I'm still here...

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged. Things were CRAZY the last two
days! This is my first chance to even touch my computer since Saturday
night I think it was. It's 6:30am here in Gibraltar. Well, we haven't
actually docked in Gibraltar yet, but soon we will. I have a tour in
an hour, but I wanted to take a chance to assure you that I am in fact
still alive and that my blog is continuing.
The last two days were incredibly busy! I will be back to my regular
blogging schedule tomorrow. There will be some differences though. I
am now on the ship. I have Internet, however it is very slow, and at
times there is a possibility that we won't have access at all, as it's
by satellite.
Also, You will notice that the look of this post is somewhat
different. The wonderful cruise lines block blog websites or put time
limits for visits to blog sites per day to help keep the internet
access faster for everyone. This means the best way for me to post is
by e-mail. I probably won't even try to log into my actual blog which
means I cant edit it & make it all "pretty"- The super anal,
perfectionist in me is screaming as I write this! It's probably best
though, as it may take forever AND I'll go broke in the process! I'm
paying 50 cents per minute for internet. If I stick to e-mail I have a
program on my mac that is similar to Outlook, where I can log on the
the internet, get all my new e-mail, log off, read & reply to all my
new e-mails, write new ones, log back on & then send them. This
process only takes about 2-4 minutes of internet time. Works for me!
I will still be able to see all your comments on the blog. So keep
them coming! I love hearing from you guys! Ooookay. I'm sitting on my
bed typing this and all of the sudden my closet door just slid closed.
Freaky. I don't feel the ship moving at all, so I had forgotten I was
on a moving ship. For a second I thought my closet door came to life!
I will still be trying to post some of my pictures. It may be hard,
but I'm hoping that while in port, after my tours I'll head back off
the ship to use internet at the port that's usually free or MUCH
Between today & tomorrow I'll be writing up my posts of the days I've
missed, so don't you worry- you're not gonna miss a thing.
Finally I wanted to respond to some of the previous comments.
Aunt Cathy. Love you guys too! My parents send their love! Yeah, my
mom's not a fan of my pictures but I think their great! Hahaha.
Dawn- The weather in Dublin was nice. It wasn't too cold. The high
each day was around 61 but it was the wind that made it COLD. On the
day we went to that estate & to see the old ruins we were having 60
mph winds that was making it feel much colder- especially when we were
up in the mountains. We actually had great weather for Ireland, never
saw real rain- more of a mist with the sun still out.
For anyone else I missed. Thank you all for reading. I hope you are
enjoying reading the blog. I am enjoying writing it. I'm trying to
take in every second & taking time each day to write this forces me to
really remember it all.
Love you all & talk to you soon- PROMISE!

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