It's here!!!

If ever I needed a vacation... this is the exact moment. Monday can't come soon enough! Can I just tell you... I hate people. Okay, not my loyal blog readers, or my family or my friends, but everyone else is just driving me insane! I swear working with the public has got to be the worst thing on the planet. Ugh. I need a vacation. This last week of work has been the craziest roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings for me. I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't know about where you live, but NY has the most spoiled, entitled, paranoid, ungrateful, sue-happy people in the world! Seriously! Can you imagine a world without people, well THOSE people?? Now don't get me wrong, no one's perfect & I'll be the first to say I have my moments. I'm not talking about the everyday person here. I'm talking about the type of people that when you see them coming you run the opposite way. You know the type of person that if they were walking down the street with their untied shoelace dragging on the ground and when they walk by you, you accidentally step on their shoelace, they fall & then sue you for everything you're worth, due to the mental anguish from their embarrassment of falling. THAT type of person. Ugh. I tell you what, I shower before going to work everyday and I feel like I need a shower after work just to wash off the ick. The worst part about those type people is, when you deal with them, they wear you down so much you start to become like them! Enter my 26 day European vacation ick removal plan. People are always amazed at how often I vacation, but this is why. Dealing with these people all day, add on top of that I'm salary, so that basically means YOU'RE ALWAYS WORKING, even while at home and on vacations. I live for vacations. I have to, otherwise I'll end up like them- the ickies or Steven Slater- I don't condone his actions, but I sure do get it. After 28 years of dealing with people flying in & out of JFK, I think I would have done worse!! I have to watch myself. I have to keep my spirit sweet and my heart soft, so that means... vacation!! 

3 days and a wake-up!! I am so excited! Even more exciting... my Kindle got here just in time! I've already spent almost $100 on books! Some books I had to buy again, since I already had them as paperback, but I don't mind. I love the thing so much already. I was surfing Facebook on it! Anything that I can go on the internet with is a friend of mine. Tomorrow is my big shopping spree which hopefully means I can finish up packing. I want to get my hair cut, but I'm trying to find a new stylist. Anyone know what that is like???? "Hi. Can you cut hair? I mean good though?" Who's gonna ask that & even if you do get enough nerve to ask something like that, who in the right mind is gonna say, "Uh, actually I suck at cutting hair. You should try my competition in the next chair. They're awesome!" I digress. Saturday night I have to bring Rocky for a haircut, which reminds me I was supposed to call & have her squeezed in at the vet today. Oops! My brother & sister-in-law are staying at the house with her, so she'll be good. I have a manicure, pedicure & wax scheduled for Sunday, so that means I want all the heavy lifting & scrubbing done by Sunday morning. I've also been trying to help with the jet lag, so I've been waking up at 4am (10am Dublin) all weeks and now tomorrow, I'm gonna shoot for 3:30am. God help me. 4am hasn't been bad, I used to do 4:30am for work, but 3:30am is not morning, that's night time. No one should be awake at that hour! I still have quite a bit of odds and ends to finish up, but nothing too demanding. It's getting exciting! Especially knowing I only have a short day at work tomorrow. Shopping here I come!

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Painter Mommy said...

I hope I am not that person you want to run away from! LOL I can relate though. There is always someone out there that will get on our nerves.

Just think, only a few more hours and you will be gone from it all and enjoying your trip. I can't wait to see pictures and live vicariously through you! I have always wanted to go to Europe. What a wonderful and exciting opportunity! Have a safe trip sweety. God bless!