Day 18: Final Day at Sea

Better late than never... (explanation coming soon)
So today was our last day at sea. You’d think after all this time I’d be sick of this ship but not at all! I am so sad that this is our last sea day. I started the day just like any other sea day. Woke up way too early, this time I took some time to start packing. After it was a decent time of the morning I headed to breakfast. I had finally started to get my appetite back. Don’t know why, but I didn’t mind. Breakfast was amazing. After breakfast I headed to my seat, the one I had commandeered the entire cruise & read for a while. Next it was time for our final cooking demonstration. This was also sad, as we really enjoyed these “Art of Entertaining” demonstrations. Today’s did not disappoint. Today it was the three head chefs onboard. They did it kind of like a tag team/iron chef sort of thing. One was French, one Italian & the other was Irish! We went full circle on this trip. Started with Ireland & ended (kind of) with Ireland. The chef from Ireland was really funny. He had non stop “jabs/zingers” at the other two & he never even cracked a smile. It was great. The French chef was more serious. I know, big surprise. The Italian was just silly. It really was a lot of fun. They made my favorite entree of all the cooking demonstrations, a filo wrapped salmon with peas & potatoes. It was soooo good. I’m definitely going to make that one at home. After that my mom & I found my dad and headed to the buffet for lunch. After lunch, my mom & I went to OUR chairs and my dad went off somewhere. After quite a while we headed back to our rooms to finish up packing what we could and then relax. My favorite comedian that I had seen on my first Disney cruise was doing a late night show tonight. I was really excited. Next we got ready for dinner and the show. Tonight’s show was Disney Dreams. Usually I find this show completely cheesy & boring. However, this time the girl who played the main character was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it!  Dinner was really good tonight. Probably because I had my appetite back. Renaldo was hysterical as usual. We had another lemon display waiting for us. After dinner, we headed back to our rooms to change since tonight was semi formal night. We got comfy and then headed for the main theater to see John Charles. He did not disappoint. LOVE him. He’s like a walking jukebox. He has the crowd yell out songs and he plays, sings & mocks them. I’ve never seen him get a song he didn’t know. He was great! The crowd was so into it he went about 30 minutes over and then promised that he’s do another special show tomorrow night. I was really excited. Off to bed before our last day tomorrow at Castaway Cay (pronounced key).

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