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I'm late, I know. My special Monday update is now my special Tuesday update. Things have been a little busy lately, which is a good thing since it passes the time a little faster. Yesterday, I had work, then I do these special research studies (that I'm not supposed to talk about. Oh well.) & I had one yesterday. I had to go to Tarrytown & watch America's Funniest videos & then a bunch of commercials all while hooked up to monitors kind of like a lie detector test. Afterwords I had to answer a "brief" survey about the commercials I saw. The whole process took about 40 minutes & I got $100! Great deal huh? Normally I don't have to go to Tarrytown, this was a first. Normally I go to the place in the mall, we'll call it "TA" and answer the surveys there. The other week I got paid $20 just to try an energy drink. It's easy money, I can't complain. So anyway, after that test in Tarrytown I got home just in time to have dinner and then go back out to attend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, which I cannot say enough about!!! Thanks to him I WILL be a millionaire. He is an incredible finance guy that doesn't teach you "get rich quick" scams that don't work, but rather totally changes the way you look at money & finance. He teaches not only on budgeting, but also insurance, investing, etc. It's great. After FPU I made it home in time to see Jack Bauer save the world one hour at a time. Can I just say, poor Jack! He lost Renee Walker! Now Renee I don't feel too sorry for, 'cause really, am I gonna feel sorry for someone who went out with a bang?? No pun intended. I mean really, what a way to spend your final moments. Imagine the fun Jack will have writing up that police report! "What were your last moments with the deceased?" hahaha Aaaaaanyway. By the time 24 finished I was so tired from my crazy day & so emotionally drained, poor Jack. I just had to go to bed. So there it is... a very long excuse on why I am late. Now I will rewind and write the rest of this as if it is Monday. Work with me people.

Today (Monday, remember) is a very special day. We are exactly 4 weeks away from Disney World! I am getting so excited. I will say it feels a lot closer than 4 weeks, so I've been trying to figure out ways to pass the time and keep the excitement going. One thing I always do when I have my next trip to WDW close is to watch Disney movies. I put on all of my favorites. I love it. I only watch them when I have a disney trip coming within a month or two. Since my last WDW post I have watched 5 Disney movies & they are:

I really like Pinocchio. I didn't care for it too much when I was young, but really there are so many parts of the movie that are just classic Disney. "When you wish upon a star..." that statement right there really says it all. Another part I like about the movie Pinocchio is that it really speaks to me. The boys who act like jerks turn into jackasses! I love it! I grew up in a home where even saying "shut up" would get you in trouble. On my mom's side of the family the word "jackass" was the quintessential "you're a moron" word. Then if you were a "stupid jackass" there was no hope for you. You are just pathetic. Well, still to this day I don't know how I got away with it, but in my teens my house (meaning my mom, me & my brother) suddenly accepted the word into it's vocabulary. My father, never uses it. I got a disgusted eye roll when I used it, but I think he just gave up, especially when I had Pinocchio as a defense. Love it!

Beauty and the Beast was my childhood favorite. I LOVED this movie... and still do. I thought I was Belle. I had that movie memorized. I had every beauty and the beast item you can imagine, including the nightgown. My poor brother had to watch it daily! This movie is also very special to me, as it was my first Broadway experience. I will never forget that night. My parents and Aunt & Uncle took me for my birthday. It was absolutely magical. After the show my Aunt & Uncle bought me the show's sweatshirt and I still have it up in the attic. So as you can see Beauty and the Beast has a lot of memories tied to it for me. I ended up seeing it on Broadway two more times before it closed. I really hope they bring it back, because I'd love to see it again!

Next I watched Ratatouille. I had only seen this one other time, so I barely remembered it. I really enjoyed it. I had forgotten how cute it was. I especially enjoyed it 'cause I enjoy food, A LOT! I also enjoyed all the little one liners about the French. "I hate to be rude, but we're French." Love it!

Pocahontas is special to me because it was the last Disney movie I got into as a kid. I remember getting it for Easter and watching it 3 times that day. I really enjoyed it as a kid, but as an adult it's not one of my favorites. It's ok but definitely not the best.

Who doesn't love Cinderella. Everything about it. It's just classic Disney. I love it. The castle alone. To walk down Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom and see that beauty. Magical! Love Cindy, love the dress, love the adorable singing, sewing mice. Love it. 

So those are the movies I've watched so far. By now you are hopefully understanding how serious my obsession with Disney really is. Next post I'll fill you in with more movies and I'll share which is my favorite Disney movie since I grew up. On one last exciting note. Since my last post I got our Magical Express booklet and luggage tags!!!! I am so excited. If you don't know or remember, Magical Express is the shuttle service offered by disney. We check our bags at HPN (ugh!) and don't see them again until we're in our room. They also transfer us from MCO (please!) to our hotel and have a great welcome video telling us all about the new things at Disney to look forward to. Can't wait to be on that bus! I'll leave you with a picture of our Magical Express booklet & luggage tags. So excited!!

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You're getting so close! ME tags! Congrats!