Exciting news!

I'm back and with exciting news! These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least! I started this trip's blog with the idea that I'd be posting more than ever before & it turned out to be the opposite! And that's partly because... I'm engaged!! Matt popped the question on September 24th. I was surprised & so happy. Since then all of my planning attention has shifted to our wedding rather than our upcoming Disney vacation... that is 5 days and a wake up away!!! Yeah, the trip is that close! It didn't hit me until yesterday.
To be honest, I haven't been excited at all. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to go to Disney World with my family... and fiance. Ok, I'll stop. I vowed not to be one of those annoying women that once engaged only refers to her man as "fiance" and then when married "husband" like he suddenly lost his first name. Anyway! I'm SO excited but it didn't hit me until yesterday. I think there was just too much going on for me to really get excited. Now its hit me how close the trip is and it's all I can think about. So lets get onto more important things... food!

I have planned out all of our meals for this trip. Just yesterday I was making adjustments to our dining arrangements and I was surprised to see how many ADRs (reservations) are still available! I think we're going to have some seriously light crowds! Here's the perfect eating plan that I've come up with.

Thurs, Oct 13
Le Cellier @ 4:20pm (Canadian Steakhouse)

Fri, Oct 14
Chefs de France @ 6:20pm (French)

Matt joins DE, Shanna & I late Friday night.

Sat, Oct 15
San Angel Inn @ 1:30 (Mexican)

Sun, Oct 16
Sci-Fi Dine In Theater @ 12:10pm (American)

Mom & Dad join us Sunday night.

Mon, Oct 17
50s Prime Time @ 12:45pm (American)

Tues, Oct 18
Yak & Yeti @ 2:30pm (Chinese)

Wed, Oct 19
Whispering Canyon Cafe @ 1:05pm (BBQ)

Thurs, Oct 20
'Ohana @ 5:15pm (Polynesian)

Fri, Oct 21
Via Napoli @ 4:30pm (Italian)

So that's the ADRs. We also have Food & Wine Festival to enjoy which I'm really excited about. Also, it's not a Disney trip without a Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll and a carrot cake whoppie pie at Hollywood Studios.  Oh, and the oh so feminine turkey leg! I'm so excited!

As for our plans coming up. I have family in town this weekend and Shanna's baby shower as well. Then I have a bridal show to go to as as well some other appointments. So this is definitely the last past you'll get before the big trip. Maybe one the night before we leave... but it's doubtful.

Donn Eric, Shanna & I leave Thursday morning with wheelchair and Matt's suitcase. Matt arrives late Friday night. I'm going to take his suitcase with me since I'm getting there in the middle of the day, magical express will pick up our luggage for us and deliver it to our room. Matt would have to go down to baggage claim and pick his up himself since he's getting in so late. Why delay his arrival anymore. My parents arrive Sunday night. We all leave together on Sat, Oct 22. I've checked the rehab schedule again and it looks like there were no additions to the list. The Swiss Family Tree House is the only thing closed while we're there. Couldn't of asked for more! I still have to pre-order our photopass picture cd & once there, purchase my park tickets and restaurant discount card. How exciting!

Well, that's it until sunny Florida... or possibly Wed night! This post could have been a lot more enjoyable if my lovely brother didn't have moments of being insanely annoying. You try and be a creative writer while someone is sending you the most annoying text messages. Ugh.

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