Day 13: 3 of 5 consecutive sea days.

Before beginning I need to do a little housekeeping... or should I say "mousekeeping"? 
This is the post for our 3rd day at sea. I fell behind due to my mom taking my laptop hostage for two days, so I'm posting both today. Be sure to read day 12 (below) before reading this one. Also, just wanted to take some time to thank everyone for all the great feedback both on this blog & on facebook. I love hearing from you guys & I'm glad you're enjoying reading my rambling... and seeing my pictures. I haven't posted any new pictures since getting on board but I promise once I'm in the great ol' USA again, I'll post the rest. Now onto the show.
Today was out 3rd day at sea straight- our 5th (i think) all together. Today I woke up at a bright and early... wait for it... 6am. I got ready and skipped breakfast all together. I headed right up to the pool to get a seat. The only issue we've been having this trip is chair hogs. You are not allowed to save seats so if you complain it's not a problem, but it's still annoying. There are people who get up before 6am, go out and put a book & towel on a seat & then you never see them again. They save them just in case. So by the time I get up there at 8am all the seats are taken. It's unreal. The worst part is, that the best loungers right by the pool are all taken by people fully dressed with no intentions of even going into the pool. The good thing though, is that it's been getting hotter so those people are fleeing for some shade and AC. So I got out here and got a pretty nice chair, where I stayed until, you guessed it, 11:15am for another cooking demonstration. This time it was dessert. (actually yesterday was the dessert & today was the veal- my bad). Anyway. The dessert was really good. I don't remember the name of it but it was berries with like a custard over it. Kinda like creme brulee (spelling?) but not. It was really good. After that my mom & I met my dad for lunch at the buffet. Do you see a pattern here? After that my mom & I headed back to the cooking demonstration area (Studio Sea) for a tea tasting. I'm not a fan of tea so I thought it'd be a perfect way to try some teas other than Lipton to see if there were any I liked. When we got there that adorable waiter I told you about, Daniel from Peru, was waiting for us and told us that he set "our table" for us. It was cute. He stayed at our table and talked with us about cruising, his home country & a really bad storm they hit in the Mediterranean. It was the worst sea conditions any of the staff had ever seen. They had to close the top two outside decks, as well as the promenade deck (deck 4) due to the winds on the top two decks & the promenade deck had waves crashing on it!!! The ship was rocking so much that the passengers weren't allowed to carry coffee or tea for fear of them burning themselves so the crew had to carry it for them. The ship rocked so much that if you raised your leg like you were walking up a set of stairs, taking steps two at a time, the ship would meet you leg in the air- if that makes sense. It's hard to explain. It was just amazing. Then Daniel went on to say that he was desperate to get out there to surf the waves! He said he's surf on a chair if he had to. I was happy I wasn't on that sailing. After our little chat, the tea tasting started. I found through it that I still don't like tea. It was very interesting though. If you have any questions about tea- I'm your gal. Next we headed back outside to read & relax by the pool. My mom went to see a movie, The Last Song, which she hated, and my dad went to the spa where he got a $35 buzz cut. I headed back to my room a little early as tonight is our 2nd formal night. It's optional but I love getting dressed up so I look forward to it. My dad wore his tux again and looked snazzy as ever. We headed to the show tonight which was a tribute to some of the Disney music. I love the music from Disney movies so I really was looking forward to it. Unfortunately it was pretty cheesy, they sang the least popular songs & they changed them and mixed them. It was just all wrong. It was still a nice time though. After that we headed to one of the lounges to listen to a swing/jazz band that were really good & the piano player complimented my dress so I really liked them. After sitting their for a while we headed to the best dinner so far, not so much due to food, but due to our waiters. They were hysterical tonight. We laughed so hard my throat was horse by the time we left. Then our friend Daniel came by & he started picking on my dad for not coming with us to the tastings and that started a whole other round of jokes & laughing. It was a good time. As we left Daniel told us he "had our reservation" for tomorrow's tasting and that if anyone tried to sit at "our table" he'd take care of it. Did I mention how adorable he is?? After that we headed back to our rooms to change out of our formal wear and headed up to deck 9 to watch Pirated of the Caribbean under the stars on the giant tv screen by one of the pools.
I made it to about halfway through the movie and had to call it a night. I headed to bed but first moving my clock back another hour! This is getting crazy. I have an alarm clock, wall clock & wrist watch in my room. I usually am so tired I only change the alarm clock and then sometimes I remember my watch and  then usually it takes me a while to get around to the wall clock, so most of the cruise my three clocks all have different times, So I turn on the tv to find out the actual time. It's a lot of work to be on vacation!
Talk to you guys soon!

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