Jambo & Merry Christmas!

Today officially starts my latest trip, Disney World for the Christmas season with one of my oldest friends, Dyanna. You'll notice after looking over my blog that I haven't posted any pre-trip reports. You'll also notice that it took me over a month to finish my last trip report. My family has gone through quite the experience that started almost immediately following getting off the Disney Magic. I won't get into details, but my mom & I spent a month in Florida with my family. My Uncle had been fighting cancer for almost two years and less than a week after we got off the ship, while my mom & I were still in Fl with them, we were told he had no more than two months to live. About 3 days later my mom & I reluctantly went home. Once we got home my dad flew back to Fl to spend time with my Uncle. My dad & Uncle met when they were 8 years old and then ended up marrying sisters. They've been friends & brother-in-laws for 53 years. After my dad was there for about two days he called home & said we needed to be there. My family is blessed in so many ways. We are blessed with great people & great jobs that allowed us to be there with my Aunt & Uncle.  So after being home for 4 days, my mom & I headed right back for Florida. We ended up staying there a month. In that month we were able to spend amazing time with our family and be with my Uncle in his final weeks. It was a sad time to see him suffer but it was also the most amazing month of my life. You see my Uncle had a personal relationship with Jesus, so it wasn't goodbye, it was so long, 'cause it's only so long until we see him again. So it was very bittersweet. It was hard to see him suffer & hard to think that it will be a little while before we can see him again, but it was awesome to have such quality time with my wonderful family. My Uncle Art was an amazing man and what an example my Aunt gave me of true love. For better or for worse, in sickness in health. I can only hope that one day I can be half the wife and mother my Aunt is. She is an incredible woman and I was amazed daily by her loyalty and selfless acts, especially during these past two years. So after this past month I really look at life much different. I will say and if you don't like hearing it, than tough, 'cause I'm gonna say it anyway... if you're a smoker, STOP SMOKING!!!!!!!! Think of your future & think of your family. 

So that's what's been going on in my life in Oct & Nov. After getting home I had an awesome Thanksgiving and then celebrated my 25th birthday by going to see Michael Buble in concert. AMAZING. I took some video that I'll share below. Now... I just got a text from Dyanna & she's waiting for the Magical Express bus!!! Let the vacation begin! Trip Report starts tomorrow morning!!!  

It's filmed in HD, but you have to change it to 720 on the bottom right of the screen to see it in HD.

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