Good God! It's September already!!!

Where has the time gone?! It's September! I'm 11 days and a wake up away! WOW! I feel so unprepared... but I'm not. Ok, so clothes wise I'm unprepared. I have no idea what I'm packing when it comes to clothes. I have my two formal dresses and I have my one semiformal dress. Really it's my clothes for dinner that I'm not sure of. I have planned the day of Friday, Sept 10th as my shopping day. I'm going to go with my mom & we're not coming home until we have everything we need... and more. I need clothes, but nothing else. My parents have clothes, but nothing else. You may think that I am waiting until the last second & you are right. Work has been INSANE and I can't even think about anything not work related until Wednesday, a week from today. I'm not concerned though. We live about 45 minutes from the Palisades Mall, America's 2nd largest mall. You may have heard about it if you watched Rosie O'donnell's old talk show. She lived in the area and there were many rumors that the mall was sinking. SHe was always talking about it until the builder finally came on the show to refute the allegations & assure that it is not sinking.  Now that we got that important info out of the way. I don't know, I guess I'm a rambler tonight. Anyway. We'll be going to the Palisades Mall. If the 2nd largest mall in our country doesn't have all that we need, we're in trouble! They even have a Target, BJ's & Home Depot... good thing, 'cause I'm short on hammers & you can't go on a cruise without a hammer?? Jeez. You'd think the mall was paying me for advertising or something. My point in short... we are shopping in a giant mall 2 days (and a wake up) before we leave and there is no way we shouldn't leave with everything we need... and then some. Now onto more important things. I finally received our pirate t-shirts and they're all correct! Finally. It took three tries. The positive thing is, I'm selling the wrong ones on ebay. So if you liked my pirate shirts, watch for them on ebay. I also received my leg, security wallet. I wrote my tour guide company to ask them just how much I need to worry about pick-pocketing in Barcelona. They told me that I would have nothing to worry about during the day, especially with the fact that we'll be with a tour guide. They said that you have to be careful at night, especially on Las Ramblas (popular street). They said not to carry a lot of extras. They also said it wasn't as much of a problem as the internet makes it out to be. So I bought the leg wallet for our night in Barcelona when we'll be walking Las Ramblas to get to and from our dinner & show. The dinner is already paid, but I want to have our passports with us just in case and a little extra cash for possible souvenirs. So I'll have it... better safe than sorry. All of our excursions are booked and ready. I have printed out the menu for the place we're eating at for lunch on our first day. We may be slightly tight on time so I want us to be able to already know what we want when we walk in the door. Let's see what else. I found out that at our hotel in Dublin to get electricity into the outlet in our room we have to insert our room key into a slot by the door to activate it. Good to know, 'cause I'm sure we'd be totally lost without knowing that. I still have to order more euros. I've been carefully watching the rates to get the best rate I can. They arrive in 2 days, so I still have time. I still have to alert my CC & bank that I'm going away. I've made 3 copies of each of our passports. I've also checked-in to our cruise. I'm still waiting on my Kindle. They still haven't shipped it, but I checked last week and if you order that day, they said they'd ship out the 17th, so I ordered two weeks prior which means my Kindle should be shipping out by the end of this week. I have 2 day shipping, so I still have some time. I just wish it would come already! Well, I think that's it for now. Not a very entertaining post, I know, but what can I say? Life has been crazy lately. My next post will be about our 5 port day plans. How exciting!

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