Plans for Sea Days.

18 days out! 18 days. I cannot believe it! This trip is coming so quick. I'm excited but I am getting a little nervous about the whole thing. I know no trip can be perfect but being the OCD, perfectionist that I am I don't ever truly believe that. I just want the trip to go smooth. I think it will. I hope it will. I know the cruise will go great, but it's the Ireland/Spain part I'm nervous about. Actually just Ireland & now that I think about it, only one of the days in Ireland, the hoho bus day. Come to think of it. I have no reason to be worried. I think this is the sleep depravation talking. Disregard that whole beginning part. 

18 days! Wahoo! This trip is going to be smooth sailing! It's going to be trip full of unicorns and rainbows! How perfect! Okay, that's about as long as I can manage "chipper". On to the plans.

Plans for my 8 sea days.
8 sea days! 5 of which are back-to-back. Pure heaven. Sea days are my favorite part of a cruise. So relaxing. So in the way of plans, I don't really have many. My number one is to relax, next if the weather is good, there's nothing better than laying on a lounger in the sun with my new Kindle. (Yup, I ordered it! The new black, wifi/3g one. Starts shipping Sept 8... I leave the 13th. Holding my breath, but I have free 2 day shipping. Hopeful, but not expecting.)  I also love to eat while cruising. Nothing like my 5pm grilled cheese or PB&J snack from room service. I have late seating dinner (8:30pm) so that little snack is great to hold me over. I've been thinking about treating myself to a spa treatment this cruise. I'm going to be 25, I've been on 7 cruises & I have a spa 5 minutes from my house & I have NEVER even had a pinky toe inside a spa, let alone gotten a treatment. I'm just not that type of person. I have quite a problem with anxiety for new things & I think I'll be so nervous that I wont even relax & enjoy it. Plus, I get to a level 5 freak out just from people tailgating me while I'm walking in the mall. (Seriously! Public Service Announcement: If you are walking in the mall & you come up behind someone, either go AROUND THEM or SLOW DOWN. There is no unwritten rule that to shop in the mall you must walk within 6 inches of the person in front of you. Seriously. I am always so tempted to either "break check" them (stop suddenly) or join in their annoying conversation... & it wouldn't be friendly. Can you tell this is a hot topic of mine?? I double parenthesized! Is that even allowed???) So as you can see, a complete stranger rubbing my body for 3 seconds goes against everything I believe in. I can't imagine 30 minutes of it. So I may not be there yet. But who knows. After 4 days straight of sea days, I may be so relaxed, I may even like people. Okay, so maybe that's a little much. But maybe I'll be relaxed enough to tolerate 30 minutes of close proximity to a stranger. Guess we'll have to wait & see. See I was thinking since this trip is so long, I know my nails will be shot by the time I get on the ship. I was thinking to at least get a manicure at the spa, but there's my problem again. Unlike at home, the girls speak English in the spa, so I'll actually have to talk to them. Hmm. Would you say I need a vacation?? Let's see. I'm bringing a deck of cards & I have in my wishlist (waiting for my kindle) a book with 100s of different card games & how to play them. Also, the ship has ping pong, which I'm planning to destroy my dad in!! Also, a childhood favorite of mine, shuffleboard. Then there's the movies on my computer, the ones on the TV & the ones playing in the movie theater. On top of all that there's the stuff Disney will put on, galley (kitchen) tours, napkin folding, cooking demonstrations, talks from popular cast members, cake decorating, ice carving, tastings, character meet & greets, SHOPPING, hot tubbing, eating, shopping, hot tubbing, etc. So as you can see there's a lot. I'm also going to try and get a brunch reservation at Palo (adult only restaurant) once on board. It's super amazing & super popular, so I couldn't secure a resi before boarding, but with 8 sea days, I'm sure I'll be able to get one. If not, no biggie. Been there, done that. 

As far as other plans. So I finally received my second order (free of charge) of pirate t-shirts. STILL WRONG! Ugh. One t-shirt was right, but the other two were still wrong, so they're sending them out again. I've got quite the collection of pirate t-shirts. They'll be going on e-bay. I'm gong to profit by this headache, so it's not all bad. What else? Like I said, I ordered the kindle. I've already found a bunch of books that are waiting in my wish list. I started to pack up my jewelry. That's been quite a job. I'm not the type who picks out an outfit & knows what jewelry I want to wear with it. See these things take time & it depends on if my hair is up or down, etc. So I'm bringing a ton of jewelry. In my carryon of course. Those dumb TSA people. This last trip to Florida was the first time i ever experience theft via TSA. Can you guess what they stole?? My universal charger, but not the cord. Expected, but guess what else. Rocky's 2 used, squeaky toys! Who steals dog toys?! They were in the bottom too so it's not like they fell out. They rummaged for & stole dog toys, USED dog toys. What is this world coming to?? Poor Rocky. One was her favorite squirrel squeaky toy. We have a squirrel that torments poor Rocky. I should get it on video 'cause it's quite amazing, but mean. That stupid squirrel teases her just outside the window that she sits & looks out. It runs up to the window, gets her barking, then runs further away, then runs back up to it. Then it will just sit there & stare at Rocky while Rocky is going insane. It's quite mean, but also hysterical. So I went & bought her a squirrel squeaky toy to take out her aggression on. Gone. Dumb TSA. They should have to pay my Vet bills for the emotional stress this is going to cause my poor Rocky. I dogress. I also booked the last of my excursions. Oh, I also found out that for whatever reason, Aer Lingus is not charging us for our 1st bags, so now it looks like we're going to bring a third, garment bag suitcase. It will only cost us $25. Originally, we were going to have to pay for our first bags & then even more for additional ones, but they're not charging us. Fine by me. I have basically all of my shopping done, except for some clothing. Technically, I have enough clothes to go, but where's the fun in that?? I still have to make my dad a little cheat sheet with his room number on it. Your room key obviously doesn't have your room number on it, as that would be quite interesting if you happened to loose your room key. So on our last cruise we sent my dad up to drop some shopping bags off in his stateroom & an hour later, he's back... still carrying the shopping bags. He forgot his room number AND deck number & was walking all the decks looking for his room. I had decorated his door, so I guess he was hoping to recognize the door decorations as he walked by. He never found it. So I'll be making him a little cheat sheet with his room number on it. He's cute. I've made copies of our passports & will have one in each of our bags. I'm going to order a few more euros. I don't want to have to bother looking for an atm & then worry about a skimmer being on it, etc. So I'll pay a little more here, but it's convenient & I'm a stereotypical, lazy American. I think that's it for now. I'll be back soon... if I don't have a nervous breakdown from work first.


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