Last post before leaving!!!

Hey guys. This is my official last post before leaving for Dunlin tomorrow night!!!!! Oh, my God. I can't believe I just typed that AND that it's actually true! Today was a long day and I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to. Tomorrow is going to be crazy needles to say. I'm going to see if my dad will take Rocky to the Vet tomorrow for me, so I can have more time. I'm still not packed and planning to go to bed still not packed! I know. This is so not like me, but I just can't do it tonight. Now I have everything I'm bringing thrown in a pile on top of my suitcase... it's just not in it. So tomorrow I'll put it all in, nice and organized. We're not leaving until 6pm (ish) so I do basically have a full day tomorrow, but I do have to tie up loose ends in the office, PACK and stop at the mall (i know) to pick up a new suitcase for my parents. Apparently they lost/broke/misplaced one of the suitcases they were planning to bring. God help me. Well, I think that'll be it. I promise you won't get another post like this, it's just that things are crazy tonight. Alright. Next time I post, it will either be at JFK or in Dublin. I'm shooting for JFK. I'll only have an extra 3 hours there, so IF, and that's a big "if", I have time at JFK, I'll post. I mean we're cutting it close arriving 3 hours before our flight! lol I love traveling with my parents. I love traveling with my parents. Just kidding. I really do, just they have their moments.

Talk to you guys from JFK.

Oh my God!!! Super excited!!!

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