Day 4: Monday 5/2

Today started at 6am. Last night we had to turn the clocks back an hour before bed. I didn’t sleep well, I’ve found that I feel the worst during the night, but I woke up feeling pretty good. Today we were arriving at Costa Maya, Mexico at 8am. My plan was to relax by the pool. So I got dressed and headed to my parent’s room. Of course, my mom was not all. So I headed up to the adult only pool with my dad so he could see where I got a seat & then go back for my mom. That really wasn’t necessary since there were only five other people at the pool at that time. So I got some seats and my dad headed back for my mom. 

About 45 minutes later my parents showed up. They had brought me some yogurt. So I ate that while I laid in the sun. We ended up spending the whole day there. It was nice. I was feeling pretty good. I’ve noticed with the painkillers that I have like 4 hours of feeling really good. It just feels like a cold. Then like clockwork three hours prior to when I can take the pills again I start to feel pretty bad. By the time I can take them again it takes about an hour for them to start to help. So it’s 4 hours feeling food & 4 hours feeling progressively worse. Well, I don’t know if it was being out in the sun but I felt pretty good the entire day. I spent from 8am - 3pm at the pool and at times I even forgot that I had been sick. 
At around 12pm my parents went for lunch but I wasn’t hungry so I just had them bring me back something. Big mistake. While they were gone I was left defenseless. Alone. A target for crazy & crazy found me. Can I just say that I have now experienced it all. So I’m laying by the pool and this woman shows up at the pool. I’m using the term “woman” loosely,,, VERY loosely. She was a little nutty and very friendly... especially with other WOMAN. We all on board here?? So I’m laying there watching this train wreck. I was feeling pretty good since she was on the other side of the pool. She heads towards my side of the pool and starts talking to two woman sitting near me. She ends up getting a lounge chair near them, which is facing me. She’s sitting there carrying on a conversation with the woman sitting about 20 feet from her. She then asks them if she can use their sunscreen. They say yes & she practically runs up to them. She sits on the one lady’s lounge chair & asks the complete stranger to apply it for her. Oh. My. God. So the lady does it!! I’m sorry. I’m a nice person, but there is NO WAY I’m applying sunscreen to a stranger...especially one that is super “friendly” & of the same sex. I couldn’t look away. My brain was saying “look away” but I was totally mesmerized by this insanity. At the moment she was done getting her rub down, she got up to walk back down to her lounger & the biggest mistake of my life happened... eye contact. Uh, oh! So she starts heading my direction to get back to her lounger. At this point I’m squirming in my seat & practically in full blown intercession. I’m making promises to God left & right if he gets me out of this. I was desperate. She’s headed my way so I grab my headphones & shove them in my ear. I also rolled over to my stomach & then laid my head down like I was going to sleep. Didn’t matter. So she asks me “How’s the water?”. At first I didn’t think she was talking to me since I was completely dry laying on my lounge chair. How’s the water?? Got me. So I took drastic measures. I still feel a little guilty. I acted like I didn’t hear her. Don’t judge me... you’d do the exact same thing. I mean this was not just a friendly person. This was someone so “friendly” that she didn’t think twice about asking a complete stranger to apply their sunscreen to her back. If I answered this woman, it wasn’t gonna end there & I was trapped. All my parent’s stuff was there & they went to lunch. I couldn’t leave if she got to be too much. What else was I supposed to do??? So she headed back to her lounge chair & sat there belting out every song that played by the pool while dancing away on her lounge chair. Finally she left. It was perfect timing too cause I was so hot. I had to get into the water to cool off but I was frozen there in fear until she was gone. haha
Now that the pool was crazy free again, I happily headed to the pool to cool off. By this time there were probably about 30 people at the adult only pool. I was so happy that I succeeded in avoiding her. So I was in the pool for about 15 minutes and and then went to head back to my chair. Now I should have known that my trouble was only beginning. During my play dead move I happened to notice an overweight man in a speedo show up. Lovely. So he’s been lounging in a chair right near the pool entrance. Lounging is probably the wrong choice of words. The man was laying there ready to deliver. He was laying on his lounge chair, spread eagle, with each of his legs up in the air on the chairs next to him. Apparently tanning your inner thighs is important to men in speedos. So I have to walk by this mess to get back to my chair. Great. And I wondered why I had no appetite. So as I walk by he puts his legs down (thank you!) and sits up. I get back to my chair & when I turn around to sit in my chair I would have preferred to see his stirrups position rather than what I saw next. The man had taken out his video camera & was filming the “sights” by the pool. Lovely. Never trust a man in a speedo... or look at him for that matter. So I got up & wrapped myself in a towel and waited for the perv to move on. 
Finally, my parents returned. Thank God! So my dad had brought me back a hot dog and fries. Surprisingly I had an appetite. So I sat in the shade and ate that. My dad then goes on to tell me about this “woman” that he ran into on his way to the pool. By his description I knew exactly who it was. It was very funny. He started to complain about how overly friendly she was. So I told him about my pool fun while they were gone. After I ate I sat back in the sun for a while. My throat was getting a little uncomfortable so I asked the cabana man for a strawberry daiquiri. He brought it back to me & my God was that the best choice of the day. It felt so good on my throat. So I laid there for a while and then decided to roll over. I needed to reapply my sunscreen on my back so I asked the cabana woman to help me with that. I’m telling you. When going on vacation, bring your very own personal cabana staff. It makes a huge difference. Then get sick while on vacation. You may feel pretty crappy but you’ll have two people waiting on you hand & foot. My parents have been great! 
So at about 3pm I decided to head back to the room to sleep for a little bit and then shower and change for dinner. I was still feeling really good which was a welcomed change. I slept and then got ready for dinner. Almost immediately after showering tonsillitis hit me hard. I was due for painkillers in an hour so I just thought it was that. So I finish getting ready and head to my parent’s room. I get them and we head to dinner. The restaurant we were eating in was on the other end of the ship. As we walked there I was feeling worse and worse. So we get to the restaurant and it was really nice. They even had a live 5 piece band playing swing music. People were getting up and dancing. It was really nice. Once I got to the table I went to take my meds. My mom started asking me about when I took them last, etc. Earlier this morning we had this whole (who’s on first style) discussion about when I did & should be taking them with the time change. Turns out one of us was using NY time & the other was using the ship’s new time. I don’t know how it got so mixed up but I ended up taking my precious painkillers 3 hours late! No wonder I felt so bad. So I took them and waited impatiently for them to kick in. I was miserable. I had plans after dinner to go to the comedy club, then to see a Motown tribute band and then head up to the adult only pool to watch them play the newlywed game... a favorite of mine on every cruise. Then if I was still feeling good I’d go over to one of the bars to watch some drunken karaoke...another cruise favorite of mine. I made it to the main course being set on the table & that was it. I took about 3 bites. I was achy, my joints were throbbing, my ears were aching, my throat was a mess. I felt terrible. So I called it a night and left for bed. I got in bed at about 7pm and laid there watching the Yankee game. Talk about suffering...I’m laying there half dead watching the Yankees. I really was sick in the head. I slept on and off the whole night. We had to turn the clocks back another hour before bed. I was so confused as to when to take my pills that I didn’t bother. I knew I had to take the next painkiller at 12:30am. I should have set my alarm. I didn’t. So I woke up at 2am in serious discomfort. I took the pills and once they kicked in I finally slept sound. 
Tomorrow we arrive at Roatan, Honduras. I may get off the ship. My parents both brought spf 30 sunblock but refused to use it cause they wanted to get a tan. How’d that work out for them you ask? They’re burnt to a crisp. So I doubt they’ll want to lay by the pool. I don’t know if I’ll be adventurous enough to head up there alone. That pool attracts nothing but crazies! We’ll see.         
The internet has been slow, but I was able to upload a few more pics. Check them on right. ---------->


bob sacamano said...

Why don't you take the painkillers at 5 hours so that the new one kicks in before the old one wears off? The overlap wont kill you...

mayo3dill said...

Bob is right Lisa. I know from Uncle Art, you can't "chase" pain. You have to stay before it. I sure do hope you get better soon. What a horrible thing to get sick on vacation. (I know first hand about that....5 days on Maui and all I saw was the 4 walls of our hotel room. On the 5th day, Uncle Billy was well enough to sit by the pool (yeah, I said sit by) for about an hour before we had to fly back. Oh, it was soooo much fun!! Couldn't even watch TV or open the blinds so as not to disturb him. PLEASE get better <3

olga said...

I feel for u and the crazies u encountered poolside...go away!! Pastor and Rose...spf30 is good to get that initial base tan...then spf8 or achieve that nice bronzee glow.
Feel better and make the best of the cruise. Ur getting me in the mood for cruising!