Day 1: JFK Departure

Well, I am so glad I am here! What a long day it was today. I tell you what my emotions were all over the place. At times today I was tempted to look in the mirror and say, "Who are you??". I left myself so much to do today and then I was so spent from the craziness at work... I was just done. I hit a wall and didn't even care if anything got done. Try and make progress on your checklist when you have an attitude like that! Thankfully I got it all done and am sitting at JFK. It took us much longer than expected to get here. There was bad flooding on the streets. Crazy. Talk about preparing for Dublin.  Then we arrived at JFK and it was kinda a mad house, as usual. We had one group in front of us and when the skycap asked where we were going we said, Dublin. As we said that, this entire group of girls in front of us turned and stared. They asked our flight number and then told us that the girl they were dropping off was from Dublin and flying home on our flight. She was VERY nervous to fly home. She came over here to work at a country club on Long Island for 4 months and was heading home. The owner of the country club was dropping her off. So they lady asked if we wouldn't mind taking her with us. So we did. She is so sweet. Probably my age. Her name is Victoria. Thank God she went with us. She was so nervous and was not prepared. She had liquids in her bag but no ziplock. Luckily I had space in my bag so I put her stuff in my ziplock and helped her through security. We walked her to our gate and now after checking 3 times with us on what time she had to be back by, she's taking a walk. It was a really neat experience for her. She worked at the country club and then would take trips sightseeing. In her 4 months here she visited NY, NJ, Boston, Philadelphia & DC. She is just the sweetest thing. As for us... we're exhausted. It's been a long day. It's good though, cause we're hoping to sleep so this will help. Oh and the best part. Remember all that talk about not overpacking...yada...yada...yada. This morning we realized that there would be NO WAY we could come with just a carry-on & 44 lb suitcase each. So we decided to check one extra garment bag. I mean my mom & I will be gone for 26 days, my dad 18. We've got temps from the low 40s to high 90s, plus formal wear, plus business casual, then daytime casual & then swimsuits on top of all that! So how many bags did we end up with?? 

9 bags!!!!
3 carry-ons
3 large duffel bags
3 garment bags

Don't judge. You try and pack for a trip like this. Seriously. I feel like I'm moving. I was so embarrassed, but then I thought what do I care what complete strangers think of me. I mean really. Either I pay for an extra suitcase or I pay to do laundry on the ship. I'd rather not pay to do laundry so, we brought enough for the trip. I know you all will find it hard to believe that we actually really need all this stuff. But honestly we do! I am not an over-packer at all. 

Well that's it for now. You probably won't hear from me until later tomorrow. As soon as we land we're headed to eat, tour and then check in. So I don't expect to have internet until 6pm Tues, which for you guys is 1pm Tues, I think. I'm confused already! Hope that's right. lol Well whatever. I'll write as soon as I can and we'll leave it at that. 

7 hour flight here I come! Hurray. Pray we sleep!!


mayo3dill said...

NOT judging Lisa....just laughing hysterically over 3 carry-ons evolving into 9....that's right, 9 bags!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hope you guys have a GREAT time. Hugs & kisses to all!!! Love you!!! Your #1 fan

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I came across this accidentally but ended up reading anyway. It was very fun to read...thank you for sharing.