Day 12: 2 of 5 consecutive sea days.

Another day at sea is complete. At the start of this day we were 1,346 nautical miles from our last sight of land, Madeira and 1,384 nautical miles from our next sight of land, St. Maarten. We haven't seen any birds, bugs, or anything living (other than people, of course) since Madeira. Actually my dad did see some flying fish, but other than that- nothing. It seems a little a weird. It really brings to life "big fish, small pond". Everywhere you look, as far as you can see is water, for two days straigh now & we still have three more to go. Since we are so far out the satelites for the TVs are out & internet is at a crawl & at time just not available. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous & the seas have been calm- thank you Jesus! The staff are amazed at how calm the Atlantic is. The high today was 77 degrees and it was sunny all day. There is a constant breeze (probably due to the fact that we're on a moving ship) that keeps you comfortable in the sun. We have had no sea sickness at all- my mom isn't even wearing those dumb wrist bands that she normally wears every other cruise she's ever been on- that's how calm the seas are. It's been great!
My day today will read pretty close to yesterdays (and tomorrows- I fell a little behind again). I was up at 6am. Every day, no matter what, I'm up at 6am. We gained another hour last night, but I still wake up at 6am. It's weird. You will never have a better night sleep than on a cruise ship in an inside stateroom. I think the combination of pitch black (what does that even mean?!) and the rocking put you in such a deep sleep- it's magical! I had a relaxed morning getting ready. I headed over to my parents room to find my mom. Apparently, my dad has been sleeping REALLY well. He woke up today wide awake at 4am, so he went & did laundry. Can we say OCD? So I had breakfast with my mom in her room, then we headed out to one of the top decks and found a chair to sit and read in, while my dad went to another lecture- I have no idea what it was on. We stayed there until 11:15am when it was time for another cooking demonstration. This time is was Osso Bucco- I have no idea how to spell it. What kind of an Italian am I?? It was a veal shank and it was incredible. It's been the same staff at it each time so we've gotten to know them & they've gotten to know us. Every time we've gone so far we sit in the same table. So today one of the head waiters that had been friendly with us from the beginning welcomed us back. He's absolutely adorable. He reminds me of an ex of mine- just he's not a jerk. What a concept. My mom loves him too. After the cooking demonstration we headed back out to sit and read (sleep). Then we had lunch and my mom & I headed back to the area where the cooking demonstrations are held. This time it was a tasting like the oil & vinegar but on cheese. We had an amazing selection. The paper is down in my room (I'm sitting in a chair in the sun looking out at the beautiful ocean) so I don't remember all of them, but my favorites were the brie & a cream cheese that had herbs and garlic in it. Wow, was it good! We also tried a Gorgonzola and I nearly died. So gross! That was the strongest blue cheese I have EVER encountered. I can't imagine anyone voluntarily eating it. Ew. 
After the tasting we headed back up for some more time in the sun. Then we headed to see an absolutely adorable movie that I suggest everyone go see, You Again. It's put out by one of Disney's sister companies, so we got to have it on the ship the day it came out in theaters in the states. Go see it!! It's too cute. After the movie we headed to get ready for dinner & the show. Tonight's show was a comedian/impersonator who at times was cheesy but had some funny moments. One of his best moments was when he did the whole scene from the Indiana Jones movie &/or stunt show at Disney World with the entire audience participating. It was the scene where he steals the little gold statue & the giant ball comes rolling after him. It was very funny. He gave one side of the theater straws and instructed them to shoot the straw wrapper at him as he ran up that aisle. Then he got 6 kids from the audience, lines them up in the middle aisle that goes across the theater and gave them those swimming noodles to beat him with as he ran by them. Then our side of the theater had to throw our hands up & back as he ran by us. The reason being you may ask. He had a giant inflatable ball that they sent flying down the audience at him. It was really clever... and funny too. 
After that we headed to dinner where I was so sick of food (I know, can you believe it??) that I didn't finish a single thing that was put in front of me. I just feel so full all the time. I can't remember what it feels like to be hungry. I have started to skip breakfast and now I'm even thinking of doing the unthinkable- skip dessert. I'll keep you updated on that pressing matter.
After dinner my dad called it a night, but my mom & I stayed up for their version of the newlywed game, Match Your Mate, that started at 10:45pm in one of the adult only lounges. Priceless. They had a couple married 5 months, 22 years & 52 years. It was hysterical. The couple married 52 years won. They were traveling with their adult children and when the classic question, "Where is the strangest place you've ever 'discovered the magic' " came the adult son threw up his arms & yelled, "That's it I'm leaving". It was very funny. 
After the love fest we called it a night.         

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