Sound the alarm...Sun, Day 3

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and laid in bed until 7am. I typed up some of my blog while Matt slept. Once he was finally up at around 8am, he went to play basketball while I stayed in the room diligently typing my trip report for the day before. Aren’t I the studious vacationer?  I tried to post it and upload pictures but I was having connectivity issues. My computer wouldn’t connect to the WiFi. It was weird. I finally gave up and figured I’d come back to the room later and give it a try. 
Matt returned I got was lucky enough to hear, in detail, all about his basketball struggles as of late.  After “The Anatomy of Matt’s Shooting” class we headed up to Cabana’s, the buffet, for some breakfast. Let me tell you, it was crazy up there- this was at about 10am. Honestly, I don’t care for their new layout versus the older ships. On the older ships there’s one line, everyone gets on it and is headed the same direction. This new way is these little stations all over the place, which in theory is nice because, say you want another piece of toast, you don’t have to wait on the entire line just for some more toast, you just go to that station and grab it and go. However, maybe it was because it was the first morning and everyone was still getting used to the flow, or lack there of. It was crazy! People were coming from every direction. You turn to walk away and you nearly have a head on collision with someone coming from the opposite direction, I missed some food. There’s no rhyme or reason to the stations, so if one gets really crowded, there’s no clear way to line up so it’s just a wall of people. Very strange. Now, I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and see if things calm down some as the trip goes on. The food selection was okay. This is my first breakfast buffet since eggs are a no no for me, so that was sad and it didn’t leave a ton of options. There were no waffles, which is what I was craving. They did have french toast and pancakes, regular & blueberry. I went with a piece of bacon and sausage, the blueberry pancakes, a bagel, a glazed jelly-filled donut & raisin bran cereal. It was a carb fest basically. It was all very good. Matt had all kinds of good stuff that I don’t really want to talk about. 

After breakfast we headed to the adult only pool. What magical words when put together.  We decided to go one level above the pool, since the pool area on this ship is basically in total shade. The next level up has a bunch of pool chairs, surrounding a little 2 foot deep wading pool, “Funnel Puddle” with this little fountain in the middle. Perfect for cooling off while still getting some sun. I was under the impression that this area is also adult only & I was throwing a little tantrum in my head as I watched this 6 year old girl running laps splashing her way thru the little pool. She basically took ownership of the entire thing. I decided that I was going to say something to one of the workers, but decided I should totally be sure it is in fact still adult only, since we’re one floor above the adult only pool. I read the pool rules sign and there it is, “Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.”. This annoyed me. The adult only pool has like maybe 20 loungers on it’s deck and non of which are in the sun. If you want sun you go the next level up. I don’t get why Disney doesn’t make this area adult only too. It’s not right and this is another thing about the new ships that I don’t really care for. Tomorrow we’ll check out another area, I thought was adult only, but now I’m not sure. It’s all the way forward, “Satellite Falls”. Another area full of lounge chairs with a small wading type pool with water features. So we stayed in the “Funnel Puddle” area anyway. I decided putting on sunscreen was probably a good idea so I took out my brand new bottle of moisturizing sunscreen. This sunscreen was the same type that I used for my honeymoon and I really liked it. It’s not the exact same one, the packaging was slightly different. It said it offered a nice sun shimmer. Since they were out of my one, I went with it. How different could it be? Apparently VERY different. I start to put it on and I’m suddenly covered in glitter! ixiedust: Nowhere on the bottle did it indicate that it has glitter in it. I looked like a Justin Beiber loving, teeny bopper.  I was completely covered in glitter, from head to toe. Worse yet, I forgot Matt’s sunscreen. I should of not said anything and slathered it all over his back as payback for the egg fiasco at dinner. I decided against it, so Matt headed down to buy himself sunscreen. He got 70spf which for me if I use I won’t get any sun. Thanks a lot Mr. Super Cautious. Now I’m stuck with my glitter fabulous sunscreen. Now not only am I covered in glitter, but everything I touch gets contaminated too! Glitter everywhere! Matt made fun of me pretty much all day. Once we were all sunscreened up & glitterfied, I laid in the sun for a bit while Matt went in the pool just down stairs. He came up and laid for a bit, but like I knew he would, he got board and wanted to move on. The guy cannot sit still. So I decided I’d run down quick while he stayed with our stuff and try at the internet again to post my blog, then come back up to the pool & then he would head to the gym while I laid in the sun. I was able to get on the internet this time, so I posted and headed back upstairs. Matt spent about 30 minutes in the gym while I sparkled in the sun. It was like a scene out of Twilight.  Matt rejoined me at just the right moment, cause I was hot! So we headed down to the pool, which now had sun on it, all the loungers down there are still fully shaded. We sat in the pool for a while and then we saw these ominous clouds come rolling in. Literally in like 2 minutes it went from a gorgeous day to crazy weather! You looked out to the ocean and all you could see was white. Looked like we were on an airplane in the middle of a cloud & then boom, it was pouring and the wind was nuts! I thought we were on our was to Oz. There’s no place like home... Matt ran upstairs to get our stuff while I took cover by the pool. What a guy. The crazy mini tornado thing lasted for about 5 minutes. Matt had taken shelter upstairs, so I waited for him to come back downstairs. We decided to go into the hot tub since they are covered, basically almost indoors, if you will. The hot tubs are awesome and I had never heard about them. They hang out over the side of the ship and the floor has a large piece of glass so you can look down to see the ocean below. Freaky and cool all wrapped into one. The one problem with hot tubs on a cruise is they’re a trap for talkers. Matt is a talker. So we spent the next 20 minutes, correction, Matt spent the next 20 minutes talking to everyone who joined us, while I did the smile and nod every 2 minutes or so thing. I did have to join in when Matt told the people I was also a DVC member. Great! It’s not that I don’t like people, I just hate small talk and am really not too good at it. Thankfully, Matt knows me enough to know, that even though my head was above the water, I was suffocating, so he did the whole, “we’d love to stay but we gotta go eat” trick. Nice! We told them it was nice to meet them and headed out of the hot tub to dry off and get something to eat. One problem, these were DVC members. I think there some unwritten rule somewhere, that I of course don’t follow, that DVC members must be super friendly, because these people followed us to our seats and continued to talk to us (Matt!) for an additional 15 minutes while we kept trying to go eat!!  Finally, we broke away from them and headed for some “fast food” by the pool. That area was crazy, loud & chaotic! I got a bacon cheeseburger, of course, and Matt got a mozzarella, tomato & basil panini.

After lunch we headed inside since it rained the rest of the afternoon. We ended up going back to the room so Matt could watch some football. The sports bar, O’Gills, was packed! It worked out good though. Matt watched football and some movies while I slept.  Tonight we were going to see the stage show, Aladdin, at 6:15. It is formal night tonight, but I decided to shower and get ready before the show, but put on a track suit for the show and then after the show come back and put on my dress. I’m on vacation...I want to be comfortable. Matt did the same, but thankfully put on a suit rather than a dress.  Before we made it to the show, however, we had a “show” of our own. On the first day I had read on the pamphlet that the smoke alarms are sensitive to steam, so to be sure to shower with the door shut. No problem. So tonight I got in the shower first. I came out and was putting on my make up while still in a towel while Matt got in the shower. Matt showered pretty quick and upon opening the bathroom door after his shower this alarm starts whaling!! I look over and can see the seam around the smoke detector so right away I know what it is, poor Matt has no idea. So I yell to him to shut the door, so he got back in the bathroom and shut himself in. The thing is still blaring and our phone rings. It’s an automated call saying, “You’re smoke alarm is alarming...” No kidding genius. “ 911 and evacuate your room immediately.” What?! I’m in a towel, Matt’s in a towel locked in the bathroom not having a clue what’s going on. So I realize that cruise ships are serious about fires. If a ship catches on fire, there’s serious issues since you’re in the middle of the ocean. I’m thinking that they’re gonna be at our door any minute. So I yell to Matt to get out here & get some clothes on quick. I’m trying to throw on anything, but like the OCD person that I am, everything’s put away. So I grab a t-shirt & sweats and as I’m pulling on my clothes the phone rings again. It’s the bridge!  They told us our alarm was going off. What do these people think we’re deaf? So I cut him off and say I think the shower set it off. So he says ok and tells me that he’ll reset it. That’s it? He’s just gonna take my word for it? I was surprised. I thought for sure they’d want to inspect the room or something. Then I realized with a smoke alarm that sensitive, if it was an actual fire it would just go off again. I was a wreck after that. I was glad I already had my eyeliner on because my hands were shaking big time from the adrenaline. I for sure would have poked my eye out on that attempt. Matt & I laughed at the whole scene that just took place in our room. We didn’t need to go see Aladdin after that, we create our own entertainment. I finally stopped shaking about 10 minutes after the Steam Fiasco of 2012. I think tomorrow, Matt will wait like 20 minutes in that tiny bathroom before he comes out. So we finished getting ready and headed to the theater. The show was really good. I was impressed. Matt was disappointed that it wasn’t Robin Williams playing the Genie but other than that he loved it. 

After the show, we went back to the room, put on our formal clothes and went to get a picture on the grand staircase in the lobby. It came out okay. I always look really weird with those big professional flash. The lines for pictures were long but moved pretty quick. We waited about 25 minutes, got our picture and then it was time for dinner. Our dinner was in Royal Court tonight. It’s theme is french and Disney princesses. Each princess has her own section. We were lucky enough to be seated in a small private room with only 5 other tables and it had a view of the lobby. It was really nice. It was Princess Tiana’s room. The food was really great & our waitress brought out a serving of wild boar for Matt to try in addition to his beef tenderloin. He really liked it. They had bread tonight that I didn’t love. It was very crumbly. At one point I took a bite and a large chunk went down the wrong pipe, at that exact moment the head waiter, Mr No Eggs for You, happened to stop by the table right next to us. So I start choking and all I can think at this moment is how this guy is gonna think I’m sitting here having an allergic reaction to the egg in the bread.  So I’m choking & tearing, but on the inside I’m laughing hysterical at the irony. This is the first time I’ve seen the guy since I insisted the eggs in the bread wouldn’t harm me. I’m still choking after quite a while and Matt is on the same train of thought as me. The guy is stand with his back to me but extremely close, since the tables are super close together. Matt’s whispering “eggs!” “the eggs!” in an evil laugh and I’m dying.  Again, on the inside hysterical laughing, on the outside choking, but I’m also starting to get a little nervous cause I can’t stop coughing & I don’t know what this guy is thinking right now. He finally walks away and our head waiter, who I love, but have forgotten her name again, comes over to ask if I’m okay. I squeaked out “wrong pipe” and she was cute telling me how she hates when that happens & to take my time and not to mess up my make up. She took Matt’s order and by the time she got to me, I was finally getting my voice back. So I gave her my order and took a drink of more water. Dinner was great, other than that. Our assistant waiter had a little mind game trick that Matt figured out. He was so proud. 

After dinner, was the adult only show by one of the acts on board, Buckets & Boards. They’re from Branson, Missouri & have a show there in the spring & summer. Their act is like combining a hillbilly comedian, a blue grass singer & the off Broadway show, Stomp. They were really good and great at working off the crowd, especially the drunk, heckling guy. It was very funny. It was standing room only by the time we got there, so we ended up going over to another bar, where they were live streaming it. I think we ended up being better off because we could see them real close. Once that was finished we headed up to the pool deck, deck 11, and walked around for a bit and then headed to the room. Crazy enough, we both felt hungry so we ordered room service. I shouldn’t of bothered because by the time they came, 30 minutes later, I was asleep. I did wake up and eat though. I had pizza & the cake of the day, Pumpkin Pie. Interesting that the CAKE of the day was actually pie.  Matt had buffalo wings AND a philly cheesesteak sandwich, both he really liked. About 2 minutes after my last bite, I was out. I know, real healthy. Matt stayed up watching a movie until I don’t know when. 


Ashleigh said...

That is so annoying about the wifi. You should get money back. Last month I went on vacation and the hotel's wifi just wasn't working, period. The entire time I was there! Maybe they didn't even have it and just "said" it wasn't working...

Kristy said...

I also got very frustrated when I go to this coffee shop and they said they have free wifi but when I turn on my laptop there's none. After what happened I intend not to go there anymore.