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And the award for worst blogger of the year goes to... Lisa Foster. I can't believe how infrequent I've become with my posts. Three weeks... it's been three weeks since my last post! What can I say? What have I been up to all this time? I've been surviving. You're reading the blog of a survivor! Didn't realize you were so lucky, huh? I survived the great earthquake of 2011. I also survived Hurricane Irene. After surviving an earthquake & hurricane in the same week, I followed it up with surviving back to school madness, which you'd think isn't a big deal since I work at a preschool... not so much. 

However, this year is gonna be different. Apparently we have a pretty remarkable student in our school. This 4 year old is a wonder child. We haven't witnessed her greatness quite yet though-to say the least. How do we know then how remarkable she is you ask? Well, her totally subjective mother has told us how amazing she is. She doesn't lie. Yes, we have a 4 year old in our preschool that doesn't lie! "My son, he lies, but not my daughter. She would never lie!" Oh, okay, so my forty-something year old staff member is lying about what she did in the classroom. Ugh. Memo to parents: your kids are not the innocent angels you think they are. They're kids. They lie, cheat, steal, hit, bully, etc...etc...etc. Basically, they're gremlins and then they go to college. Adorable... but nonetheless, still gremlins. I digress. 

Twenty-seven days out... 27 days!!! I wish I could say, "I'm so excited" but I'm not. When I stop and really think about it I am, but I just really haven't stopped & thought about it. Case in point... three weeks since my last post. I've just had a lot on my mind. It's getting close though, and things are calming down so I'm hoping it's now gonna start to be more real. I have been planning though. I signed up for magical express, our shuttle to and from the airport. I also already received the luggage tags and tickets from magical express. I also ordered Donn Eric, Shanna & Matt's park tickets. $1,050 later... cha ching. I don't have my tickets yet. I have a Florida ID so I get discounted tickets, but I have to buy them at the ticket window once I get there. The best $10 bucks I ever spent! Matt's tickets, for example, are a 7 day park hopper and it cost $340. That's for 7 days in any of the four parks. I buy a Florida resident, seasonal annual pass, which gets me into all four parks as often I want for an entire year with the exception of Christmas week, Easter week & spring break week (which you'd never find me there at that time, 'cause I value life!) for $260. That's 344 days of disney versus Matt's 7... and I'm saving $80! Sucks to be you. Oh, wait. If I'm talking like a florida resident then it should be "stinks to be you" since it seems that people over the age of 50 hate the word "sucks" and well if you're a florida resident than that most likely means you are over the age of 50 and most likely you have moved to Florida from New York or New Jersey. Just sayin'. Aaaanyways...

I've also been checking in with the rehab calendar. So far the only attraction that will be closed while we are there is the Swiss Family Tree House which is bitter sweet news. I'm thrilled that nothing really great is closed, but at the same time, the Swiss Family Tree House is nostalgic from my childhood. I loved going in it, most likely because that and "It's a small world" were the only two things in all of Magic Kingdom that didn't send me crying into my father's arms. Yup, I was scardy cat. Still kinda am. But like I said, I'm relieved that's the only thing we'll be missing out on. 

Speaking of rehabs though, there is a pretty major one going on while we're there. It won't affect us but it will make Magic Kingdom a little less magical looking. Dinsey is in the middle of a major 3 year renovation of Magic Kingdom. They are almost doubling Fantasyland in size. They're changing the Dumbo ride to actually be in a circus tent, they're adding a Little Mermaid "dark ride" (think peter pan ride), they're adding a wall around the castle so it has a courtyard, they're adding a seven dwarfs mine train ride & a Goofy roller coaster and finally, my personal favorite, they're adding a Beauty & the Beast village complete with castle, Gaston's pub & Be Our Guest restaurant! So exciting! They won't be completely finished with this project until the end of 2012, but it will start to complete in phases beginning in early 2012. What does this mean for our trip? Well, basically just a bunch of rehab walls up around the park, mainly at the back of the park. Not a big deal. You can see the progress as of yesterday here. You can also watch a short video on how Magic Kingdom will be decorated for the fall bellow. So excited!

And now back to reality with another awesome video!

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