make-up, manicures & pedicures, etc. Another pretty major girly trait of mine, an intense hatred for bugs... any kind of bugs. I would freak out the same if a snake was about to crawl on me or if a butterfly landed on me, yes a butterfly. I hate bugs! This brings me back to why were all here, my upcoming trip to WDW. Today while surfing the Internet (I'm so proper. who says that anymore?) I came across some pretty disturbing news. First, while Kristin and I are at WDW it's the Flower & Garden Festival and they will have a butterfly house. Okay, so if we decide to go in there it's gonna be interesting to see myself not swat at the butterflies if they land/fly anywhere near me. Do you think Disney would frown upon me bringing a flyswatter into their butterfly garden? Disturbing news #2 and so much more disturbing. Today was the official start of the dreaded Love Bug season!! If you are not familiar with Love Bug season, count your blessings. Fl is known for being infested with these little nuisances usually some time around May & September. Some years they're not so bad, but other years you'd think it was the plague! There were pictures on the internet of benches at WDW totally covered by these stupid little things. Apparently, they are attracted to light colors, especially white, so the white benches were covered. Now just to prove how pathetically girly I am, they don't even bite. They don't sting. They don't do anything except fly around & I completely freak out if one is near me. Actually, they do do a little more than fly around..."LOVE Bugs". Still not following? Below is a picture for my slower readers. *Insert "Can you feel the love tonight" by Elton John here* Yes, these little freaks even stay like that flying thru the air. So it's not just one bug flying around you, but two super freaks! So annoying. The worst part of this is that any Floridian (or guy) thinks that the idea of even being annoyed (scared) by these things is a joke. So I will be walking through the parks freaking out that a bug is near me about every two seconds. So Kristin is in for another treat. She gets to watch me make a complete fool out of myself over bugs. Hopefully this love bug season will be a mild one. Since we are only about three weeks out I have started to think of the last loose ends I need to tie up before leaving. I need to add the dining plan to our reservation. At 10 days out, we can check in to our resort online, which is still the Boardwalk as the waitlist still hasn't gone thru. I need to buy a new camera. I have a dslr (Nikon d60) but my simple point-and-shoot digital camera is from 2007- that's like prehistoric in the digital camera world. So I want to pick up a new point-and-shoot digital camera that I could just throw in my purse and not have to worry about it. My dslr is a beast & weighs a lot! I'm looking into a point-and-shoot that also records HD video, so you guys will be in for a treat- pics & video. Um, maybe I shouldn't teach Kristin how to use it, so that no embarrassing videos of me freaking out over bugs shows up on the internet. Well, I think that's most of it... for now. 

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